required falconry equipment

Cart. Western Sporting Sheridan, Wyoming, USA 1-307-672-0445 1-888-FLY-HAWK Fax: 1-307-672-5573, Copyright © 2020 Western Sporting | Home | Site Map | Website by Silas Creative. Account. These are two examples of swivel setups: the first is the type my sponsor uses, which is a fishing swivel with a locking hook on one end that goes through the holes on the jesses. I then took some astroturf my sponsor had and cut out a small piece and tacked it onto the top of the 2″x8″. Many falconers like to put long slits in the end of each jess, but my sponsor prefers to use a small hole because it prevents tearing. New to Falconry? Create a free website or blog at The whole thing then got bolted into the table in the mews, just in case. ( Log Out /  The equipment required by the New York State DEC prior to inspection includes: Most of this equipment is easy to make or easy to purchase. This leash is about 44 inches long and is made of braided bungee material, so that it gives if the bird tries to fly away and it won’t injure itself by jerking on the leash. In the 19 years that he has had his Goshawk, he has never had to cope it because he provides it with a rough surface to do the coping itself. I also bought a welded ring with an anchor and bolted that into the 2″x8″. Rapid delivery of quality gear from across the pond.”, Incredible customer service! He got a leg injury so was not able to complete the season. The delivery was quick and the quality was great. I built this perch myself, and it was actually fairly easy to do. The second is a swivel that i made, modeled after an example I found in a falconry handbook. One swivel appropriate for the raptor species, One bath container larger than the raptor. But my order from Mike’s was the complete opposite! Items can be added or deleted so you have everything you need rather than buy items you don’t. A vast selection of best quality falconry equipment and falconry telemetry equipment are available at affordable prices. It also contained kit you cannot easily… Read more “Wow! to your cart. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. It’s hard sometimes to get good falconry kit, and delivery can be slow. He noticed that most of my gear was for larger hawks but I had also added grommets that were appropriate for much smaller birds. This is a leash that my sponsor had as an extra and gave to me to use. One of the most important parts of falconry is equipment. The scale is definitely the piece of equipment I rely on most on a day-to-day basis and without it, all my training is useless. I ordered it from Northwoods Falconry; it wasn’t super cheap but it certainly wasn’t expensive as far as scales go and the perch feature is very helpful. In addition, he took a piece of rough garden hose, split it open, and ran it around the edge of the bathpan. Change ), Birds-Eye View: Apprentice Falconry on Long Island.

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