wakefield ri population

The state of Rhode Island is the smallest in the United States as far as surface area is concerned, but it has a healthy population by comparison. Members of the House of Representives are elected to 2-year terms, and the following chart shows the how the members for Wakefield-Peacedale, RI have changed over time starting in 2008. In the 2016 presidential election, the popular vote in Rhode Island went to Hillary Rodham Clinton with 50.8% of the vote. More. In the United States, senators are elected to 6-year terms with the terms for individual senators staggered. In 2017, California had the highest estimated number of chronically homeless individuals in the nation, at 35,798. Voting results not available for Wakefield-Peacedale, RI. The most recent data point uses Advance State Claims data, which can be revised in subsequent weeks. In 2017, Wakefield-Peacedale, RI had a population of 9.04k people with a median age of 41 and a median household income of $71,071. Click here to see detailed analysis about cost of living in every state. In Wakefield-Peacedale, 9.9% of the 18 and older civilian population are veterans — compared to 7.5% of adult civilians nationwide and 6.8% of the civilian population in all of Rhode Island. The following chart shows how the number of patients seen by primary care physicians has been changing over time in Washington County, RI in comparison to its neighboring geographies. An estimated 71.30% of heads of household own their homes, compared to the national homeownership rate of 63.8%. Wakefield-Peacedale is a Census-designated place in Washington County, Rhode Island, with a population of 9,092. The last official US Census in 2010 showed that there were 1,052,567 people living in the state, and that made Rhode Island larger than seven other states across the … This chart shows the ownership percentage in Wakefield-Peacedale, RI compared it's parent and neighboring geographies. This chart shows weekly unemployment insurance claims in Rhode Island (not-seasonally adjusted) compared with the four states with the most similar impact. The runner-up was Donald J. Trump (41%), followed by Other (8.13%). The official US Postal Service name for 02879 is WAKEFIELD, Rhode Island. Chart. Scope: population of Rhode Island and selected other states in the United States 0 200 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 # New Jersey Rhode Island Massachusetts Connecticut Maryland Delaware New York Florida Pennsylvania Ohio California Illinois Hawaii Virginia Of the 3.90% of the population that is foreign-born, 44.00% have become naturalized U.S. citizens. Some of the most commonly reported ancestries in Wakefield-Peacedale include Irish, English, Italian, German, and French. In N/A, the most common method of travel for workers in Wakefield-Peacedale, RI was N/A (N/A%), followed by those who N/A (N/A%) and those who N/A (N/A%). New York has the second highest (5,087), followed by Florida (4,915). Nationwide, 4.9% of households are occupied by single male householders, 12.6% by single female householders, and 34.3% by non-family occupants. Wakefield-Peacedale is a Census-designated place in Washington County, Rhode Island, with a population of 9,092. The following chart shows the share of these products in relation to all outbound Rhode Island products. The most common employment sectors for those who live in Wakefield-Peacedale, RI, are N/A. Most people in Wakefield-Peacedale, RI commute by N/A, and the average commute time is 21.6 minutes. The following chart shows the popular vote results in Rhode Island for each registered party from 1976 to 2016. Income inequality had a 0.241% growth from 2016 to 2017, which means that wage distribution grew somewhat less even. The following chart shows the N/A races represented in Wakefield-Peacedale, RI as a share of the total population. The following chart shows the number of households using each mode of transportation over time, using a logarithmic scale on the y-axis to help better show variations in the smaller means of commuting. The Census Bureau uses a set of money income thresholds that vary by family size and composition to determine who classifies as impoverished. Clear 1 Table. An estimated 96.10% of Wakefield-Peacedale residents are native-born, meaning they were born in the United States, Puerto Rico, a U.S. Island Area, or abroad to a U.S. citizen. Showing data for Rhode Island. In 2015, total outbound Rhode Island trade was $48.1B. In Rhode Island, 11.1% of the 15 and older population is divorced. Residents of Wakefield-Peacedale are less likely than the typical American to be married. Senatorial voting results are only available at the state level. Among Wakefield-Peacedale residents 25 and older, 94.30% have a high school diploma or equivalent, and 46.40% have a bachelor's degree or higher, compared to 87.7% and 31.5% of adults nationwide, respectively.

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