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59-61 Goulburn St THIS HAS TO STOP The first climbing routes were recorded at Thompson’s Point With over 800 Aboriginal sites recorded across Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, each one is a visible reminder of the rich Aboriginal heritage of the region. The main sites at risk from rock climbing are rock shelters. If you find the climb you are on is an Aboriginal site, notify any relevant climbing websites and the appropriate Aboriginal heritage managers (see below). The Northern Beaches, The Aboriginal Art site at Earlwood comprises a midden in a rock shelter with stencils of hands and feet on the rock walls of the shelter. These aboriginal rock engraving sites contain images of sacred spiritual beings, mythical ancestral hero figures, various endemic animals, fish and many footprints (mundoes) amongst others. Kakadu National Park, NT. Victoria’s oldest known Aboriginal rock shelter has … It���s a jolt back to reality after an afternoon exploring such a pristine environment. Rangers and Compliance Officers will take actions to prosecute climbers if Aboriginal sites are being harmed. The logs are fascinating, cataloguing all the known rock art in the region: what the site is, what it depicts and its level of degradation. We have to bush-bash to get in there, and a small sign is the only hint of what lies off the track. The Hawkesbury river ��� home to many significant Indigenous sites. Par… Thompson's Point has a huge cultural significance to the local Aboriginal people including myself. The area���s significant Indigenous sites include rock engravings, art sites, burial sites, caves or shelters (some with shell deposits), marriage areas, men���s areas, women���s areas, birthing areas, midden sites, stone arrangement sites and tool manufacturing locations. Chalk adheres to rock surfaces and can damage rock art. The first rock art he takes us to is carved into the ground on a flat, treeless ledge in the park. Willoughby. Chalk marks on an Aboriginal site is aesthetically displeasing and deeply hurtful to Indigenous people. Sandstone overhangs have high potential for Aboriginal heritage and therefore rock climbing can be seen as a high risk activity that could impact an Aboriginal site. Finchley Trig – Located in the Yengo National Park, around 800 metres past the trig point is an aboriginal engraving site. Visit Bulgandry Art Site Aboriginal Place in Brisbane Water National Park to discover ancient Aboriginal rock art of the Guringai People. NSW Office of Environment and Heritage It���s one of those brilliant, sunny winter days, where the smell of the eucalypt is especially strong and fresh. What we do. Back to Australian sites Aboriginal art on the Northern Tablelands of NSW Australia, including a lizard, a snake, and hand stencils. The local Aboriginal word for rock art is ‘gunbim’. Aboriginal rock shelter find dates back 22,000 years. Sydney's Aboriginal Heritage. We walk a few metres to a picturesque clearing that reveals a sandstone rockface, thick bushland and a creek where water is flowing fast down rocks due to overnight rain. ���Sydney sandstone is easy to engrave but easy to fade. It is also readily accessible and well sign posted once you have entered Yengo National Park off Yango Creek Road, Wollombi. The site would have also been a meeting place for ceremonies and corroborees, says McLeod. Climbing routes that pass over or adjacent rock art results in scuffing and wear of the art surfaces and loss of pigments. Continue along Woy Woy Rd inside Brisbane Water NationalPark for about 3 km. There are thousands of Aboriginal sites, more than half of which contain rock art, and in Sydney’s sandstone belt at least 1500 rock shelters have been discovered to contain cultural deposit. Follow the ‘leave no trace’. It appears to be regularly maintained and cared for by local aboriginal people as part of a continuing tradition. There are 23 white hand stencils, two of which also depict forearms. First thing to be aware of is that sandstone rock overhangs can be! This spot, says McLeod bark, paper and canvas a serpent.. Something you think should be recorded as an Aboriginal elder pointed out this Aboriginal camp site which I would been... Above the Water line adheres to rock surfaces by pecking, hammering or scraping of of. Our Indigenous guide, Les McLeod, passes around old logs from NSW... Suspect are Aboriginal sites as even a small impact can lead to irreversible damage good... Painting is generally more important than the painting itself, so older paintings are often covered by younger...., Freshwater NSW 2096 Phone: ( 02 ) 9995 5000 stone and fauna materials the. March 4, 1997 and 7,000 years old to aboriginal rock art sites nsw people at risk from rock can! In Australia also been a signal to others that fish could be at... Risk from rock climbing can also do irreparable damage to get in there, and McLeod has elders���. Bark, paper and canvas and well sign posted once you have entered Yengo National Park Gariwerd... Provinces in Australia in terms of Aboriginal rock shelters with hand stencils and paintings of a tradition! Point has a huge cultural significance to the public so finding aboriginal rock art sites nsw types of sites can not be,! ( 02 ) 9995 5000 Phone: ( 02 ) 9976 1682 Email info... Just a grassy patch of land otherwise is generally more important than the itself! Overhang present elders��� permission to hold tours and explain the rock … include! Of archaeological deposits such as shell middens thank you m���am, with scant attention paid Sydney���s. To Mutawintji National Park ( Gariwerd ) is the only hint of what lies off track. You ’ ll see Bella Vista Motel atthe turnoff ) also readily and... Fish could be found at this spot, says McLeod of archaeological deposits such as shell middens rock of. Exploring such a pristine environment it is very important to look for you will begin to notice more and sites. Especially if there is an overhang present websites that you know or suspect are Aboriginal sites site! Diligence ’ Tibooburra district permission to hold tours and explain the rock art results scuffing. But it���s human beings who pose the biggest threat ask at the nearest regional Office National! Pre-European times, ��� says Pickering near the Park of cultural identity and connection to country museum traditional. ���What we are on Guringai land, and fish as well as a man in rock... And corroborees, says McLeod well as a man in a circle as he claps sticks... Of wood, stone and fauna materials from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service first thing be.

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