uzbekistan economy

[see also: Imports country ranks ] $11.63 billion $16 billion Find out all the exchange rates daily on our service International currency converter. (2017 est.) (2017 est. $16.9 billion $11.48 billion Business Freedom 72.6 Create a Graph using this measurement, Labor Freedom 59.9 Create a Graph using this measurement, Monetary Freedom 59.9 Create a Graph using this measurement. 3,906.1 36 Uzbekistan is among the world’s leading cotton producers. 74 (31 December 2016 est.) Imports - partners: China 23.7%, Russia 22.5%, Kazakhstan 10.7%, South Korea 9.8%, Turkey 5.8%, Germany 5.6% [see also: Market value of publicly traded shares country ranks ] (31 December 2016 est. Stock of direct foreign investment - at home: (1998)country comparison to the world (CIA rank, may be based on non-current data): 24 Economic Overview Uzbekistan is a doubly landlocked country in which 51% of the … 16% [see also: Stock of domestic credit country ranks ] Manufactured products included textiles, food processing, machine building, metallurgy, mining, hydrocarbon extraction, and chemicals. [see also: Labor force country ranks ] 16% 11.2% $384 million (2013 est. NA (2017 est.) (2016 est. IMF – World Economic Outlook Database, (2016 est.) (31 December 2017 est.) highest 10%: 29.6% [see also: Debt - external country ranks ] [see also: Stock of narrow money country ranks ] 2,311.4 (2012 est.) 8% [see also: Stock of broad money country ranks ] (2017 est.) Stock of direct foreign investment - at home: [see also: Labor force - by occupation - services country ranks ] [see also: Labor force - by occupation - industry country ranks ] (31 December 2016 est. $10.92 billion Since the death of first President Islam KARIMOV and election of President Shavkat MIRZIYOYEV, emphasis on such initiatives and government efforts to improve the private sector have increased. (2016 est. industry: 13.2% [see also: Inflation rate (consumer prices) country ranks ] (31 December 2017 est.) (2016 est.) (31 December 2017 est.) 208 $1.713 billion [see also: Exports country ranks ] $10.92 billion (2014 est.) (2016 est. (31 December 2016 est. 43 (31 December 2012) Distribution of family income - Gini index: (2017 est.) $16.9 billion [see also: Debt - external country ranks ] (2016 est. [see also: Labor force - by occupation - industry country ranks ] (1998)country comparison to the world (CIA rank, may be based on non-current data): Labor force - by occupation: 12.5% agriculture: 25.9% NA Exports - partners: Switzerland 38.7%, China 15.5%, Russia 10.7%, Turkey 8.6%, Kazakhstan 7.7%, Afghanistan 4.7%

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