vault door fallout

There future dwellers would undergo decontamination and processing by Vault-Tec personnel, then change into Vault jumpsuits provided in sealed packages before entering the Vault. [9], An integral component of the door is the airlock, overpressurized to keep the contaminants out of the vault. [93], Additional problems are caused by the consistent mismanagement, corruption, and embezzlement that seemed to define Project Safehouse before the war. Yet for all these problems, Vault-Tec was able to create a number of miracle technologies and develop shelters that really protected the inhabitants... As long as they worked properly. The safe distance for anyone in front of the Vault door was 10 meters (33 feet). Bypassing the door can be achieved through tampering with the access port. Do these monitors still exist? [88] The office would typically connect to necessary administrative and security facilities, such as the computer core, security station and armory, laboratories, and the personal quarters of the Overseer and their family. Can I see them? [22] The 105 other Vaults were featured a variety of scenarios, ranging from annoying to downright lethal, to gauge how humans acted in these scenarios for their own, nefarious purposes. Every inhabitant would be registered with a unique 11 digit Vault Identification number (or VID)[50] and provided with clothing, bedding, and other accommodations necessary for their life within the Vault. Vault blast doors are covered in a separate article.. Standard door. Within the base is a yellow purge valve with a hydraulic tank. When you assign Dwellers to the Vault Door as guards, make sure you equip them with high quality Weapons and Outfits to repel any intruders. [60] Tertiary education would also be provided and Vault-trained specialists would be highly sought after the apocalypse and count on a stable career in their chosen field, like Dr. Mitchell from Vault 21, who opened a practice in Goodsprings after the Vault was opened. Due to the nature of the Project, Vaults were provided with standardized facilities and layouts. [5], The central element of the assembly is, of course, the gear-shaped door. These massive doors are one of the iconic elements of a Vault, their gear design instantly recognizable in the wastelands. A separate mechanical arm would extend from the external assembly, lock into the recessions placed on the back of the door, and smoothly slide it into a reinforced container on the side. The door ensured that the airlock would remain overpressurized and keep contaminants out of the controlled environment of the vault. [118][119], By 2287, almost no functional Vaults remain. A separate mechanical arm would extend from the external assembly, lock into the recessions placed on the back of the door, and smoothly slide it into a reinforced container on the side.

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