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Its almost like having 200lbs of earphones around your head; and that's the "different" effect I would say. We really thank you for going to all the trouble of traveling here and introducing us to some really fine audio reproduction. If you have Ohm speakers definitely try playing some Telarc CDs with special effects as you are really in for a treat! Ask anyone, even Walsh critics, and they will acknowledge the Walsh as THE loudspeaker for imaging (notwithstanding the new Radialstrahlers, which I haven't heard). They are the flagship model in the Ohm line. They do not have the flawless look that is so good it almost looks artificial, but these latest cabinets are a clear step up from some of Ohm’s efforts of the past few years. Even with a 15-year-old receiver, the speakers could now play CD’s even better than the F’s. The current lineup include the top of the line 5000, which is 13" square and 43" tall with a claimed frequency response of 47 Hz to 20 kHz. Nonetheless, when I converted my 60W stero amp to dual 200W monoblock amplification, the improvement in sound quality was dramatic: unrestrained dynamics, open midrange, enlarged soundstage, and bottomless bass. I got the Walsh2's from a girlfriend who was going to sell them for "whatever she could get" at a garage sale because they were "too big for her living room". John Strohbeen, the design engineer, told me that, when its settings are in mid (nominal) position, the Walsh 5 has a 6 ohm minimum impedance---which suggests a benign impedance. The shape of the speaker changed from my beloved pyramid to a more rectangular configuration, but the insides were pure Walsh. Of course, you can always send me an email with your questions as I never tire of discussing audio! The spatial imaging is stunning ! Gunfight at O.K. At 4 ohms and a recommended amp min of 100 watts these will suck the juice right out of the wall socket. You do not see service like that in the industry much these days. The combination of the Walsh 5's and any Mercury Living Presence or Everest Ultraanalog recording is synergistic; it recreates an acoustic so real as to suggest time travel. Heavy-duty terminals are on the back of the cabinet and very easy to access. No audible breakup or distortion that I have been able to evoke---and I like my orchestral blockbusters loud! Modern Walsh speakers use a supertweeter to fill in the very highest frequencies and a tuned port to supplement bass output. The mid and high ranges even more unrestrained and the soundstage increased by a factor of at least two. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | A single pulse travels down the cone, reproducing the entire audio range with one driver. I can best describe their sound as smooth, detailed, and as realistic as can be. Though they cost a good bit more than he had anticipated spending and they were used to listening to a circa 1980 Technics rack system, he quickly agreed, my enthusiasm convincing him and secure in the knowledge he had Ohm’s 120 day home trial to test them out.

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