use seal the deal in a sentence

It only takes a minute to sign up. air valvetems are the servo air inlet non-return valve attachment and the push rod seal between the servo and the brake master cylinder. Father Braun (Liturgische Gewandung, p. 457) gives a picture of a seal of Charles IV. deflectiont is for failures due to fracture of the lid seal or lid, or to excessive lid deflexion. For instance, the great seal of Edward I. Having been made keeper of the privy seal in 1492, and having arranged a dispute between the Scotch and the Dutch, the bishop's concluding years were mainly spent in the foundation of the university of Aberdeen. take the missus with you, for her " seal of approval "; ). The Orkneys were the Orcades of classical writers, and the word is probably derived from the Norse Orkn, seal, and ey, island. 75° S.), the party subsisting mainly on seal meat cooked over blubber lamps devised with much ingenuity. The writing paper is impressed with school seal. - Sacrificial Scene over a small skull-cap and will on a Seal from Gezer. To this ' The 10th of May has been made a holiday in North Carolina, and the date appears on the state flag and the state seal; and a statue has been erected at Charlotte in memory of the signers of the " Declaration.". He became by a singular arrangement, only repeated in the case of Lord Ellenborough, a member of the cabinet, and remained in that position through various changes of administration for nearly fifteen years, and, although he persistently refused the chancellorship, he acted as Speaker of the House of Lords while the Great Seal was in commission. Its durability, however, is far less than that of seal. The principal industries are refineries for preparing whale and seal oil and saw-mills. * Teaches them how the mind works so they can keep motivated and stay focused For many years raw sealskins Sold as seal. Hope this technique brings you lots of sales success. Always focus on the learning on sentences with “seal a deal“ We believe you will easily learn to write and use the word seal a deal in a sentence. He had a principal share in compiling the statutes of the university, which passed the great seal on the 25th of September 1570, and in November following he was chosen vice-chancellor. bearing this impressed device. The ordinary shape of the medieval seal is round; but there are certain exceptions. Asked by Wiki User. In selecting him for the post, the queen undoubtedly placed her seal on the wish of the country to carry out the waI to the bitter end. rookery 20 islands are home to five seal species, massive penguin rookeries as well as a wealth of seabirds from albatross to skuas. The old man continued to fold and seal his letter, snatching up and throwing down the wax, the seal, and the paper, with his accustomed rapidity. Is it normal for cats to periodically vomit dry food? Narcotine was shown to be methoxyhydrastine (II.) privy seal was removed during the Civil War. You now know how close you are to securing the deal. Whether you’re a small business or a leading brand, an area manager or a Chief Executive, whether you’re new to sales or an experienced sales professional. Did the word “literate” originally have religious connotations? In the case of seal and beaver skins the process is a much more difficult one, as the water or hard top hairs have to be removed by hand after the pelt has been carefully rendered moist and warm. The motto was ` s Imperium et libertas "; the seal, three primroses; and the badge, a monogram containing the letters PL, surrounded by primroses. Sentence Examples The Latin phrase e pluribus unum is found on the sealof the United States, adopted by an Act of their Congress in 1782. A Solution to Closing those Sales…. And you both decide whether or not you have the means to bridge the gap. Ever tried to find a head gasket or brake seal kit for a 1934 Leyland Lion? labyrinth seal is that there is an engineered gap. A district council being a corporation, the general law applies in the case of a rural council that they must contract under their common seal, the exception to this rule including the doing of acts very of lands. Just across the Nydeck bridge is the famous bear pit in which live bears are kept, as they are supposed to have given the name to the town; certainly a bear is shown on the earliest known town seal (1224), while live bears have been maintained at the charges of the town since 1513. George Calvert died before the charter had passed the great seal, but about two months later in the same year it was issued to his eldest son, Cecilius. If so, was "seal" the process of stamping/imprinting, or the process of securing a containing envelope, or something else altogether? 2- With time running out, Greeks were hopeful they could seal a deal with international creditors. The baronial seal bears the armed and mounted knight. They have also felt the fatal influence of the liquor traffic. on the, 9th of July, and on the 31st of July full pardons were granted him under the privy seal; which at the request of Richard's first parliament were ratified under the great seal on the 4th of December 1377. Join our ongoing dynamic virtual coaching community, Explore job postings from some of the best companies in the country looking for sales professionals, Enjoy our video series of influence tips and strategies, Dig into our podcast featuring industry leaders and experts, Learn from our high-level sales coaching video series, Women of Sales & Influence – Facebook Live Series, Be inspired by our Facebook Live series spotlighting top women influencers, Enjoy valuable, high-level sales strategies to empower your sales goals. The usual form of pardon in the United States is by deed under seal of the executive. seal the deal phrase. Is "beyond your comprehension" an offensive phrase? Fine seal engraving is to be found in the productions of many of the continental nations; but in the best periods nothing can excel the work of English cutters.

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