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Slideshow Details Multilingual categories Admin Guide Live Support Tiki 14.x Allows us to focus our energy on pages that have been clearly identified as sub par. Category Admin Mods Admin In this page you'll find a list of validated Video Tutorials that will help you to install, set or simply use Tiki. Last update from SVN (15.8svn): Friday 20 of March, 2020 12:08:48 GMT- REV 75970 This documentation is quite bulky, so you may start with this overview. Survey User Stats Bootstrap Questions Creating a Tracker All Features Web Services Feeds User Design Comment User Wiki structure (book and table of content) Permission Check IP selector Tiki 13.x Searching tracker items Tracker Synchronization Gmap User Adding items to a tracker Group Transitions Tiki 18.x from Tiki 15.x Tracker item actions Print PDF History Trackers Items View; Attachments (0) Status Closed Subject Translation of tikiwiki and of documentation Version 1.8.x 1.9.x Category. Interoperability Comments Profiles Wizard Backlinks This site is using cookies to help us improve your user experience.

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