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Definitely a class to look forward to. She helps everyone along the way. (See Thematic Courses for more information.) The final paper for this class was really fun to write! Student at Queens College- Vice President of SEEK Generation Leader at Queens College Max Papadantonakis PhD Candidate at The Graduate Center, City University of New York Dr. Rogers’ research interests have included: the genesis, institutional framework, implementation, and social contexts of social policy, welfare policy, faith-based policy initiatives, the role of religion in primary elections, flaws and techniques in quantitative and qualitative sociological research methods, and the adaptation of business models in the nonprofit sector. Professor Rogers is the kind of teacher I hope to be one day. Learned a lot of skills on research, public speaking, and writing. She asks thought provoking questions which help to understand sociological concepts, & this tactic is genius. She cares about her students' work and wants them to leave the class with more than just a grade. She will make sure you understand the lecture before moving on and encourages students to ask questions. She wants her students' work to matter and extend beyond the classroom, which is refreshing! Show up to class and you'll do fine. Professor Rogers is one of the best professors at QC! In the fall of 2019, she provided an exciting class. (1993) and Ph.D. (1998) from the University of Pennsylvania. I enjoyed that the class touched upon taboo topics that are a little uncomfortable at times but worth knowing more about. Legal & Trademarks | Privacy She is such an amazing professor! The links on the right … She is charging $99 a head for guests to chow down on food and booze she hoped to enjoy on her wedding day - and turn over the proceeds to the … She really cares about the students and how well they do. Upon acceptance to the HSS program, you must submit a minor concentration form describing what you plan to study and what courses you will take to fulfill the honors requirements. Great Professor. You won't regret it. She teaches you how to speak in front of people & it's a fun class. Professor Rogers is a fun teacher. If you dont manage to do well in her course, it really is your own fault because she is incredibly caring and genuinely wants her students to do well. Copyright You interview people & look info up for the topic you choose. Just read the articles she requires and do the work and you'll have no problem. Queens, NY 11367-1597 | She gave us terms that I wish my 101 class gave and it really helped in terms of understanding sociology as a whole. The lectures are really intriguing and you really learn so much from taking this course. It is worth it and would highly recommend anyone to take her course! she is accessible outside of class and is an amazing person. She is great! Professor Rogers explains sociological concepts in lecture well, but if you do not read the textbook, you surely won't pass. Always answers emails and available to help even when it's not during office hours. She assigned 3 papers, but each paper was your thoughts and reforms to scenarios and situations we have learned in class. I had some personal issues come up this semester and she was very understanding and made it possible for me to finish. Prof. Holly Rogers is a real gem. Prof. Rogers is such a caring professor, and she gives great professional advice. Her class is straightforward: weekly textbook readings, sometimes response papers, and group project work. She is caring and compassionate. Love her! Definitely one of my best college classes so far. © Regents of the University of Colorado Prof Rogers is the best professor in queens college. Phone: (718) 997-5000 Search CU-Boulder, Queens College, City University of New York, Review of Measuring and Understanding Education Advocacy, CERU Annual Report: Schoolhouse Commercialism. She really cares about the students and how well they do. She is the author of The Welfare Experiments: Politics and Policy Evaluation (Stanford University Press, 2004) in addition to numerous articles on politics and social policy. Building networks … TAKE THIS PROFESSOR IF YOU CAN!!! EASY A. Students who graduate with Honors in the Social Sciences leave Queens College with a comprehensive understanding of the world and their impact on the issues that matter to … Welcome to the Writing in Sociology page at Queens College!On this page you'll find an in-depth guide to writing a research essay in Sociology. She cares about your opinions and always there to guide you on your individual/group projects. You will learn a lot in any course she teaches. Helpful when you take the initiative to ask for guidance. She is extremely kind and wants her students to learn and be engaged in the lesson. Queens College, CUNY | Music, The Summit at QC: Visit our Residence Hall Web Site. Robin Rogers is an associate professor of sociology at Queens College and the Graduate Center at the City University of New York (CUNY). MHC students take her. You write some short response papers & do a research project. Robin Rogers is an associate professor of sociology at Queens College and the Graduate Center at the City University of New York (CUNY). 65-30 Kissena Blvd. I use the info i learn outside of the classroom. She clearly cares about her students. I loved everyone had an opportunity to speak their thoughts and build conversations around them. The final is half take home. It is fun to take her classes. Only one easy midterm (she gives you the essay questions before hard) There is multiple choice qs but they're pretty straightforward if you did the hw nd attend the review session. The assigned text was very good, giving various views and opinions on the topics. Rogers has served as a Congressional Fellow on Women and Public Policy, a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Scholar at Yale University, and a visiting fellow at Princeton University. Be prepared to read before coming to class so that you understand the material discussed. student, I would definitely attend her class and observe her teaching. ITS EXTREMELY INTERESTING!!!! She is a recipient of the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. She's super nice! The class is easy if you put some effort in. She is such an amazing professor! discussion class!! Makes sure to clarify and go over all assignments every class. As compared to what I heard from peers taking the other HNRS4 professors, Rogers is by far the best. I learned so much about collaborating with my peers in a meaningful way, and I will never forget her class. No tests, no formal papers. She wants her students to get out into the world and experience conducting research. Won't regret it. Class discussions are a chance for all students to give their bit on the subjects at hand. 110% recommend!!!!! She is engaging and open to hear your thoughts. Overall great course and professor. Truly caring and respectable. If I was a PhD. She is very understanding and wants her students to care about the issues facing NYC. Easy-going. Power in K–12 education is rapidly moving from local school boards and government to extraordinarily wealthy private philanthropists. I would definitely take her again. She makes the course interesting and exciting. If you have the chance to take her I would say go for it and don't miss the opportunity. She's approachable and cares about her students. 2004-, Center for Career Engagement and Internships, Office of Compliance and Diversity Programs, Classical, Middle Eastern & Asian Languages & Cultures, Honors in Mathematical & Natural Sciences, Center for Academic and Communication Skills, Center for Preparatory Studies in Macaulay students have to take this class & I recommend you take Prof. Rogers. As a Congressional Fellow on Women and Public Policy in … Lots of reading and mandatory attendance, but lively class environment. As long as you do the work, show up, and participate, you will do great in the class . Take this professor. Professor Rogers is a lovely professor. She is currently at work on a new book about the burgeoning role of billionaire philanthropy in shaping public policy. Take her class. She really goes the extra mile to make sure that you have the support that you need. Prof. Rogers is a great professor. Very sweet and helpful. The class was enjoyable, and there wasn't a great deal of work. She focuses on the well being of her students more than anything. | She also doesn't give to much work and leaves lots of time for discussions in class which is nice. I wish I had more professors like her. Would take again! Professor Robin Rogers received an M.A. The lectures are really intriguing and you really learn so much from taking this course. She can always be reached outside of class by email. I could not recommend her enough! If you're shy this class is still for you! I really liked taking Rogers this semester. She is the author of The Welfare Experiments: Politics and Policy Evaluation She is amazing. © She can be best described as caring. You do a research project throughout the semester and about ten response papers. Lots of reading for class but interesting and informative!

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