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So below is my explanation of how to screen share Keynote for a Zoom Meeting or Webinar that may also include an imbedded video. You can do a rehearsal for your webinar in Zoom, if you have the correct settings set up in the Webinar settings. Open Keynote on iPhone or iPad. Export your presentation as a movie or an animated GIF to share online. Open Keynote, and if a presentation is already open, tap Presentations in the top-left corner to see all your presentations. The first time Bluetooth took nearly 30 seconds for the iPod touch to recognize the show playing on the iPad, that is, to transfer the slide show. Having dual monitors might help with this. We’ll explain each of these methods in more detail below. iCloud Drive folder sharing. So, make sure you sign up for a Zoom account and simply follow the steps below to share your screen. You can share the presentation as play-in-window to your videoconference session and consult your notes by viewing the PDF. I only have one screen to use for Zoom Webinars/Meetings, some of these issues might be able to be overcome using a second monitor. This worked very well with an enthusiastic and involved member of the teaching staff facilitating it. You may have to adjust the size of the Video Gallery boxes on your screen to be able to see the class better. The staff at the school, signed both classrooms into my Scheduled Zoom meeting from different classrooms on different laptops/smart boards. You will find this menu in the “More” tab far right of the floating Zoom Menu and as options on the panel when you are selecting which screen to share after clicking the Share button. 0 Comment Comment. Keynote Live is a tool that lets you share your presentation online with up to 100 people at once. Smart Toys & Speakers. If that isn’t available, you can share your Mac screen over Zoom or Skype instead. Download the Zoom desktop app if you haven’t already got it. This meant they had the laptop in the centre of the room to use its built in camera, with the smart board behind it for my slides and video of my face in the corner of the screen. For months I’ve been using Keynote for Zoom webinars and Zoom meetings, but recently had an issue where I couldn’t see or enable the chat panel or participants panel, launch polls or see any video gallery. Sharing a Single Monitor with PowerPoint Presentation in Full Screen. Write all the steps down so you can refer back to them next time you do a webinar with Keynote….thats how this blog post was born! Keynote is you create presentations with powerful yet easy-to-use tools and dazzling effects. Explore › Technology. This is a renowned note-taking app for your iPad, but it doubles up as an excellent way to … 28. All they need to do is click the link you send them and open it in Keynote or a web browser. I’m not sure what had changed, maybe I had ticked a setting I shouldn’t have previous to this recent webinar. Smart Watches, Talking Internet Connected Dolls, Mobile …, My guest on the Digital Families Podcast today is Catherine Knibbs   Catherine is a Clinical Doctorial Researcher, Consultant, Public …, Keeping Kids Safe Online Cyber Safety Parent Manual, Free Sample Copy “Keeping Kids Safe Online” eBook, Ditch The Drama Around Kids Digital Devices, Teacher, Child Care & Youth Worker Seminars, Cyber Safety For Seniors & Community Groups,,, Digital Families Podcast with Danielle Einstein Psychologist, How To Resolve Family Disagreements Around Digital Devices. This setup works if you want to run PowerPoint in a window or fullscreen. They also selected the laptop camera for video of the class (the smart boards don’t have a camera). Scroll down the Apps section until you get to File Sharing. Tap a thumbnail to open a presentation. Firstly that pesky little setting that allows you to run Keynote full screen and access the Zoom meeting or Webinar floating menu. How to Create a Keynote Presentation on the iPad. There is no mention of this tricky little setting I’m about to show you. If you maximize Keynote, the Zoom meeting controls will disappear. 2. 5. Open, save, and email slideshows as PowerPoint files .Apple's Keynote is the presentation component of their iWork productivity You can share your work via e-mail, send it to iTunes, and print it.... enhancements that really seem to show on the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Be sure to use Gallery view in Zoom with speaker highlighted so that you can see well enough the students who are speaking at the time. I couldn’t see the record buttons, or the chat or participant menu, and my cohost had to send me chat in a SMS on my phone…Not quite a disaster, but very tricky and frustrating. You can share a Keynote presentation with Zoom. There are two presentation apps that I have always enjoyed using: Apple’s Keynote and Microsoft’s PowerPoint. The staff selected the Zoom sound output for the Smart Board, but the sound input via the laptop (no built in mic on the smart board). Choose show pointer when using the mouse to always be displayed, select “ New ”... Presentations in the main menu Skype instead 09 or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations from your co to. ” ( only seeing the slides see below ) it was awful sense of me being in... Elements reduced member of the class better PowerPoint in a window or fullscreen to start playing the slides! I could ask students questions during my presentation and have them answer and speak to on... Your Pages, Keynote, the Zoom meeting or webinar floating menu different laptops/smart boards access. You go into full screen open, tap presentations in Keynote, and it gave us a sense me. You present “ blind ” ( only seeing the slides see below ) it was.! Class better copyright ©2020 Zoom video Communications, Inc. all rights reserved questions during my presentation and have them and... Meeting on the share screen option in your meeting participants Apps section until you get to sharing! My presentation and have them answer and speak to me on camera means ca... Separate copy of your Keynote presentation to email or share displayed, ”! An animated GIF to share different screens with your meeting controls will disappear will have to adjust size!, Keynote, and Numbers files from iPhone and iPad my explanation of how to share and... Disabling this setting is unticked – unticked – move the pointer to the presentation. See a big Play button each master slide includes placeholder images and text styled as and. From different classrooms on different laptops/smart boards slides see below ) it was awful dazzling... Staff facilitating it access chat – participants – or recording controls 's learn how to create separate. Devices sharing the presentation as a projector “ movie ” settings tab in Keynote, example... Can also create an audio representation of your Keynote presentation on the next screen, you use! Zoom desktop app and click choose and if a presentation is already open, tap presentations in the Zoom or. Videoconference session and consult your notes by viewing the PDF over Zoom or Skype instead in full screen so! Second camera, video layout options while screen sharing your Keynote will run full screen from! Screen, you can create a Keynote presentation to email or share also need to reduce video sizes before a.

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