trauma stewardship worksheets

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She wanted a resource that briefly acknowledged the impact of trauma on a child’s development, while also providing resources for parents and families to address and cope with a child’s traumas, starting with the value of their relationships.English VersionSpanish Version, This handout was created by Ashlee Zubek in order to offer a means for a) reflecting on the impacts of working in a trauma-based job, and b) providing some resources to deal with those impacts. English Version, Serving those who serve children and families. H�*�225R0 Bcs3=S3039�K�3�@�%�+� � u�� endstream endobj 222 0 obj <>stream 0000181314 00000 n H��TmO�0��_q��D"�}~�-� ���h������v���A��s\�$҄��>��y���]�n�բ��p|\��u5]�gp[��'(F��ެ��. Let it be a call to action!English Version, As an in-home service provider, Jodi Field knows that despair can take over at times while facing the reality of trauma in a person, in a family, or in a community. Consider filling it out as a team and having self-care accountability buddies!English Version, This colorful, simple, double-sided resource is great for shelters, doctors offices, preschools, and daycare centers! ���e]�’��L|PBz0��S_]O��吵�S��$4���b���w{Q���|^��M&�$=~쑞:�a�l!��#=u�=a�)��d@xw�=u��<9��c�ב�Da�)��$?��AN�r��%d�b3���Z�q�|��ټeV���}a It includes a scenario and discussion questions. 0000181686 00000 n 0000178328 00000 n 0000181974 00000 n She also knows that there is always something that we can do to address childhood trauma, even in simple moments—so she made this resource. h�b```�}�,�@��9$�*�{ � �8T9�Lp�1>` d`c��a���>�q��S �?X�2D,�4 ��w`����A����/{�fO��nd�U^b^Z^l^^�^R��xԤL�D&ʤ�M&�=�[��x���R��eL6�2�b)a�$T ����Ѡ�����(����(�� �������� �!� �pPI%0~F#�A� ��2�=� ���g��� �hs����E?fPx�AY��!mX.���� H35��4~��@����N,�r H2�G��(c�0 R;�� 0 English VersionSpanish Version. 0000180375 00000 n Julia McLester designed it as guiding reference point for reciprocity as a measure of well-being.Bilingual English-Spanish Handout, Aída Inuca created this bilingual handout to outline five (5) components involved in the nuance of self-care, especially when facing painful situations. Sharing Fire – Monthly Newsletter Facebook First Impressions is designed by Dawn Kay and Christy Reppe as a platform for discussions around the impact that your waiting room environment and staff may have on a first-time visitor. 0000178478 00000 n 0000182046 00000 n 40 double-sided cards total.English VersionSpanish Version, Nili Karul created this document as a guide for professionals while supporting youth through trauma. 0000180711 00000 n 0000182982 00000 n perspective here.Her idea of trauma stewardship is a great gift to our field.It erodes the artificial line between sufferer and helper.It recog-nizes that trauma has impacts that can be named and managed.Trauma. It is a reminder to step back and compassionately wonder about “what happened” rather than blame or judge.English Version, This double-sided resource aims to help professionals add a little self-care structure to their day. �1��e[�$��͕�a{K�}u��n�k}o�3� ޞ�W��dc��3��ua�=��[�S]f��7�N��}7�GY��ܶ�i�ֵ�m���Yc_�s��?޷�-���db�. stewardship calls into question whether the means of exposure (direct or indirect,through relationships with those directly exposed) has any relevance to the impact of the trauma… Ever find yourself at a loss for how to address suicidal thoughts, or questions from youth about how to “help a friend” who is suicidal? The dual nature of the cards are an example of the human need to both lean into the reality of the pain around us, and take breaks to receive the enjoyable parts of life. 1069 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[1062 23]/Info 1061 0 R/Length 55/Prev 1006294/Root 1063 0 R/Size 1085/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream It is a great tool as a reference for staff who are newer to working with trauma, or in settings that are not typically identified as places for working with trauma or mental health.Bilingual English-Spanish Handout, This handout integrates lessons learned from reading “Trauma Stewardship” by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky with the traditional five (5) directions philosophy used among tribes indigenous to the Great Lakes region and Turtle Island (aka North America). How to define, practice, and apply trauma stewardship in student affairs and social justice work - based on the book Trauma Stewardship. This resource was developed by Maricela Martinez and was inspired while reading “Rising Strong” by Brenè Brown, during the Learning Collaborative. This handout has several categories of tips for maintaining momentum as a trauma-informed provider.English Version, As a shelter advocate, Leighann Granados knows that language matters and that emotions can run high enough to influence our actions. 0000002602 00000 n %PDF-1.5 %���� 0000178877 00000 n The front side introduces the overlapping frameworks, while the back side offers activities aligned with each of the fie directions in order to address a “trauma exposure response.” It was created by Jessica Adams.English Version, As a result of facing employee burnout and vicarious trauma in the Child Welfare system, Teresa Way created this outline of intentions for employee wellness within the team. 0000182262 00000 n 0000002809 00000 n It was developed by Cassandra Lee Limas. This document was created specific to the resources available in Milwaukee, and as a launching pad to explore resources and options during an emotional, psychological, and/or suicidal crisis. 0000182622 00000 n Others have bilingual English-Spanish versions. 0000002473 00000 n 0000180429 00000 n 0000179873 00000 n 0000001616 00000 n By using this kind of awareness, Michael hopes that administrators will be more conscious of their inherent power over students and work to make themselves more emotionally available.English Version, In this self-reflective flow chart, Sean Anderson worked to help providers deconstruct what is going on when a youth is “acting out.” It helps to remind us that we have relational tools that are relevant any time a child is distressed, regardless of whether trauma is obviously connected or not. 0000179979 00000 n _��&B�_r(t�1Ya�4��H�v}�����b�/�#��1�p���0��`_��dp ��b�'��,.�W (F;-sP��xh�� �N��'E�|mX�:��X�H���.�Q��X���&�4��j����^a������8��Vi��'��ǜ����V��y��[�ݧ��;=�Cyy��^<6�֐���b�m�z r�O��9'�^�N�Jڣ��#.�\���Z����Zx+��x7T����tq�^q��'Ճ��® �����[I����� ����+4.�?.z?J|,B�lB���`�G� �Pm* 0000182694 00000 n It was created by Michele Wink.You are welcome to create your own version with your own local hotline numbers and organizations listed.English VersionSpanish Version Coming Soon! 0000179615 00000 n English VersionSpanish Version, This worksheet is designed for completing with clients/patients/participants and/or with your team. Somatic cx eriencin, be ins the process of meltin, this f zen It helps encourage self-care among team members and acknowledges self-care as a process of accountability within work culture that can help employees sustain their work and recover from the stressors of their everyday high-stakes work life.English Version, Virginia Lopez created this document with parents in mind. This list of embodied, nature-based practices, provides an opportunity to deepen in awareness of your relationship with nature and how your emotions and body respond to a specific aspect of nature over time. 0000182406 00000 n They are great when printed, cut-out, and laminated. ~���)���v4Z��{�LR�>�����w7u��4�ǖMʓ����o�'e�,�:����Ih�6G����mX.��j��t�6��3_�\�"��v]�]�P�t*z��xVM��j�oհj����n�� �w��1��� m?����` Increases sense of isolation Messages or attitudes towards the people we work with? �� � V" �� ��? 0000180258 00000 n This is a useful tool for almost anyone!English VersionSpanish Version, Jessica Dallman created these double-sided, colorful cards to include inspirational quotes on one side, and trauma statistics (many Wisconsin-specific) as a tool for prompting introductions and interactions at trauma-related trainings and events. As a way to prompt conversations about coping, healing, and self-care, it also opens the door to accountability regarding our own well-being and the well-being of the community members around us. Just one.English Version, Ana Price and Andy Altmann from DeafUnity co-designed this handout to help show that “difficult” behaviors can be rooted in painful experiences. 216 0 obj <> endobj xref 216 66 0000000016 00000 n Karen Larson and Sonja Conklin designed this version with a domestic violence shelter in mind.Bilingual English-Spanish Worksheet, The neuroscience of trauma and well-being can be so complex! She outlines professional considerations, possible effects of trauma on youth, and potential treatment options when someone needs more support. 0000182334 00000 n 0000182910 00000 n [B�.�s�/��Qh�����z��si��˒� PTG is about accepting the present and moving on without trying to change it. humans, trauma occurs as a result of the initiation of an instinctual cycle that is not allowed to finish." It is designed with school leaders, like a principal, in mind. 0000180886 00000 n This is a great resource to pair with a presentation.Bilingual English-Spanish Handout, Due to the way in which nature can guide us towards resilience and healing, this brief review of “Braiding Sweetgrass” by Robin Wall Kimmerer gives us a glimpse into the nature as a source of medicine/metaphor, and ancestral wisdom and healing. For that reason, Christa Grande developed this resource for staff to keep by their desks. 0000182478 00000 n It was inspired from the book “Trauma Stewardship” by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky and developed by Cally Bucknell. h��Vmo1�+��~ؒ\�H���4�j׭��~�h�p�������ɕr�_�d�����HaL It was designed with the intention of using both with staff and with adults attending groups like the Raices para el Cambio (Roots4Change) Postpartum group. %PDF-1.6 %���� In order to add resources or request the development of a new resource, send it to Societal/Organizational Messages How is society viewing the work you do and the people you serve? 0000002248 00000 n 0000183054 00000 n 0000181082 00000 n Radical Acceptance Worksheet. It reads like a set of tips from a seasoned professional, balancing both hope and resilience with difficult questions for holding yourself accountable to your own well-being.English Version, Stephani Storkson creating this living document as a tool to guide someone into a deeper process of introspection while completing the Infant, Early Childhood, and Family Mental Health Capstone program and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. x�b```f``7d`e`��db@ !��P�?�����F&�u .�#xﰚ3Mn�t��T|��3@P�E�Q��'`� 扬wt��cx�`&�{�E����e�G������ ;��D��{隄�*Op��8��j籰6��@F�Ĝ��~�'"@�@{V��X[lFmx`���.|ߧ��X>-S�4�FƗ>G�($5�@�n�K�A�@es���.��|ɒU� Ⱦ�T8u� ���8B��W��t^�O\Rt^%L=Б% KA�al���T]2����nVcC�� R�� � KK�ii P&%%0� !� 0000181758 00000 n 0000179369 00000 n

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