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Written with modern kanji, their name means “entangling bride.” However, these characters were added much later to cover up the original meaning of jorōgumo—”whore spider.”. Then one day, a visiting woodcutter who was a stranger to this all tried to cut a tree and mistakenly dropped his favorite axe into the basin. As he was about to doze off, a woman in her 50s appeared. The Jorogumo is a very creepy and scary Japanese ghost, but it […] "You've met a woman in my... situation before. "I'll just... escort you to the Captain then, shall I?". The next day, they find a dead jorōgumo one or two shaku long in the attic, along with numerous bodies of people that the jorōgumo had devoured. "Two, actually," he said, shoving away from the chair to cross his arms over his chest. Yukite idakare yo", あれなるは父にてましますぞ。行きて抱かれよ). "I'm an agent of SHIELD. Most spinnetode gave into their natures eventually, becoming the infamous 'black widows' of the wesen world; many became monsters, or weapons. Behavior: Jorōgumo live solitary lives, both as spiders and as yōkai. "Old enough to know that you're asking the wrong question.". the online database of Japanese ghosts and monsters. [1], After that, people of the village dared not venture close to the falls anymore. Now knowing that the woman was actually a jorōgumo, the woodcutter still persisted and tried to gain permission for marriage from the mountain's tengu. He blew out a breath, staring down at the floor for a moment in thought. he asked, equally rhetorically. Unfortunately, Burkhardt had already seen that; she wasn't going to get away with playing mostly harmless demoiselle. Translation: entangling bride; alternatively whore spider Love it! Title is from the Japanese myth about the spider woman used as the basis for the Tarantella episode of Grimm, from which this story draws heavily. And what question would that be?" Go forth, and be embraced" ("arenaru ha tete ni temashimasu zo. Then again... the fact that he had instantly recognized what she was, and still breathed, said something for the 'deadlier' rumors as well. He visited her every day, but grew physically weaker each time. "Do yours?" "I told you," Natasha said calmly, nodding to the SHIELD badge the dark-haired young man had thrown on the table between them. Initially he kept the secret, but as days went by, the need to spill the story burdened him. It was a rhetorical question; and she knew he knew it. Magoroku's wife then assured him that he had been sleeping on the veranda the whole time. Relieved, he recalled how he drove away a spider two days before. The Jorogumo myth is one of these. It can shapeshift betweena three forms: a giant spider, a human woman, half woman/half spider. One of these is the jorōgumo, known as the golden orb-weaver in English. The jorōgumo is the most well-known of the arachnid yōkai, and found all over the Japanese archipelago except for the northern island of Hokkaidō. And why are you here?". Summary: Black Widow was more than just Natasha's code name. "But...". They are such skillful predators that a jorōgumo can operate like this for years and years, even in the middle of a busy city, piling up hundreds of desiccated skeletons of foolish young men. It would have been difficult not to, given just how many wesen were employed by SHIELD; between the unexpected visits by various European Royals, the resulting intensification of the guerilla war between the Royal-supporting Verrat and the rebel Laufer, the increase in attention from the Wesen Council, and rumors of either a kindlier or deadlier new Grimm all centering on the same city, SHIELD's eye had been drawn to Oregon's most populated metro area long before one of the Black Widow's missions had taken her there. Most spinnetode gave into their natures eventually, becoming the infamous 'black widows' of the wesen world; many became monsters, or weapons. When a jorōgumo spots a man she desires, she lures him into her home with promises of affection. She inclined her head, and Burkhardt grunted, tossing her badge back to her with a flourish. "Neither am I," he said, an unamused curl at one corner of his mouth. "But if you're asking whether or not he'll recognize me? So far, neither had said anything that might alarm more than puzzle a Kehrseite on the other side of the mirror, or expose the community if they were being recorded; Natasha chose her next words carefully. More than the last Grimm had, at least. Jorōgumo (Japanese Kanji: 絡新婦, Hiragana: じょろうぐも) is a type of Yōkai, a creature, ghost or goblin of Japanese folklore. [7], Once, an eel that lived in the abyss visited the man Genbe and shapeshifted into a beautiful woman. Renowned for their size, their vividly beautiful colors, and the large and strong webs they weave, the beautiful jorōgumo are also famous for the cruel destruction they wreak on young men. Burkhardt's new friend might make it another five years before her self-denial killed her. They also have powerful venom that can slowly weaken a man day by day, allowing the spider to savor her victim’s long and painful death. [6], Various areas have a legend about people being dragged into a waterfall by a jorōgumo as well as the use of a tree stump as decoy. I've been looking for some good japanese theme enemies and the jorogumo is such a good mystery character with such great little things to use for story too, like spiderwebs showing up in victims or her home, victims being sucked dry, hordes of baby spiders spreading through the forest. The eel lost her fight with the jorōgumo, and Genbe died of insanity.[8]. It transforms into a human woman to seduce and entrap humans to eat, however its reflection will show its true spider form.It can not be killed by any kind of poison. Do you want to see even more yokai? "So who are you, really? Appearance: In Japan, some spiders are known to possess amazing supernatural powers.One of these is the jorōgumo, known as the golden orb-weaver in English. But Natasha wasn't there to intervene. A young samurai was accosted in the street by an alluringly gorgeous woman. Natasha's own story wasn't pretty, but it was far from the worst she'd heard; at least she'd found purpose in it. His first reaction to that was easy to read: rejection and disgust, along the lines of but I don't eat the people I kill. The oshō of a nearby temple suspected that the woodcutter was "taken in by the jorōgumo mistress of the waterfall", and accompanied him to chant a sutra. Natasha was going to have words with her handler about that in her debrief. A Jorogumo loves to play the Biwa, as such a victim can theoretically escape a Jorogumo if one can play a better song with the instrument than the Jorogumo, the Jorogumo, impressed with skill and the beauty of the sound, will often let the victim go, or at the very least keep them alive so that they could play the tunes with the Spider. Natasha echoed his bleak smile and tilted her head in acknowledgement. The local legend tells of a man who rested beside the waterfall basin when the jorōgumo tried to drag him into the waterfall by throwing webs around his leg. Very young Jorōgumo child is the focus of one-episode OVA made in 2012 by Toshihisa Kaiya and Daishirou Tanimura, titled "Wasurenagumo" (Li'l Spider-Girl). Disclaimer: The words are mine; the worlds are not. The main villain in Darkness Unmasked by Keri Arthur is a Jorōgumo in Melbourne. Unfortunately, Burkhardt had already seen that; she wasn't going to get away with playing mostly harmless demoiselle. He finally cracked something resembling an actual smile as he gestured her back into the hall. "But your interference- and your judgment- won't be necessary. She kills female musicians, takes on their likeness, and performs in clubs to feast and mate with unsuspecting males. The man transferred the webbing around a tree stump, which was dragged into the falls instead of him. The warrior sees through her ploy and, realizing she is a yōkai, strikes her with his sword, making her flee to the attic. In the legend of Kashikobuchi, Sendai, a voice was heard saying, "clever, clever", ("kashikoi, kashikoi"), after the tree stump was pulled into the water. It can shapeshift into a beautiful woman, so the kanji for its actual meaning is 女郎蜘蛛 or "woman-spider", and to write it instead as 絡新婦 ("entangling newlywed woman") is a jukujikun pronunciation of the kanji. 絡新婦 じょろうぐも. In the Edo period of Japan, there was a logger who was working hard. Concluding it was only a dream, Magoroku looked around and noticed a small jorō spider that had made a tight web around the eaves. They are skillful deceivers and powerful shape-shifters, usually appearing as young, sexy, and stunningly beautiful women. A few unfortunates, usually raised apart from other wesen, ended up hating themselves enough to commit passive suicide. These legends can be found all over the world. He didn't bother to pretend he didn't understand what she was asking. He braced his hands against the back of the chair across the table from her, and flexed his fingers as if distracting himself from a desire to strike at her. Many years ago she was sealed away in the book by her own caretaker - the priest who defeated her monstrous mother but had no heart to kill the yokai child. "Okay. That would explain a few things. Spoilers: Indeterminate season of POI; post-movie for Sorcerer's Apprentice. The words were heavy with meaning. "One who'd left quite the trail behind her. hadn't.". The house disappeared as he ran and he found himself back on his own porch. Had Burkhardt been raised apart from his own traditions? And finally at a banquet, while drunk, he told the whole story. ", "Just when I think I've got a handle on all this, I get a look at just how much further down the rabbit hole there is to go," he shook his head. Interactions: Jorōgumo’s favorite prey are young, handsome men looking for love—or other favors. [5], In yet another version, the woodcutter fell in love with a woman he met at the waterfall. But the second was, more promisingly, a grimace of acknowledgement: But I do kill, and being a cop makes the hunt easier; you're right about that. Jorōgumo (Japanese Kanji: 絡新婦, Hiragana: じょろうぐも) is a type of Yōkai, a creature, ghost or goblin of Japanese folklore.It can shapeshift into a beautiful woman, so the kanji for its actual meaning is 女郎蜘蛛 or "woman-spider", and to write it instead as 絡新婦 ("entangling newlywed woman") is a jukujikun pronunciation of the kanji.

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