sun dolphin aruba 10 weight limit

As such, the Aruba provides you with the reliability you need to paddle easily. However, it is evident that this kayak is most comfortable for people of normal heights, meaning less than 6 feet tall. Now people shopping Walmart can easily pickup a Kayak and get out on the water at a cheap price. Room is important! The Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS features a hull design, which is known for stability. This material is also UV-stabilized, which means that it can effectively resist the effects of UV rays with exposure to sunlight. The Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, so if you’re under that, then this is the kayak for you. The Sun Dolphin® Bali 10 SS Sit-On-Top Kayak is perfect for your next adventure. At 44 pounds, the Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS is lightweight, compact in size, and easy to store in your house/garage/apartment after a long day of kayaking. I have had nothing but a blast in this kayak. Lastly, this yak comes with movable foot props along with defensive thigh cushions for extra comfort. At its price, we honestly think this is a kayak that punches above its weight. The Aruba 10 can hold a weight limit of 250 lbs without breaking a sweat. The Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS is a 10 foot sit-on-top fishing kayak aimed at the person that is just getting into kayaking. Most users have reported success on their fishing expeditions after making a few upgrades on the boat. The Sun Dolphin Bali 10 sit on kayak frame is entirely made out of Fortiflex high-density polyethylene, which is known for its strength and durability. Required fields are marked *. Shock cord deck rigging. The Aruba 10 can hold a weight limit of 250 lbs without breaking a sweat. Rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex High Density Polyethylene. These design features make it easy for you to paddle for extended periods without fatigue or back pain. There is also a compartment positioned between the knees and fastened with a screw-on-cap. This is an easy weight for almost anyone to carry to the beach, lake or river without any help. It's inexpensive has great features like two rod holders in the back and a swivel rod holder in the front adjustable foot pegs very light and easy to transport. Easy to load in the back of my truck and unload also. We will look at what you get at that price and help you decide if you want to purchase that kayak. There is one at the bow (front) and one at the stern (rear). Can You Pack A Lot In The Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS? Excursion 10 Description . Affiliate Disclosure: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program among other affiliate programs. The Excursion 10 is a kayak brought to you by Sun Dolphin. Adjustable foot braces.Water bottle holder. The River That Flows Both Ways: Short Film Paddling the Hudson River, Patagonia Film: It’s All Home Water | A Northern Light. There is three rod holders located on this Kayak. If you are looking for a cheap kayak that will get you on the water quickly, this might work for you. Kayaking The Rapids Through The Rainforest On The North Johnstone River, Kayaking Through the Jungle On The Pacuare River, Class III Kayaking Journey Down The Alsek River, Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS comes in various attractive colors to suit your preferences, Highly affordable and gives you value for your money, Ideal for beginners because of safety features, Very comfortable and optimized for long adventures, The polyethylene frame of the Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS is strong but also susceptible to flexing and scratching, The Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS hull design makes the watercraft stable but extremely slow, No bottom cushion on the seat and the footrests are a bit uncomfortable. I am writing this because I read all the reviews I could find before buying the Sun Dolphin Aruba 8 SS and none of the following issues were ever mentioned. Yes. But do you really want a Kayak that is that “cheap”? Anglers everywhere will love the durability of the Sun Dolphin® Excursion 10 Sit-In Fishing Kayak. It is lighter than other kayaks featuring a polyethylene frame material. The Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10 foot sit on kayak is a great watercraft for anyone of any age that wants to venture into kayaking. Different Kayak Dimensions and their Roles. You can opt for either the smaller 8 foot version or the larger 12 foot, depending on your needs. This Sun Dolphin kayak comes with shock cord deck rigging, allowing you to use it for fishing. This means the Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS can accommodate people of all heights. In some ways, the polyethylene construction promotes the paddling and tracking ability of the kayak to enable you to cruise the lake or river with ease and stability. which is big enough hold a smartphone. Large open cockpit. Read on. Thank you for letting me brag about my Yak! After a 10 to 13 mile paddle your butt tends too hurt. This is a tough material commonly used to make budget-friendly, affordable watercraft. (18kg) Aruba 10 Sit in Recreational Kayak The Sun Dolphin® Aruba 10 Sit-In Kayak is great for river and lake trips. Its simplicity, however, makes it ideal for anyone who is on a budget and would like to enjoy nothing more than just tranquil kayaking. These few upgrades are relatively cheap when compared to other kayaks that need a complete overhaul in order to convert them into full-fledged fishing kayaks. Perfect for beginners or intermediate level kayakers. Even though it isn’t intended for whitewater paddling, the recreational Aruba 10 kayak can give its competitors a run for their money. Your email address will not be published. The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 kayak weighs a moderate 40 pounds and is equipped with towing handles on both bow and stern, so one person can handle loading, unloading and launching this model without a great deal of effort. Which this Aruba 10 foot recreational kayak by Sun Dolphin is. The guiding factor should be the maximum weight limit, in which case the 12 foot Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS can carry up to 395 pounds. A list of trusted retailers that carry our products on their online shopping platform. There is no padded seat and would start hurting very fast. The Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS is a single person sit-on-top kayak. It also has a dry storage compartment that allows you to store all the supplies you don’t want to get wet. I've never been in one in my life and I loved it from the minute I got in. As you may be aware, Kayaking can be a pretty expensive sport. You see, finding a good, reasonably priced kayak in a market full of options is never (and has never been) easy. It’s also easy to store and transport. Not only will these supplies make your adventure successful and comfortable, but some of them will also provide for your safety. This kayak does not usually come with a paddle, but some people have gotten one when they ordered the boat. young. The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10' Sit In Kayak, is a great kayak for any water enthusiast. We covered this earlier in the review, but let’s go over it now: There is more than enough storage on the Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS for a day or half day trip. Walmart has been selling Kayaks for a little while now. It is lightweight and features an easy to carry design with an open cockpit for a quick entry and exit. It’s a cool kayak that has so far proven popular with entry-level kayakers. (20kg) Bali 10 SS Sit On Recreational Kayak. However, this particular model has additional features that set it apart from the rest of its competitors. Compared to other sit-on-top kayak brands of the same size, the Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS is among the best when it comes to storage. You could easily place it car top or in the back of a truck. I find this to be the best bonding experience, exercise and relaxation that one can have. Many people have a tendency to drag their kayaks on the ground towards the water. The Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS kayak measures 10 feet in length, 30 inches in width, and weighs 40 pounds. The Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS is an accomplished kayak that can be taken for a ride straight from the dealer, most of the time. The material is UV stabilized so that it doesn’t lose its color from exposure to the sun. I love fishing and was so excited when I caught my first catfish out of Mittry Lake in Yuma,Az. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The 30 inch wide makes it very stable. To aid in easier storage at home, you might want to fit a pair of side mount carry handles to aid in easily lifting your Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS kayak. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This kayak is crafted of a rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex High Density Polyethylene hull and features a deluxe adjustable seat with high back The Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS is quite a versatile kayak that can not only be used for recreational kayaking, but for fishing as well. I am a 64 year old woman weighing almost 200 lbs, The Aruba 8 is advertised to weigh 27 lbs and hold 260 lbs.

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