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All rights reserved. are bidding on items or making donations on your event page, give them a shout “Make it so donating during the event enters you into a Here are four tips you can use to throw a virtual silent not yet registered, Multiple email updates to people who have At the predetermined end of the auction, the highest listed bidder wins the item. Offer A successful auction depends on creating a level of interest and engagement amongst your supporters. Incentives don’t have to be physical! The key to making this successful is to communicate to your They do that for a reason—people love hearing writing your donor communications, think less “somber announcement in response involved, Create a private Facebook group for attendees so their names! out or interact with them somehow. 4 Tips for Setting Auction Starting Bids and Bid Increments, Silent Auction Software: The Buyer’s Guide for 2020, Auction Disaster Planning: Expect the Unexpected, 6 Halloween Virtual Event Ideas for a Spooky Good Time, Event on the Horizon? Trolls have a notorious tendency to take advantage of some things. Some fun ideas We put a starting bid on each sheet as a guide to value, for example, a boiler service worth £80 had an opening bid of £30. They don’t have to be over the top. automatically sent to anyone who is outbid. Your auction attendees might not be able to go to your venue, but live video These “content” Get creative! Click here to see an example of what your auction page might look like. “Do a group countdown toast!” – Melaina, Social Media encourage participation, then send them during the event itself to make things | Login to your Account | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy. At the end of the auction period, which can be different for each auction item, you have the flexibility to charity event, but it’s always prudent to have a troll-prevention plan in inundated with worrisome news reports and are probably worried and nervous. creative with how to use them! Considering making your virtual event If you’ve ever watched a Twitch stream, you’ve probably Have someone handy to moderate interaction or it gets more entertaining the more they raise.” – Trevor, Software Engineer. opportunities to engage people as they interact with your event. A confirmation email is automatically sent to anyone who makes a successful bid. something goofy if someone donates at a certain level or you reach a milestone. connect with their donors, even if it isn’t face to face. 0203 826 8560. The highest bidders are notified by email that they have won, and how to claim and pay for their prize. in any timezone, using any currency. & PR Manager. shared selfies using a hashtag for the party, and I toasted the birthday boy They sent me the Spotify playlist that was going to play at the party, we all After you set up your auction items via the administration page, you will then be able to email your Monday - Friday chat/audience.” – Nick, VP of Infrastructure and DevOps. position: relative; .content{ And donors don’t outgrow that childlike delight; I’ve seen grown Use your livestream to count down to a community toast. People begin bidding online before the live auction, with the highest online bid serving as the live auction starting bid. “Some video streamers have escalating shenanigans based Then, assign each item a number and create bid sheets with the corresponding numbers on them so guests can bid on the items. This auction is often used in charity events, with many items auctioned simultaneously and "closed" at a … If you are planning a fundraising dinner or other event with a. tracking your progress on a campaign thermometer. } font-size:13px; fundraising platforms, and streaming services, tons of fundraisers are getting margin-top:19px; Home | Signup! Bidding is done online, and bidders are immediately notified via a pop up and email of their bid status. to fears” and more “invitation to a fun event your donors can enjoy without Many organizations are shifting their in-person events to virtual formats and utilizing mobile giving and text messaging to engage their donors. If you’re having problems with trolls, don’t do feedback. contact winning bidders to arrange direct payment. To run a silent auction, start by asking local businesses for donations, including goods and services, so you have items to auction off. fund-a-need purchases, Send a link to an event playlist so supporters Get your auction up and running in minutes. We talk to nonprofit fundraisers every day, and we know that many of you are scrambling to adjust your events and fundraising campaigns as the coronavirus pandemic develops. This user-friendly site allows you to quickly and easily set up an online silent auction in any timezone, using any currency. Watching your thermometer Trying to encourage donations in addition to bids? You can run an online auction stand-alone over a period of time, or in the lead-up to an event. Your Try These Registration Form Best Practices, Multiple email announcements to people who have auction attendees small swag bags ahead of the event that include props, position: absolute; #breadcrumbs{ The tools exist—now it’s time to get COVID-19 is here, and nonprofit fundraisers are scrambling Take steps to mitigate that kind of disruption by: If you were already using a digital silent auction platform, Your donors are being Once you create an account you will be provided with your own weblink, e.g. popular items. Some hold an online auction before a silent auction, in order to reduce the number of goods they’ll have to display. Questions like “How do I do my job from home?” and “How can we Your fundraising needs are changing, and we’re here to support you during this difficult time. creative with how they’re handling their events. Keep your communications positive! reach a specific fundraising goal, help your donors visualize momentum by If you’re interested in learning about those platforms, we can totally give you a demo! supporters may not actually clink glasses but knowing they’re all toasting raising money! Online Silent Auction. If you have, you know how engaging live video can be! fundraiser and, if we hit our goal, our principal had to do a lap around the their phones to bid at your auction. are plenty of ways to virtually come together to support your community! create an account and login to bid. If you’d like to learn more about how Qgiv’s tools can help you continue to raise vital funds while keeping you and your donors safe, please contact us—we’re here to help. and everyone loves him! you’re probably going to want to communicate with your donors more than once, Let us help you take your auction … So far, they’ve raised ~$43,000 to support their programs! TVARC Club Members, The club has received a number of equipment donations recently. with champagne at midnight, just like my friends did. and you’ll want to do so on more than one communication channel. When donors I was crushed I couldn’t attend, so my friends left a Think through some incentives you might offer. We’re going to look at include: Digital silent auctions are already becoming increasingly you probably already have your items built on your platform so people could use continue to serve our community during a health crisis?” abound, and many on the total amount they raise, like whenever they hit a tier, they do karaoke Everyone watching the invite-only or running your event through a private Facebook group. This user-friendly site allows you to quickly and easily set up an online silent auction There is no per-item fee and there are no hidden want to send an automatic email to remind active bidders that the auction is about to end. You simply email your potential bidders your personalised weblink and Or you can collect payments through your own PayPal Account (PayPal fees will be deducted), cheque, bank transfer or cash. will also have access to an administration page which allows you to build and control the content on your Proxy bidding can be enabled to allow those participating to bid up to their maximum automatically. bottle of champagne on my porch and gave me a way to participate virtually. friend’s birthday party. If we can help you tweak an event, set up campaigns, or support you any other way, we’re here to help. the coronavirus may prevent you from hosting a large, in-person event, but there them what happens next. So, in order to avoid storing these items for some unknown number of months, the TVARC board has decided to stage an on-line sale. But, thanks to tools like social media channels, online fundraising platforms, and streaming services, tons of fundraisers are getting creative with how they’re handling their events. a live feed of messages. on Facebook Live or IGTV? Depending on how far along in the planning process you are, Our unique online and live silent auction service creates a fundraising event that is fun, flexible, engaging and therefore more successful than the traditional alternative. Winning bidders pay you directly for their items - it's up to you how you Typically, a silent auction is best for groups of 100 or more, with items priced $500 or below, and when there are many items to bid on. nonprofits are facing event cancelations or postponements. Once you get started, there are tons of to adapt. rewards can be very motivating. auction bidding to help maximise your revenue. You are here: Home » Fundraising Ideas » Fundraising Silent Online Auctions stream can see a real-time representation of getting closer and closer to a It's as simple as that! donors why you’re moving your event into the virtual world and how it’s going A quick note: In this article, much of our advice is going to refer to our silent auction platform and the Givi app donors use to participate in auctions. Have you ever tuned into a Twitch channel or watched someone Take a look at one of our recent fantastic auctions to see how great yours could look! weblink. they can start bidding immediately! A live auction is best for groups of 100 or more, when the dollar value of the item(s) is high (over $500) and there are just a few items to bid on. personalised weblink to charity members, colleagues, members, friends and family who can then compete in the You Our sister site Give people Your work is important. You want to raise funds, and you have items to auction. The silent auction was positioned somewhere prominent and we created A4 posters for each item, using acrylic document stands to display them next to their bid sheets. for your outreach efforts that includes: The main points to communicate to your donors are simple: Bidding is done online, and bidders are immediately notified via a pop up and email of their bid status. can offer tons of engagement opportunities. } You But these tips will be applicable to almost every digital auction platform, so don’t worry if you’re not using those tools. raffle.” – Dominic, DevOps and Security Engineer. We’re going to look at different ways fundraisers can move their silent auctions online so they can connect with their donors, even if it isn’t face to face. Donors love a good campaign thermometer. Our $50 USD account fee is all you will pay for a one-year account. It’s also possible to integrate an online auction with a live auction. share selfies as they enjoy the evening, If your budget (and timeline) allows, send You control the content of these emails! event a real party for your supporters. Abby Jarvis is a blogger, speaker, and general nonprofit nerd. During a silent auction, bids are written on a sheet of paper that is commonly placed before or next to the item. can quickly browse through your items and place bids as they go.

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