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US troops met resistance (from what Moore and Galloway clearly indicate are rear-guard enemy troops), and Col. Moore "stopped all movement immediately" and ordered his troops to return to their foxholes. It is quite bad on the beginning and end of the battle, though considerably better on the middle. Of all the reporters in Vietnam, Galloway was the most danegerous to the Americian troops, in His Walter Mitty and Rambo persona. When Gibson talks to his new troops from the 2 Infantry Division on the new Air Assault, They are wearing 11 Air Assault BADGES, An award given only to the 11 Air assault troops. And with their dirty and bloodied hands, they cradled their comrades in their arms and brought them home. After I retired from the army, I worked at the ski area for four years.NEWS: I heard that just recently.MOORE: Well everyone else does, right? Flight routes allow support from all available resources. These types of assaults differ primarily in the proximity of the LZ to the assault objective The first and preferred type is the landing of the assault ehelons immediately on, or adjacent to, the objective The secound type of assault involves landing a distance from the objective in a secure LZ, and requires assembly, reorganization, and movement to an attack position prior to the assault on the objective. Don't second guess decisions. I saw him throw a grenade behind a termite hill, wait for it to go off, move around to the rear of the termite hill and empty his rifle. The foundation of a successful air assault operation is the commander's ground tactical plan, around which subsequent planning is based. Rick was last seen alive heading back up the stairs to get more people out. He and I together wrote the book, and it’s done very well; it’s on the New York Times bestseller list. Director Wallace has said that his motive in making"We Were Soldiers" was to"help heal the wounds" left by the Vietnam War. Moore idea would cost time becouse the 1st Battalion 7th Cavalry would have to be to Columbus 4 hours, Then the 2nd Battalion 5th Cavalry would have to be flown to Albany another 4 hours. His battalion of 28 officers and 429 men–four officers and 199 men short of full strength–was about to attack two regiments of North Vietnamese regulars, or more than 3,000 very good soldiers. ...MEL GIBSON is welcome to his own opinion or slip of the tongue thru a process a multitude TV Interviews. The News caught up with Moore at his home in Auburn, AL, earlier this week. Actually Julie and Madeleine have become real close friends over the past year, and I as well with Madeleine and her husband, and we visited them at their ranch in Texas last summer. Through the eyes of Hollywood, the country and the world will have the opportunity next week to see a bit of Moore’s story with the opening of the film We Were Soldiers. Cadet time is carefully regimented, but 200 of the 1,000 cadets remained one hour beyond the scheduled lecture to hear the old warrior's remarks. For planning purposes, the Air Assault Task Force Commander should consider eight hours a day and four hours of night flying to be a safe limit for aircrews. It’s simply that they realize that they’re around some real heroes. And then they threw grenades in on him." And in July 1965 I was sent to the 2nd Battalion 7th Cavalry 1st Cavalry Division Airmobile. Four days of being interviewed by television and so forth from all over the world. Of course, she never told me anything about this because she didn’t want to worry me. With help from one of Nadal's platoons led by Lt. W.J. The last recorded bayonet assault by American soldiers took place in the Korean War - and even then it was considered a wildly outmoded tactic. (1) Combat Air Support ( CAS )( start time, duration, target and type of ordnance, and attack direction ). (5) Overwatch and security plan for attack and scout helicopters. He start's to play Soldier. He asked what the problem was and I told him. Next Moore stressed the necessity of installing the will to win in one's command. The truth is, the gunships were another unit." Walter Mitty part: If you lit C-4 very carefully you could be drinking hot coffee in maybe 30 secounds. We’ve seen the movie now four times at various screening places, and Mel comes across to me as an infantry battalion commander in Vietnam. So why didn’t Kinnard send the 1st Battalion 7th Cavalry to reinforce ALBANY? Joseph L. Galloway The Walter Mitty of the war, Rambo the Reporter, A Plagiarist, Fiction writer, and now add fraud. Russell L. Ross 1741 Maysong ct San Jose, CA. "It was a battle that we could not possibly win, and it just kept going and going and going," Crandall said. ( Even though Moore didnt see him do this he wrote him up for it .added by me ) A veteran of 42 years in journalism with United Press International and U.S. News & World Report, he is coauthor with retired Army Lieutenant General Harold G. Moore of We Were Soldiers Once . a. I was hoping that someday that it would be made into a film. 8 November. Moore couldnt plan the operation with out Avation present. When actor Mel Gibson and his entourage visited West Point in the spring of 2002 to launch the premier of his movie "We Were Soldiers," the greatest applause was reserved not for Gibson, but for Moore, who quietly slipped away unnoticed during the film's battle scenes. 7. The book is an account of a bloody four-day battle between U.S. forces and the North Vietnamese at la Drang Valley in November 1965. Remarks prepared for delivery Monday July 3, 2000, at the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association dinner and reunion in Washington, D.C. by: Joe Galloway, coauthor of We Were Soldiers Once and Young. NEWS: How was your press tour?MOORE: It was nonstop, unbelievably stressful. And I also wanted the film to show the respect that I had for the fighting ability for my enemy. and from Persons in the book That Moore and Galloway write good about give in return and adds to the MYTHS about the 1/7 and Moore. He is absolutely superb. The images reflect the savagery of the combat, a feel for the emotions of the soldiers involved and a sense for the terrain in which the battle was fought. Of course, she never told me anything about this because she didn’t want to worry me. I was not an infantryman. Both the wounded and the helicopter crews were targets. His helmet lay in front of me with a bullet hole in it, and I turned it over. When Congress doubled the size of the Corps of Cadets in 1942 to meet wartime commitments, Moore finally obtained his appointment from a Georgia congressman. "Summary of "We Were Soldiers" movie." SUPPORT PIANS FOR CONDUCT OF AIR ASSAULT OPERATIONS a. Alternate plans and procedures due to weather ( H-hour increment to delay operation ). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COL. COLE C. KINGSEED, USA Ret., Ph.D., a former professor of history at the U.S. Military Academy, is a writer and consultant. Anyway Mr. Isserman, I think that "cynically manipulative" is a little strong. When someone claims to know enough to criticize a film or book about the Vietnam war and shows that they don't know the difference between a "gravelly voiced master sergeant" and the Battalion Sergeant Major, they forteit credibility at the very least. He didnt get one with the 11 Air Assault but instead was given a Infantry Battalion in the 2 infantry Division. You all know him, although many of you before tonight may have been under the impression that he looked exactly like Mel Gibson. Men are dying all around." But, he said, there are still quite a few Hollywood embellishments in "We Were Soldiers." b. When no one wrote about them, They wrote their own Books. I met David Hackworth, in 1968 in Vietnam, then an LTC and already a legend. Page 58 hardback, Page 67 paperback Moore as they land at X-Ray. It is this battle that "We Were Soldiers" re-creates, and in the movie, Crandall's role is played by Greg Kinnear ("Nurse Betty," "The Gift"). In the audience the night Moore addressed the Corps was New York Times reporter John Kifver, who asked Moore if his comments were on the record. Additional information that is not provided may be requested and/or completed by the AATF. George had gone out to the airport to decorate a Christmas tree for those soldiers on the day he died. George Nye is gone now. How about constant friendly fire incidents, incompetant and (sometimes) cowardly officers? b. Galloway playing Soldier, It would have been better if he said I set out some spare film rolls. Second, "There's always one more thing you can do to influence any situation in your favor -- and after that one more thing -- and after that one more thing." Don't take my word for it -- go to the source (chapters 15 and 16 of "We Were Soldiers Once and Young"). Thank you. Now I guess I got to get down to bizness. Subject: Moores's after action rep[ort Dosent say anything about a bayonet charge Posted By: Russell L. Ross Date Posted: March 19, 2003, 3:39 AM This is a PDF file and takes about a minute to load. FICTION: Fabarication applies particulary to a false but carefully invented statement or a series of statements, in which some truth is sometimes interwoven, the whole usually intended to deceive. DURING COMBAT, he supports the commander by anticipating problems and synchronizing operations at the main Command Post. I can ask that because I am a Jew! We Were Soldiers Once . (d) Personal gear (e) Additional headsets for reconnaissance, if required. We need to find another way. AIR MOVEMENT a. As for the invented combat action, during the movie's climactic battle sequence Crandall's character is shown using a helicopter gunship to knock out North Vietnamese troops as Gibson's character charges toward them on the ground. All that rides in the soldier’s pack. What we are making now is a dramatization that sets out to do what those other ways of telling your story could not: to capture the subjective experience of that war. We really didn’t see much of the filming. b. In the movie Gibson portray Galloway as a Reporter who pick's up a weapon only to protect the wounded. However there were many situations that proved this further, as the film continued. I just don’t like it. (6) Landing formation. It also encourages the subordinate to exercise initiative and to give wholeharted cooperation. =============== Moore didnt know who he was till he landed at X=Ray on the 14th. To win, subordinate leaders must display initiative, but their initiative must be driven by their understanding of the commanders' intent, not by a desire for independent action. Seldom are all characteristics present in any one situation; one or more may have to be omitted. Actually Julie and Madeleine have become real close friends over the past year, and I as well with Madeleine and her husband, and we visited them at their ranch in Texas last summer. And I tell you what, the troops just showered them with affection and with gratitude that they would come down and talk with them, and they were there all day long, into the night, with the troops. !!!!!WARNING!!!!! November 8, 2019. https://ivypanda.com/essays/summary-of-we-were-soldiers-movie/. Moore’s men deployed the technique of “hug the terrain and rely upon massed firepower to turn back the enemy” (Roark et al 31).

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