strymon volante review

Tapping the On switch reverses the loop replay — so if you tap it in overdub mode, you can record over the reversed loop. They would be: the variation in echo patterns made possible by the continuously variable replay head spacing and individual playback and feedback switching; the degree of control over the way the SOS loop degrades over time in Overdub mode; and the finesse of the Volante's editing capabilities. Notable brands to explore are Catalinbread, Dawner, Dunlop, EarthQuaker Devices, Empress, Mr Black, Roland and Wampler. Not too many years ago I was a hardcore tone hound. It's joy to play and joy to listen to. It really blows me away. Published June 2019. Important though all the setting up is, when you're actually playing through the Volante its footswitches really come to the fore. If pedalboard real estate isn’t an issue for you, then ignore this con. Let’s be honest, this pedal costs a “pretty penny” sitting at $399 and to expand it (expression pedal and/or Strymon’s multiswitch) would add an additional $100-200. But comparing these two pedals is not fair. It can be fed with a mono signal and output stereo signal, or fed with a stereo signal and out stereo signal. Providing sonic imperfections, they help dial in one-of-a-kind sounds. The Volante is a delay, boutique modulation, and reverb pedal all in one unit. It's one of those pieces of gear you can play with for hours drooling all over yourself from joy. Cranborne Audio Camden EC2 Preamp & CAST Expanders. LoopCloud - Millions Of Samples & Professional Plugins - All In One I can’t stress enough how amazing the Volante sounds. In addition, it offers a sound-for-sound looper and spring reverb tank emulation with incredible tone-refining controls for a wide palette of sonic colors. The Echorec’s sonic signature comes from the combination of tubes, a rotating steel drum, and multiple playback heads. I try to stay away from complex devices when it comes to music, because they tend to get in the way when it's time to be creative and reduce productivity in general. Review: Strymon Volante part 1 The Italian as well as the Spanish word “Volante“ means wheel or travelling/flying. These two knobs on the Volante add modulation and cool vibe, and they really made the pedal stand out for me. I think, it refers to the magnetic disc of a Binson Echorec, for the Strymon Volante emulates its sounds (as well as further tape echo sounds) in a very special way. Assuming that, like me, you haven't got the budget for a refurbished original Binson Echorec 603-T, WEM 'Super IC' Copicat, Maestro Echoplex EP-3, or Roland RE‑201/501, you'll find a good few emulations around — although none have quite the capabilities of the Strymon Volante. Achieve different types of vintage delays without having to invest thousands of dollars on old technologies. The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. It can be overwhelming especially as you start adding in the midi. Whether it was made for you or not is a question for you to answer. SOS mode is entered and exited by holding down the Tap footswitch. Sound‑on‑sound mode, accessed by holding down the Tap footswitch, is a true loop recorder, with three possible maximum record times depending on the Speed that you're running at (16s at double speed, 32s at normal and 64s at half speed). I am however going to talk about who that pedal is for and why, why I got it after all despite its complexity, how does it compare to my Echorec and how I use it. Incidentally, in SOS mode with no loop recorded, the Infinite, Reverse and Pause functions can all be applied to the echo repeats. Mechanical echo units are just very cool. This pedal has so much going on. It has three multi-function foot switches, nine multi-function knobs, two three-position mini toggle switches and eight multi-function buttons for selecting delay heads and changing the function of other controls on the pedal. It’s not a plug-and-play-with-three-knobs piece of gear. These machines record an incoming audio signal to a short loop of magnetic tape, which is then sent to a playback head before it is erased again by a fresh incoming signal. If you are looking for a wide range of delay characters, and digital or just crystal clear delays are something you use often, get a Strymon Timeline (or comparable) pedal and you'll be happier. So, yes the Volante is not a trivial beast to operate in real time, but only if you want to cover a lot of territory in a one live session. The Volante may be inspired by an Echorec (judging by its color), but it gives you a lot more options and I mean a LOT. If you're as much into magnetic echoes as I am, then the Strymon Volante is an outstanding bargain that you'll want to own. Yes, this pedal can function as a looper with reverse, pause, splice, and infinite repeat functions. The Strymon Volante is a masterpiece. Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, and countless others utilized one or several types of these delays to get their signature sounds. The Sound on Sound looper feature of the Volante is very cool and useful for sound exploration, or just muse feeding. Once in SOS mode, the Tap footswitch's function changes to Splice, with the first press entering loop record and a second press exiting record and automatically starting loop replay in overdub mode. - Bizzare issue with K&H 0300 and Crane S... Help! Sound on Sound with Magnetic Personality. This again disables the virtual record head and continuously replays the currently recorded loop, without any degradation, until the footswitch is again pressed and held. Loop replay is paused and restarted by tapping the Favorite footswitch, and pressing and holding that switch gives you the effect of physically stopping and starting a tape loop mechanically, with the familiar pitch drop as the tape slows to a standstill and then, when released, the pitch rise as the tape comes back up to speed. Start For Free. Despite the fact that there's not a magnet in sight, the Strymon Volante is not only a highly authentic emulation of the three major vintage mechanical echo/delay types, but also adds features and facilities that the early developers could only have dreamt of. So head on down to delaytown; population fun. Sensible monitor upgrade from Mackie Hr824?? I’m a New York City musician who carries my gear everywhere, so pedalboard real estate is extremely important to me. This article will give you some insight to the real question… is the pedal worth the $399 asking price? It really is. I would always prefer one knob per function and as few of them as possible, even if it means less features. Strymon Volante is a stereo multi-head delay that emulates three types of mechanical echo machines including magnetic drum, tape, and studio-quality reel-to-reel. One minute review. It has all the features you will ever need from a tape echo and for that, I think it is fairly priced, at least for those who need all that goodness. Don't forget to check out the demo videos below.

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