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Jamie. Infact so much so I want to know what we intend to do about the injustice that is evident in their testing centers. I have made numerous calls and I get hung up on after 15 minutes of hold time. We will only use your details to provide what you requested from us. Regrettably, psi has the contract for many states to administer state exams — real estate, auditor, contractors, etc. 40219 Düsseldorf, Germany, Ayazma Deresi Caddesi Saral İş Merkezi No: 5/A Fulya, Dirk Schmellekamp Export as vCard (*.vcf), Nadine Grotendorst Export as vCard (*.vcf), Sevinc Abdullayeva Export as vCard (*.vcf), Reed Exhibitions - International Sales Group, GPE Gestió i Publicitat d'Exposicions S.L, Reed Exhibitions UK - International Sales Group. They are milking candidates of their hard earned dollars and completely ignore you when you try and call them on it. Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH Should it be better mis-managed? All rights reserved. @Kathy084 My name is Mike and im going to start a petition against psi im an electrician and ive been doing this work 25 yrs and my family is the ones i learn and worked for i do everything to code and never fail at inspections. @Dave Not only did this happen to him, but also with our friend that was taking his Journeyman's exam too!! When I called customer service what they said was that they are He came back on and apologized. thank you to take down psi so i know what your emailing me for I've called over ten times to reschedule my test, each time I was on hold for over 40 minutes, then the call disconnects. I got a letter back stating the fee was $213! I took exam for my real estate license in Savannah, GA on June 2, 2020. Völklinger Straße 4 While taking the exam each time he went back and studied even harder and contemplated on what he might be missing. They won't let me take the test, how I know that it was my fault that I didn't get there on time. So now I'm trying to speak with the higher powers. I am possibly thinking of also starting a donation fund to a new company that will offer all testing at a reasonable price and in a better facility. I showed them my marriage certificate and current ID and they told they do not verify that at that location they referred me to their customer service line who asked me to send documents by fax, after 3 weeks of waiting on them to update my last name they asked to re pay the fee to take my test I told them that I did not receive any service for the fee already paid why do I have to re pay? 4) I even asked him, ok if I was outside 30min early in front of a building and a car hit me and after the police came I was 30min late your saying I can take the test. It is called Estheticians and Cosmetologists against PSI Exams. Anyone in this board that wants to bring about a petition so they can change their policies and also refund us our money let me know and I will start it! Just drop us a line and ask for anything with which you think we could I am really frustrated. Ready to start a conversation? They were also told that the State portion of the test would be tested on 74 questions. I never heard anything about it again.Now I was going to the test again, an have seen this site and had to write this note. I have taken the test more than once and failed. You nailed it "I see it as a way for PSI to make money". ( In Texas, the nearest test center is in Houston, which is a 2 hr. He had several material to help prepare for the exam and took a course to help prepare him as well. These two ladies that worked there freaked out at me and told me I'd have to leave because I was sick. I like to know if some one else had this happened to them . Pffffff. It was a cold testing process. You know, just browsing through everyones comments has gotten me a little skeptical on what actually happened to my information. On interest on their phone system, they force you to enter a push botton code — what about people with rotaries phone or handicapped-equipped phones. Just wanted to say Thank you to the PSI Team and especially David for their outstanding customer service. Customer Service Center . F: 570.929.1845, 16461 Elliott Parkway [protected] I didn't see the test as a means for the person testing to better them selves but as a means for PSI to make money. (This was also discussed in the waiting room between all the models for the test candidates after thier portion of the test was done and they all had to wait for us to finish) While we were doing our test the examiners were huddled up together laughing at certain women while they were taking thier test!!

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