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Copyrights © 2020 Business Standard Private Ltd. All rights reserved. Statutes were initially issued in the Ruthenian language alone and later also in Polish. Its National Olympic Committee has been headed by President Lukashenko since 1997. It was published in Prague and Vilnius sometime between 1517 and 1525, making it the first book printed in Belarus or anywhere in Eastern Europe. [106], In 2019, Lukashenko had bilateral talks in Sochi with Russian president Vladimir Putin and declared that their two countries "could unite tomorrow, no problem. Tsikhanouskaya, who moved to Lithuania after the election under pressure from Belarusian authorities, put forward an ultimatum to Lukashenko: announce his resignation by Oct. 25 or face a nationwide strike. President Vladimir Putin has pledged to send in special Russian riot troops if necessary, and granted Lukashenko a loan, while Russian state TV specialists have flown in to help keep state TV functioning. Beltelecom is the only operator licensed to provide commercial VoIP services in Belarus. Republic of Belarus Full name: The Republic of Belarus Government type: presidential republic President: Aleksandr Lukashenko Capital: Minsk (2 million 20,6 thousand) Population: 9 million 408,4 thousand Major languages: Belarusian, Russian Monetary unit: Belarusian ruble (Br) An archive photo. [185], Belarus has not expressed a desire to join NATO but has participated in the Individual Partnership Program since 1997,[186] and Belarus provides refueling and airspace support for the ISAF mission in Afghanistan. On the ground in Belarus, Russia leases two military sites: a strategic ballistic missile defense site operated by Russian Aerospace Forces in Hantsavichy and the global communications facility for the Russian navy in Vileyka. Some 1,000 Russian airborne assault forces mounted mock air assaults and strategic bombing missions involving six Russian Tu-22 long-range bombers. MINSK, 30 October (BelTA) – Protest actions in Belarus have become more radical. At first, a policy of "Belarusianization" was followed in the newly formed Byelorussian SSR. [165] On 27 May 2008, Belarusian President Lukashenko said that he had named Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin the "prime minister" of the Russia-Belarus alliance. On October 25, 2019 Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the security situation on Russia's western flank "remains tense," asserting "NATO continues to increase its combat potential and military activity in Europe. A basis for the opposition's claim of a rigged election is the official results showed Tsikhanouskaya receiving 10% of the vote to Lukashenko's 80%. TV footage released by Belarusian state showed Sergei Naryshkin, the head of Russia’s SVR, smiling broadly as Lukashenko told him the two countries were facing a difficult situation and had few international allies. (ed. [110][111][112] Mass protests erupted across the country following the disputed 2020 Belarusian presidential election,[113] in which Lukashenko sought a sixth term in office. [130] The United Nations and other agencies have aimed to reduce the level of radiation in affected areas, especially through the use of caesium binders and rapeseed cultivation, which are meant to decrease soil levels of caesium-137. Belarus is included in the European Union's European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) which aims at bringing the EU and its neighbours closer in economic and geopolitical terms. [199] In 2005, GDP increased by 9.9%; the inflation rate averaged 9.5%.[199]. Many observers see parallels between Lukashenka and former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who was pushed from power after the Maidan protests in late 2013 and early 2014. It allowed the right to own land within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to only its own families. [1] The next largest ethnic groups are: Russians (8.3%), Poles (3.1%), and Ukrainians (1.7%). "Popular scenarios for Russian military adventures such as a move on the Suwalki gap -- the strip of Polish-Lithuanian border separating the exclave of Kaliningrad from the rest of Russia -- would no longer be several geopolitical steps away." [215] On 1 June 2011, Belarus requested an economic rescue package from the International Monetary Fund. The United States and the European Union have rejected the August election as neither free nor fair and introduced sanctions against top Belarusian officials accused of vote manipulation and a crackdown on peaceful protesters. The number of people employed in industry is 32.7% of the working population. Support quality journalism and subscribe to Business Standard. Its population is also aging; the median age of 30–34 is estimated to rise to between 60 and 64 in 2050. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova criticized the EU’s move and said “the Belarusian retaliatory sanctions list, coming into effect today, will automatically be used by Russia.” She said this move was in line with obligations under the union agreement between Belarus and Russia. This led to a proposal that the Belarusian ruble be discontinued in favor of the Russian ruble (RUB), starting as early as 1 January 2008. In addition, remains from the Dnieper-Donets culture were found in Belarus and parts of Ukraine. It has already had two smaller facilities: a radar and a naval communications transmitter. In June 2019, the two countries agreed to allow 1,000 more rotating U.S. troops. [120][121], The European Union and the United States recently imposed sanctions against Belarus because of the rigged election and political oppression during to the ongoing protests in the country. There is no doubt that Lukashenko is a dictator. In 2015, Putin pushed the deal for the base for Russian Su-27 fighter jets, only to have Lukashenka balk in what Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov later described in September 2019 as an "unpleasant episode.". "About the Origins of the Names of White and Black Ruthenia"), Язэп Юхо (Joseph Juho), 1956. Naryshkin told reporters after the talks that the two men had discussed closer military, economic and espionage ties between the two countries, which are already loosely united in a union state. More drills -- Unbreakable Brotherhood-2020 -- are planned for Belarus between October 12-16 under the CSTO umbrella, with troops from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, as well as Belarus and Russia due to participate. The European Parliament on Thursday awarded its annual human rights prize, named after Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov, to the Belarusian opposition in a show of support for those protesting against Lukashenko’s rule. The outside influence is quite obvious. “Indeed, we have information that efforts to destabilize the situation in Belarus were controlled, including from the territory of Ukraine,” Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Oleg Syromolotov told RIA Novosti in an interview. [136] Western countries have described Belarus under Lukashenko as a dictatorship; the government has accused the same Western powers of trying to oust Lukashenko. The unemployment rate has been in decline since 2003, and the overall rate of employment is the highest since statistics were first compiled in 1995. Topics [161][162] Similar regulations were introduced for the forestry industry in 2012.[163]. [246] One ornamental pattern common in early dresses currently decorates the hoist of the Belarusian national flag, adopted in a disputed referendum in 1995. Andrei Arlovski, who was born in Babruysk, Byelorussian SSR, is a current UFC fighter and the former UFC heavyweight champion of the world. Modern Ukrainian lands used it until 1860s.

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