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“After millions of visitors and countless stories of what Roy and Dale have meant to you, the Board of Directors have voted to close the museum at the end of 2009.”, “This has not been an easy decision. All rights reserved. Artist Nudie Cohn, Rogers’ tailor, outfitted the car with silver dollars, chrome-plated pistols, horseshoes, miniature horses and rifles, many of which were functional parts of the car such as door handles, switches and controls. However, in 1976 they moved the museum and its occupants to Victorville in California. Meanwhile, RFD-TV owner Patrick Gottsch talked to the Associated Press about what the company planned to do with its purchases. Dad’s fans are getting older and concerned about their retirement funds. Roy Rogers (born Leonard Franklin Slye, November 5, 1911 – July 6, 1998) was an American singer, actor, and television host.He was one of the most popular Western stars of his era. The Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum was a museum in Branson, Missouri, focused on the careers of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, stars of radio, film and television. And it shows you love ’em.”. Rogers and Evans would surely have approved. The taxidermied remains of Bullet the Wonder Dog were likewise kept on display at the museum – and the same went for the remains of Evans’ horse Buttermilk. You see, after the death of Evans, the I.R.S. And as a sentimental nod to their first meeting, the couple tied the knot at the ranch where the movie Home in Oklahoma had been filmed. Most items sold for well above expected prices and all present joined in a mirthful rendition of “Happy Trails” once the auction was ended. Debbie, an orphan of the Korean War taken in by Rogers and Evans, lost her life at the age of 12 in a bus accident. Evans actually already had a child from another marriage; but while working as an actress, she had to hide the fact that she was an unmarried mother. In 1987 his son Roy Rogers Jr., a.k.a. However, the union didn’t last, and in 1936 the pair got divorced. Even though his legs ached and he would have been more at ease in sneakers, he always pulled on his pointy boots with the high heels.”. That same year, though, Rogers married Grace Arline Wilkins – also later adopting a child with her. Unfortunately, though, things didn’t work out. And Dusty’s mother and father joined in with their own thoughts as well. Specifically, the channel was getting set to show Roy Rogers movies – introduced by Rogers Jr. and with the forms of Trigger and Bullet in the background. Copyright © 2019 Pub Ocean – All Rights Reserved. Luckily, though, the pair made up in the end. All charitable donations are paid by to benefiting organizations as a grant. But the museum dedicated to the star was, unfortunately, less popular in the end. What’s more, despite the sad fact of the Roy Rogers Museum having to close, the auction was apparently a happy occasion. The first Roy Rogers Museum was opened in California, followed by the more permanent location in Branson, Missouri. Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer were also Rocky Mountaineers at the start of their careers. But keeping the animal relics in good condition was no easy feat; they had to be brushed regularly and have their glass eyes cleaned, for one. Crucial to Rogers’ success was the presence of Trigger, his horse sidekick. Rogers and Evans went down the aisle on New Year’s Eve, 1947. Rogers and Evans later adopted and raised a further four youngsters, too. Once upon a time, the Roy Rogers Museum in Victorville pulled in over 200,000 visitors a year – yet now it’s gone for good. [2] Two prized and unique possessions of the museum were Trigger, Rogers' horse, and Bullet, Rogers' dog, in taxidermy. “The goal is to introduce Roy Rogers to a whole new generation of kids,” Gottsch explained. Then, in 1951, came The Roy Rogers Show, which starred Rogers and Evans along with their animals – Trigger and Bullet the Wonder Dog. A lot of factors have made our decision for us.”, Rogers Jr. also went into the reasons for the closure. It has been a wonderful ride,” he wrote. The museum dates back to 1957 and for decades served as the premiere stop on the trail for true Roy Rogers fans. Away from performing, Rogers was married a few times during the height of his career. He made various cameo appearances in other TV shows, including Wonder Woman and The Muppet Show. At 19 years of age, on the advice of his sister Mary, Rogers did a tryout with the Midnight Frolic radio show. It’s almost unbelievable. In the end, the preserved horse was snapped up by the cable network RFD-TV, as was Bullet the Wonder Dog. Rogers would often visit the museum and converse with visitors,” the piece read. Gottsch had also received an outpouring of gratitude from Roy Rogers fans who’d feared for the fate of the preserved horse after the museum had closed. Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum (Gone) Branson, Missouri For any reader younger than retirement age, there probably isn't much passion for Roy Rogers. Everyone is concerned about their future in this present economy,” he said. However, in 2003 it moved from its original home in Victorville, CA, to a new spot in Branson, Missouri. Other famous Roy Rogers-associated items sold for high prices as well. In fact, 20th Century Fox told people at the time that the child, Tommy, was actually her younger brother. The Roy Rogers Ranch. The show ran on and off through the 1950s, making Rogers’ name and appearance fresh in the minds of many a child. Then came to the next step: auctioning off the collection. Following the death of Rogers and Evans the museum moved in 2003 to Branson, Missouri. That deal meant that, in addition to the continual stream of fans from his films, Rogers also was able to use his own cowboy image, as well Dale’s, to sell everything from toy pistols to lunchboxes to hats and beyond. First, he took vows with Lucile Ascolese, a fan of his, in 1933. The museum then stood as a tribute to Rogers and Evans for a few years afterwards. “He continued to wear his white Stetson, his gabardine shirts and his silver-and-leather belts. As a youngster, the future star learned to ride on the family horse and was taught square dancing and yodeling. And thanks to Rogers buying the rights to his own likeness in 1940, he grew to be rich. Rogers Jr. also talked about what his father would have wanted him to do. And these skills would serve him well when he was discovered by the entertainment industry. Yes, it seems that Rogers didn’t want his son to follow in his own footsteps – and instead told him to get a “good job.” “I got mad and left town with friends,” Dusty reminisced to People. Rogers’ third wife was Dale Evans, his co-star in the movie Home in Oklahoma. Well, the answer is simple: Roy Rogers had instructed his son to do so years before. [3] The Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum first moved within California in 1976 from Apple Valley to Victorville, where it stood for 27 years. Evans eventually wrote a book, titled Angel Unaware, in the child’s honor. Roy Rogers spent a lifetime being the cowboy celebrity that we remember him as today. ©2020 Great Life Publishing and GreaterGood. By the time of his death, Rogers had a whopping 15 grandchildren together with 33 great-grandchildren plus his wife and six surviving children. Evans, too, became a household name, appearing in almost 30 of her husband’s movies. “You, the fans, and our Board of Directors are the ones who have kept our family museum going for over 42 years. For one thing, she was the writer behind the famous Roy Rogers theme song “Happy Trails to You,” having composed the lyrics just 40 minutes before his show went on air. Roy Rogers was born with the given name Leonard Slye in 1911 – less than 20 years before the Great Depression took hold. And the show was popular enough to run for six seasons and 100 episodes before coming to an end in June 1957. Rogers also made it into the Country Music Hall of Fame twice – once as a member of Sons of the Pioneers and another time as a solo artist. According to Rogers and people close to him, Trigger was incredibly clever and quick to learn. The museum dates back to 1957 and for decades served as the premiere stop on the trail for true Roy Rogers fans. Such an unusual and personal collection appealed to Roy Rogers’ fans, despite being controversial. Yet although Rogers’ business deals were important, his relationships with his children were also seemingly at the forefront of his concerns. There was too much competition from other tourist attractions, and the nostalgia factor just wasn’t in Branson the way that it had been in Apple Valley. The children were Roy Rogers Jr., Linda Lou Johnson, Dodie Sailors, Cheryl Barnett, Tom Fox and Marion Swift. In 2010 Christie’s auction house held an auction of 338 of the Roy Rogers Collection. 14433 Roy Rogers Ranch Road, Oro Grande CA 92368. But he said to his kids: “If the museum starts costing you money, then liquidate everything and move on.” So after a couple of years of decreasing profit and fewer visitors each year, the decision was made to close up shop in 2009. The first Roy Rogers Museum was opened in California, followed by the more permanent location in Branson, Missouri. One the one hand, the family was sad to see the huge and sentimental collection split up. The Roy Rogers Museum has closed its doors forever. And after later purchasing the animal, the actor changed his name to Trigger because of his speed and intelligence. [4] Struggling financially during a down-turn economy, the remaining family decided to close its doors on December 12, 2009. Inside the museum was a plethora of artifacts from Rogers’ career: flashy plastic saddles, leather cowboy boots in wild designs, and even the taxidermy animals he had once worked with. “Second, with our high fiscal obligations, we cannot continue to accumulate debt to keep the doors open.”. As a result of losing their daughter, Evans and Rogers began working to change the public perception of disability. The New York Times mentioned the museum in its obituary for Rogers, too.

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