the simpsons game

Or will an eternity of damnation be their fate? [16] At the 2007 Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, a poster for "Grand Theft Scratchy", one of the levels in The Simpsons Game and a parody of Grand Theft Auto, was asked to be taken down by an employee of Rockstar Games, the company that develops the Grand Theft Auto series of video games. [5], The game's storyline was written by Tim Long, Matt Selman, and Matt Warburton, who are all regular writers on The Simpsons. [29], The DS version of the game, which was significantly different from the other versions, received praise for its unique gameplay, but criticism for its short length. In order to access his mansion, the family needs to acquire four key cards from four upcoming Simpsons games. Build your team of superstars to compete in authentic NFL experiences. In the self-referential plot, the family discovers that they are forced to participate in another The Simpsons video game. [4] The game contains sixteen levels, called episodes,[3] and each requires specific powers to complete. . [7][8], The Simpsons Game's head-up display features health meters for both characters in each level, and an attack meter and special power meter for the character currently controlled by the player. From the writers of The Simpsons, tap into a city building game that lets you create your own living, breathing Springfield... for FREE. The family manages to save their 8-bit predecessors before they are destroyed by Wright, and discover that they will also become obsolete when the next The Simpsons game is released. Lisa uses her power to create a stairway to heaven in order for the family to ask God for advice. Can the Simpsons out-bargain the Prince of Darkness? [19][22] 1UP found that even though The Simpsons Game parodied numerous 2D platform game conventions, it used them anyway, making it a pointless endeavor. Finally, they save the Springfield Mall and Cletus from the aliens. [40] ELSPA presented the game's Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Portable versions with "Silver" certifications,[41] for sales of 100,000 units or more each in the region. While Bart mopes, a video game manual falls down from the sky in front of him. Similar to the show, the game pokes fun at popular culture, other video games, and Electronic Arts, its publisher. [10] Marge is the least-playable character. [2], The Simpsons Game was published by Electronic Arts and developed by its subsidiary, EA Redwood Shores; the company had signed a contract for the video game rights to The Simpsons in 2005. Rizzer, however, was still pleased with the amount of parody in the game and considered The Simpsons the "perfect vehicle to poke fun at the games industry". As of January 31, 2008, four million copies of the game have been sold worldwide. It was released in North America in October 2007 and worldwide in November 2007. However this level was also cut from the Nintendo DS port just like the Grand Theft Scratchy level and was most likely cut die to time constraints. [9], Electronic Arts planned to produce a sequel to the game, entitled The Simpsons Game 2, along with a Nintendo Wii version of Dead Space 2, but both were cancelled in 2011 because the studio decided to make room for other projects. He dropped the video game manual by accident, thus endowing the family with superpowers. However, it leads to an argument about what they should be doing with them. These games are mostly use the Flash Player. [17] The development team found it particularly difficult to render Lisa's spiky hair as 2D in the game's 3D environment. [15], The game received mixed reception, receiving an aggregated score of 71% on Metacritic for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game. They visit his house to find him not there, but they stumble upon a portal that sends them to a place called the game engine where all video games are made. GameSpot considered the gameplay "nothing special"[24] while GameZone called it a "pretty shallow" game that depended too much on repetitive jumping puzzles and a weak combat system. The family manages to defeat them, however, and Groening admits that he is only creating new games for the money, and destroys the game engine. [11] Joe Juba of Game Informer called the game an average experience. Bart can shoot rocks or other things with his slingshot, which later becomes a wrist rocket. As the levels progress, Lisa can use her saxophone to turn enemies against each other. [5], Once they have all four key cards, Bart and Homer infiltrate the creator's mansion. As God nervously scoffs at this theory, it turns out that Ralph Wiggum is playing the entire game before he looks at the screen, wondering who was looking at him.

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