why does a dying person stare at the ceiling

He had spoken to Jesus and asked him for help and Jesus had said he would be there when the man crosses over. Where do we go and who do we see? She will look at people if you stand in front of her. I have noticed too that My Mother dreams an awful lot. He wanted to know if I had one also. I told him that our son-in-law had gotten him an upgrade to a sleeper. I was too exhausted and distracted to look at it during my dads final few weeks but did glance through it after dad passed on. I've no doubt at all someone was helping him transit to … God bless. She had been pretty much unconscious for the past week or so. The above examples are just a few of the various types of deathbed experiences the dying can have. After saying this, the tension in the room from the family eased. Hi Frances. Then she said ‘Okay, all right. We ask what we can do to make a loved one more comforted and comfortable. I called this the "Raymond" syndrome after the man in "Rainman". I believe my dad or someone she loved just as much, perhaps even Jesus, took her by the hand and helped her into heaven. Death is a personal journey which each individual approaches in their own unique way. Two days before her death, she kept looking over my shoulder and laughing and smiling at someone standing behind me. “I’ve seen patients die with their dead relatives standing by and I have seen patients die with only their living relatives in the room. I wrote this blog several years ago but have just updated the content. Then he wanted to know why the train on which he was riding was so rough...and also why he was lying down. It’s ok, I’m not afraid.’ She then died very peacefully, smiling. All quotes in this article are excerpts from We Do Not Die Alone: Jesus Is Coming to Get Me in a White Pickup Truck. “A patient dying of cancer had been very restless throughout the night. He only answered everything with...yeah. I had my pastor tell him that he was dying as he didn't know it. AgingCare.com connects families who are caring for aging parents, spouses, or other elderly loved ones with the information and support they need to make informed caregiving decisions. I asked him what he was looking at and he replied ‘Jesus.’ I asked him what Jesus was saying to him and he said, ‘Nothing.’ He is just looking at me. After her comment, the patient died peacefully.”, “A 52-year-old woman was dying of a failed transplant. She did not have dementia. Then you know there is something more than what you get in this realm, it adds to the mystery of life and death. She still smiles back at you. My dad and grandmother stared into space and would smile and wave at the wall. There is a book called Final Gifts - it was written by two long time hospice nurses who noticed several common behaviors and thoughts among people during the final stage of life. He stopped eating. In my own study of these experiences, I found that 57 percent of the visions were of deceased relatives. Contrast this with the confusion or fear that a non-dying person would experience at seeing a "ghost." Then I went in the bedroom and cried. “A patient dying of cancer had been very restless throughout the night. People Who She was very close to but Who died some years ago. What happens in the journey of dying, beginning one to three months prior to death, during the last two weeks before death, and during the last few days of life? In his waking moments he would reach both arms out as if someone was there to hug him. She is in end stages of FTD. Patients have reported visions of dead family members, religious figures and/or beautiful scenery. I'm a senior care specialist trained to match you with the care option that is best for you. Precious moments. Do you speak to her? She is in end stages of FTD. Hi! This was hard for me since he had been paralyzed for nine months. When you see your Mom and Dad and Gramma, it is time to get off. Regardless, whether you believe these events are hallucinations from a dying brain or are true spiritual experiences, the impact on the dying, the medical staff and family can be profound and help soften the grieving process. Frances2 Asked December Send To:. As the body begins to shut down, it loses its ability to process food and fluids. I believe it was a Godsend, a gift to us, that God allowed us that moment before she left. Any suggestions? The patient died comfortably two days later.". The dying person is reassured by the experience and expresses great happiness with the vision. God bless you and give you an extra measure of strength. Caregiver Forum End of Life Questions. He was pleased....I never saw them. It has a scale, where is full awareness, 50 is deep sedation or sleep, and 0 is brain death. My brother and I were both there with her. The dying person's mood—even state of health—seems to change. He would point to the corner and talk quietly to someone. They recognized signs that patients knew something was happening to them�that they somehow knew death was near, even though they couldn't explain it in terms most of us understand. Thanks Dr. Mendoza. Finally in a conversation with them she agreed that it was time to go home. I prefer those deaths where you know someone has come to get them. My grandmother saw my dad and aunt about two weeks before she died. Skip to the front of the line by calling (888) 887-4593. Hugs. It was very peaceful and I feel honored to have been with her at her passing. For one, the text would seem like it took forever to get to you. He asked how he would know when to get off. TV frustrated him as he thought they were visiting him and he wanted me to feed them. She will look at people if you stand in front of her.

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