why is the northern quoll important

This refers to the short ‘thumb’ on the hindfoot, which aids in gripping and climbing. North Queensland is the only place in Australia where the … Being the smallest of all 4 Australian species of its genus, this animal is also the most aggressive quoll. First described in 1842, the Northern quoll was named ‘hallucatus', meaning ‘notable first digit’ due to hind feet of the animal, exhibiting short ‘thumbs’, which help the quolls in climbing and grasping objects. The northern quoll is the smallest of four species of marsupial carnivore in the genus Dasyurus. Although they are the smallest of all quolls, they are the most aggressive. Northern quolls (Dasyurus hallucatus) are native to a 150 kilometer band, across the northern Australian coast, from Pilbara in western Australia, to the northeast coast of Queensland.Since European settlement, the species has declined drastically over much of its range and has even become locally extinct on some Australian Islands. The Northern Quoll is the smallest of the four Australian quoll species with a body length of 249 – 370 mm and weight of 240 – 1120 g. It has reddish brown fur, with a cream underside, white spots on its back and rump, a blackish tail and a pointed snout. Geographic Range. The species was first described in 1842 and given the species name hallucatus, which means ‘notable first digit’.

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