why do we celebrate new years day

So, how do you reassure yourself against the scariest thing the future holds, the only sure thing that lies ahead, the inescapable reality that you will someday die? In pre-Christian Rome under the Julian calendar, the day was dedicated to Janus, god of gateways and beginnings, for whom January is also named. The same formula applies here as well. Dates predicated on the year beginning on 25 March became known as Annunciation Style dates, while dates of the Gregorian Calendar commencing on 1 January were distinguished as Circumcision Style dates,[15] because this was the date of the Feast of the Circumcision, the observed memorial of the eighth day of Jesus Christ's life after his birth, counted from the latter's observation on Christmas, 25 December. For old time’s sake. It left me depressed. And though death is inescapable, throughout history humans have dealt with the fear of mortality by affiliating with religions that promise happy endings. Spring is a time of rebirth and revival, full of new possibilities. One fact that most of us do not know is that female hares ("does") can conceive a second litter of offspring while still pregnant with the first. The celebrations and activities held worldwide on 1 January as part of New Year's Day commonly include the following: Music associated with New Year's Day comes in both classical and popular genres, and there is also Christmas song focus on the arrival of a new year during the Christmas and holiday season. Johann Sebastian Bach composed several church cantatas for the double occasion: Fireworks in Mexico City at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Day, 2013, Traditional and modern celebrations and customs, Feast of the Naming and Circumcision of Jesus, Learn how and when to remove this template message, fifty state park systems of the United States, "Oshunbumi Fernandez, Caring Through Culture and Odunde 365", "The Mathematics of the Chinese Calendar", "The Hypocrisy of Turning New Year's Eve in Israel Into a Nonevent", "Watch Night services provide spiritual way to bring in New Year", "History of America's State Parks First Day Hikes", "Penguins, Flyers planning home-and-home series of outdoors games", "BT Sport to offer no-contract monthly pass for first time", "A brief guide to … English football over the Christmas holiday", "Sport in 2020 calendar: your month-by-month guide to the year ahead", "Paddy Power returns to sponsorship at Cheltenham on New Year's Day", "DRMC rounds up prizes for New Year's baby, Life Choices", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=New_Year%27s_Day&oldid=984303436, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The Sikh New Year is celebrated as per the, In the Gwaun Valley, Pembrokeshire, Wales the new year is celebrated on 13 January, based on the, Beginning in the 2010s, it is also the day that. We celebrate New Year’s Day because it is a new year of the reign of Christ. The journey is not over and 2knowmyself is not dead but i am just changing the format from one thing to another. Celebration of New Year’s Day in January fell out of practice during the Middle Ages, and even those who strictly adhered to the Julian calendar did not observe the New … In cultures that traditionally or currently use calendars other than the Gregorian, New Year's Day is often also an important celebration. Translated literally, equinox means "equal night." It occurred to me that back in the “old days,” folks kept track of years based on the identity of each successive king, how long he had reigned, and which year of that particular king is under discussion. In some cases, publications may set their entire year work alight in the hope that the smoke emitted from the flame brings new life to the company. Rooted in Zoroastrianism, it is a time of purification and setting one's intention for a new start. Watchnight services are also still observed by many.[26]. They truly celebrate the same event and rightfully should be Some countries concurrently use Gregorian and another calendar. Most nations of Western Europe officially adopted 1 January as New Year's Day somewhat before they adopted the Gregorian Calendar. As a date in the Gregorian calendar of Christendom, New Year's Day liturgically marked the Feast of the Naming and Circumcision of Jesus, which is still observed as such in the Anglican Church and Lutheran Church. a train of thought that opened my eyes to this simple concept: each of our year numbers, having begun with Jesus, is a year “of the reign of Christ on earth.”. This New Years’ holiday is often marked by fireworks, parades, and reflection upon the last year while looking ahead to the future’s possibilities. Another new 365-day journey begins with the New Year eve being the first day. So, the first day of the year is always celebrated with much pomp by everyone. They were considered "April Fools.". The Importance of New Year Celebration is that, New Year celebrations hold a greater significance. Heck, I can even explain Groundhog day! of his mortal life on earth. The Roman Catholic Church celebrates on this day the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, which is also a Holy Day of Obligation. Is there even the faintest possibility that the king who was born roughly 2017 years ago seeks a relationship with us not unlike the relationship between the two dear friends If you ask us why new year is celebrated, then our answer is that, the meaning behind celebrating New Year is not just about welcoming a brand new year successfully and making easily breakable resolutions or promises, there is a hidden meaning to it. Roman legend usually credited their second king Numa with the establishment of the two new months of Ianuarius and Februarius. What I had heretofore avoided was no longer avoidable. Phew! For more such interesting topics, subscribe to our website – newyearwiki.com. In Tudor England, New Year's Day, along with Christmas Day and Twelfth Night, was celebrated as one of three main festivities among the twelve days of Christmastide. No one leaves their home, all businesses are closed, and noise or entertaining is forbidden. You can also reach me anytime on my email mfaroukradwan11@gmail.com in case you need any help. 3. Celebration of New Year’s Day in January fell out of practice during the Middle Ages, and even those who strictly adhered to the Julian calendar did not observe the New … In the Bahá'í calendar, the new year occurs on the vernal equinox, and is called Naw-Rúz. I Will also still provide coaching sessions so just contact me if you need them. In present day, with most countries now using the Gregorian calendar as their de facto calendar, New Year's Day is among the most celebrated public holidays in the world, often observed with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts in each time zone. Pain, pleasure, beauty etc. Imagine what it would be like if our modern cities went silent for a day of prayer and contemplation! Here’s a summary of that research, which includes some suggestions for how to make good on yours. We always give special attention and importance to new things in life. an answer. It’s fascinating, really, to see how common so much of this is: Fireworks. During new's celebration, many go to church, party, night clubs, etc.to celebrate. In reality, why we celebrate new year is a question for many. Not just in this modern era, but from decades and decades back it holds its significances tight. The raw material can’t be directly converted into finished goods without processing. Author, 'The Joy of Ritual' and 'The Joys of Family Rituals'. As the future cannot be predicted, the resolutions can make us resolute to make it predictable with the deeds we do at the very present. Originally, the purpose of hanami excursions was to ponder the transient nature of life, as the cherry blossom blooming season is so short. [8][9], In 567 AD, the Council of Tours formally abolished 1 January as the beginning of the year. Publications have year-end articles that review the changes during the previous year. We have evolved to depend on others, literally, for our health and safety. 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