stoic personality test

It is for that reason that variation exists in the human population: there is a niche for each personality configuration. You are exceptionally high in assertiveness, which is one aspect of extraversion. Very low levels of neuroticism are associated with markedly decreased concern about mental and physical health, far fewer physician and emergency room visits, and very infrequent absenteeism at work and at school (particularly if accompanied by average or above levels of conscientiousness). People with very low levels of neuroticism almost never focus on the negative elements, anxieties and uncertainties of the past, present and future. True Because of this, higher scores and lower scores need to be explained at the same time. Less agreeable extraverts tend to be self-centered – something that can be made worse if they are also low in conscientiousness. Here is how stoic each personality type is most likely to be. They like everything where it should be—and are happier if it stays where it should be. Women are lower than men in intellect (although not in IQ). I am new to the ‘philosophy of stoicism’. True Those who are liberal, politically, score somewhat higher in compassion than conservatives. This is probably a difference in interest: people high in intellect, compared to openness, are more likely to prefer the sciences to the arts. For men it is 41. This is good when they are knowledgeable, competent and able, but not so good when they aren’t. False, 3. For men it is 44.5. My assessment is cited below: Big Five Aspects Scale - Miguelito de Guzman. Extraversion is a measure of general sensitivity to positive emotions such as hope, joy, anticipation and approach, particularly in social situations. Women are higher in politeness than men. They are respectful and do not want to appear (or to be) pushy. Do people notice you when you are around? Enthusiasm is not strongly associated with political preference, either conservative or liberal. True According to the stoic position, you feel good because the world is right, not that your world is right because you feel good. For men it is 39. False, 5. At least moderate levels of openness tend to be necessary for entrepreneurial success, and prove comparatively useful at the top of hierarchies, even in very conservative occupations such as banking, accounting and law, which need creative people in leadership positions to provide new vision and direction. Openness to experience is a measure of interest in novelty, art, literature, abstract thinking, philosophy as well as sensitivity to aesthetic emotions and beauty. Because people who are high in openness to experience tend to be interested in almost everything, this can make it harder for them to settle on a single path in life, to specialize to a necessary degree, and to create an integrated identity. How do we cope when things don’t go to plan? False, 6. Some people love this about you, but others feel silenced by your demeanor, thus earning the 'that guy' badge. Here are your results: You will see below where you stand in comparison to others in the general population on the major traits and their aspects: Remember that each personality trait and aspect (and your relative position with respect to them) has advantages and disadvantages. Even when actually hurt, frightened, or anxious, they recover easily and quickly. You are being compared to men and women of all ages. False, 7. They are very self-disclosing (particularly if also high in neuroticism) and they warm up rapidly to other people. You are moderately high in compassion, which is one aspect of Agreeableness. the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. You have just completed assessing yourself with 100 phrases. How can we understand our place in the world? Stoics look at the world through a lens that says, "It doesn't matter so much what's out there; what matters is that I stay in a state of serenity and not let things bother me." Conscientiousness is a measure of obligation, attention to detail, hard work, persistence, cleanliness, efficiency and adherence to rules, standards and processes. Moderately polite people will try to avoid conflict, and basically desire to steer clear of confrontations or fights. True They need to have everything in its proper place, and tend to be concerned with detail. They are very proficient at formulating new ideas, and tend strongly to be articulate (particularly if average or above in extraversion). Volatile people tend to get upset if something bad does happen, while people high in withdrawal (the other aspect of neuroticism) tend to be concerned that something bad might happen. They don’t generally keep people at a distance, and are not too concerned with keeping things private. Women are very slightly more conscientious than men. Just took a personality test and it amazed me that I’m not as creative that I thought I was (moderately high)… also I rated high in Conscientiousness, Extraversion and low in Neuroticism which makes good managers… I might not have been great at engineering afterall. If someone breaks a promise and I am resentful, the stoic would say that the anger results from a pretentious Those who are liberal, politically, score somewhat lower in politeness than conservatives (the opposite pattern is seen with compassion). Your score puts you at the 61st percentile for compassion. Neuroticism is a measure of general sensitivity to negative emotions such as pain, sadness, irritable or defensive anger, fear and anxiety. They are typically ill-suited to entry-level, repetitive, rote positions, because they are always thinking up new ways to do things, and such ideas are seldom welcome from someone at the bottom. of stoicism. statements as "true" or as "false. This may lead to feelings of resentment. However, they are very much less well-suited to stable, straightforward and more traditional occupations, where the rules don’t change, and will experience frequent periods of boredom and intolerable levels of frustration in such positions. Your score puts you at the 98th percentile for assertiveness. For men it is 55. People very high in intellect find complex, rapidly changing occupations necessary and will generally excel at them (particularly if they are also high in conscientiousness and low in neuroticism). In consequence, professions such as engineering and trades associated with construction and machinery tend to be dominated by relatively disagreeable men. The mean percentile for women in a general population (women and men) is 45. The things that test us make us who we are. Your score puts you at the 71st percentile for politeness. True You are very high in intellect, which is one aspect of openness to experience. Agreeableness, per se, is not strongly associated with political liberalism or conservatism, but this is because the aspects of agreeableness predict such political belief in opposite ways, and cancel each other out. They’re very good at keeping their head in a storm, and they almost never make mountains out of molehills. True Money. They will seek out cultural events such as movies, concerts, dance recitals, plays, poetry readings, gallery openings and art shows. If you were one of 100 people in a room, you would be more enthusiastic than 75 of them and less enthusiastic than 24 of them. Women are slightly less assertive than men. People with very high levels of extraversion are very enthusiastic, talkative, assertive in social situations, and gregarious. They are unlikely to procrastinate (particularly if they are also below average in neuroticism). However, because they are so other-oriented, they may find it difficult to negotiate on their own behalf, and may not get what they deserve (for their hard work, for example). Your score puts you at the 75th percentile for enthusiasm. It is hard for them to be alone and to study and work. Individuals exceptionally low in volatility are extraordinarily stable and predictable in their moods. This provides strong evidence that biological factors rather than environment and learning account for the dissimilarity. Those who are politically liberal are slightly less extraverted than conservatives. Liberals are higher in aspect compassion, and conservatives in aspect politeness. Disagreeable people, by contrast, appear to prefer systematizing over empathizing, and are more interested in things – machines and technology. It is largest in countries such as Norway and Sweden, where the most has been done to ensure equality of outcome between the sexes. People characterized by the combination of high openness to experience and high neuroticism often undermine their own convictions and beliefs by questioning and making themselves lost and anxious. Orderliness can constrain creativity, however, as creative endeavours often require mess, disruption and intervening periods of chaos, so moderately orderly people who are high in openness to experience may have some trouble letting go enough to indulge in their creativity. Your score puts you at the 57th percentile for openness. People with low levels of withdrawal tend not to feel sad, lonesome, disappointed and grief-stricken – and, if they do, not deeply nor for long. Highly conscientious people are also susceptible to shame, self-disgust and self-contempt. 9. The stoic believes that self-observation is a fundamental mistake and leads to self-doubt and confusion. Liberals tend to be slightly less assertive than conservatives. They are judgemental and easily disgusted by their own moral transgressions, as well as those of others. They feel guilty, rapidly, if they do not do their duty. Even if exceptionally provoked in a dispute, a person of very low volatility will rarely react in kind (particularly if also average or above in agreeableness). The latter is the best predictor of conservative belief, while the former plays an additional determining role. True People high in openness can see old things in new ways. But, I believe, I was practising stoicism even before I stumbled upon the philosophy of it.

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