regulated power supply pdf

endobj 92 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 420.96 595.32] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> endstream endobj 149 0 obj <> endobj 150 0 obj <> endobj 151 0 obj <>stream Often more than one dc voltage is required for the operation of electronic circuits. �B��.Q�v�H����� ���0����G�ڸ$%���Ԥ���;���j��A\z�� �IUt$#qM��Q!�+D�� �Kp���7���&2������'��`j`�B�̸V(Sύ�TqXk�}z\qw�|�����9wi�ɷ�8vbj\�m��zJѵ}���k)�T)E�R��R����S�]KѧJ)���O�Rt-E�*��ϧ��'5ϵ=��@��ڭ� ] q���@B\ !.�H�$�� q���@B\ �|�nn�{Ŧ�a�l�H��5-I&�^jS��1wGS�vi}���������D��c�a"œ�Ć\KD=\�ɻ��6�r� �B�P( endstream Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. <> The DC power supply is practically converted to each and every stage in an electronic system. The output from an ordinary power supply is fed to the voltage regulating device that provides the final output. 92 0 obj 98 0 obj E���.\����W&8q濽E(��� ���-t�/4�1�R���q�������UL��`���L�i\��z�S���:)D�27B6���M�z��}։�̂Nr��Ʃ�r\�N� -�蒬;u�:\zF��Ҹ f������}�IR����p[1p�B�2�#$�A��t}�&�j�0'� A(�vLg��{��G����˰Лh�+��`M �e�K3����3�.���x>��}�V�夫����Q �e� �����FUF��9��M�\�ѯڂZ��iC&K��D�Ӿ7ݛyn��� '������R�O���qU�Z����@8.W>H=�:�� �B����x>�"Fά�*Sp~nS9�ÉT�q���{��^��l���B"�����{�*$ }�JrS��疩�G�̽���YZ3t�k���W��u�ԏ�KMΰ��~L\9l��Op�����Ԅ4Hp���ٿ4"8�C�W�9#��!q�{�E�6Π~H\��Wu�fP?".i�B/�3��;�`�h�C���h��\͡~@\�q�����ĕW����W}۾���,��Ź9! it is very very very helpful and sooooooooooo thanks 2. All low power system can be run with a battery. %PDF-1.5 Our webiste has thousands of circuits, projects and other information you that will find interesting. x��Zmo�F�n�����i��/4�)����rJ���ۓκ���F�����WU���L�pQ�54MuuU�SO�}���ᇏ��������������{n����|}�A�)��=� T�Ё�^�__=�������� �0+��뫏c� �� ���J��S��ݿ^_�Ai��JL¿�J��E4)�x~��������/���~��|��/�������w���/���@�^)y ��ael�X�xo�����ن{�'��J[�p\�|��[t��dA��)9��r�����Ce.h�k �P����ZH=V㓷��:��u٥�9�q�YI?ޕiu��>=�~ѮT����gʼn�v�cQ��o�n�v!t!�u��U���]m离�~M�"KKX�|�j���@��� endobj After you run your search, you’ll find the PPC ads endobj 85 0 obj <> endobj As the name implies the FWR rectifies both half’s of the AC input. 101 0 obj �B�P( 89 0 obj Thus,a voltage regulator attenuates the ripple that comes in with the unregulated input voltage. pls upload the dual viltage supply and about it plzzzzzzzz, I am a new student of elestrical,therefore now i cannot give you any reply. I can’t find a regulating section in regulated power supply block-diagram. The output voltage changes by a great value due to the huge change in the current drawn from the supply. 89 0 obj �B��W�*K��x�������V The stability and ripple factor of the power supply are suitable. 111 0 obj When the load varies, the output does not appear constant. Vfull-load refers to the  Load voltage at full load.

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