intex mariner 4 floor dimensions

We purchased the Excursion 4 set with oars and pump from Intex directly as most other sellers had it marked up significantly, or were out of stock. 0000021025 00000 n 0000024749 00000 n 0000009453 00000 n iROCKER Paddleboards Review | Epic Paddleboards or Flop? Thanks to the heavy-duty and highest quality materials used in the making of this craft, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged. Its dimensions are enough to provide a comfortable balance since there is plenty of room to distribute weight. 0000015526 00000 n Handling is also effortless with its inflatable keel and strong floor. Intex Recreation Corp. is dedicated to the safe use of all of its products. 0000008761 00000 n Overall the material and build quality of the boat is just fine, and if treated well and properly stored it will probably last years. – National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) Certified, Multiple valves for quicker inflation and deflation for this boat, Comes with oars and a pump to make you ready to hit the water immediately, Inflatable seating for a more comfortable boating, Comes with convenient storage pouches for batteries and other gear, Lightweight design for easy transport and storage, Multiple holders for fishing poles so you can enjoy actively spending time on the waters, Reinforced with extra layers of PVC giving your inflatable boat extra strength so you can boat worry-free, Inflatable keel offers the stability you’ll want when you’re trying to hook your line, Claims carrying capacity of up to 4 but the design can only hold up to 3, Not great for extreme conditions like strong winds, large waves, or whitewater rafting, Top 10 Best Affordable Paddleboards | 2020 Reviews. This 4-Person Capacity Boat is perfect for a day on the lake, whether you are fishing, camping, or just cruising! 0000001743 00000 n 0000001374 00000 n Although, it really is not a problem with the symmetry since it helps push through the water in a rather straight line. Just by looking at this boat, you will know how Intex placed their priority on innovation while still keeping the company’s goal of safety, value, and comfort. Two inflatable seats with backrests. Intex Mariner 4 ár-összehasonlítás: akciós ajánlatok 113900 Ft-tól! We settled on two people sitting side by side and each using an oar as a paddle, but that was inefficient and we eventually gave up and just floated around, and only used oars to adjust direction, or to spin the boat. Nah. Rowing with your oars is fun until get tired or the strong winds come rushing by. If you're going to do any kind of add ons like a hard floor, or motor, I feel like the extra few hundred dollars to get a nicer boat would be better. The Seahawk™ 4 Boat Set provides added accessories including: two 48 inch aluminum oars and an Intex® high-output pump for easy inflation and deflation. Motor mount fittings are included for the flexibility of adding a trolling motor. And, they are very good at what they do. Another reason that people buy Intex Mariner 4 over the other inflatables is because of its tons of goodies that it comes with. It is also helpful during times when you are stuck in a jam by easily paddling away, from either side you are on. Motor mount fittings. Designed with heavy duty, puncture resistant PVC for comfort and durability, and an inflatable I-beam floor for rigidity, the boat contains three air chambers including an inner auxiliary chamber inside the main hull for extra safety. Specifications Dimensions… Intex has been designing and producing quality inflatable products for over 40 years. Intex places a priority on innovation—which can be clearly seen by the high ratings customers have given the Mariner 4 when compared to other inflatable boats. 2 outer layers of heavy-gauge PVC mesh for added support, Heavy-duty lineally plastic flooring for comfort and firmness, TUV (Technischer Überwachungsverein or Technical Inspection Association) approved, U.S. Coast Guard I.D. A local trucking company (LTL) will be required to deliver this item. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Two 54in aluminum oars. This material is comprised of three separate layers - two outer layers of heavy-gauge PVC laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh for extra reinforcement. 0000015314 00000 n Inflatable floor. %PDF-1.5 %���� It is practical and won’t cost you a cent over what you are wanting to spend. 0000000836 00000 n The Intex Mariner 4 is designed for a more enjoyable time out in the waterless the worries of the inflatable popping at any time it gets in touch with another object. 0000001159 00000 n They have committed to lessening the amount of carbon footprint by working with the experts in reducing the number of fossil fuels used in the manufacturing of their products.

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