pearly shells hawaiian song

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The movie, a comedy starring among others the Western actor, John Wayne, was set in French Polynesia but filmed in Hawai’i. In the 1970s, C&H Sugar used the melody for their jingle, Burl Ives Sings Pearly Shells and Other Favorites, "MUK - "Pearly Shells" - St Kilda Promenade opening". (For example, take the “Hawaiian Wedding Song” – the original Hawaiian having nothing to do with marriage.) Edwards was both a World War II news correspondent and a Hawaiian radio personality. At least its composers retained 100% of the original melodic and harmonic structure (which was composed by a Hawaiian, Charles E. King), and the song that began as a love song in the original Hawaiian at least ended up a love song in English. Source: Na Mele `O Hawai`i Nei by Elbert & Mahoe, Olowalu Massacre by Aubrey Janion – The news of the land was the discovery of pearl oysters at Pu`uloa, the Hawaiian name for Pearl Harbor, that was protected by Ka`ahupähau, the shark goddess. Ready to learn some new chords? Need an example? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. 23 More than all the little Pearly Shells MUSIC For every grain of sand upon the beach, I've got a kiss for you,And I've got more left over,for each star that twinkles in the blue. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. February 17, 1913, 2 years behind schedule, opening ceremonies were held. “Pearly Shells” has no verses at all – only a chorus – and adds a bridge that is not at all related to the original hīmeni song structure. 5 chords – Em Am D G C Click for chords Bright and breezy, here’s another song sounds sweet on ukulele. About The Host Pearly…. He was the “chief announcer” for the ceremony. W For every [A7] grain of sand, upon the beach, I’ve [D] got a kiss for you. Podcasts/Resources One of the most famous songs in Hawaiian music is this one:  Known as Pearly Shells in its English version, it is a well-loved traditional Hawaiian song, Pupu a ’o ‘Ewa, ‘The shells of Ewa’. The English lyrics were written by Webley Edwards and Leon Pober. A truly successful adaptation would also have retained the call-and-response structure – not replace this with a somewhat dumbed-down echo response. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. More than [D] all the [A7] little pearly [D] shells.   Change ). Awards/Honors “Pearly Shells” is an adaptation ­– not a translation – of the much older Hawaiian song “Pūpū A`o `Ewa.” When a Hawaiian language lyric is written for a Hawaiian song, unsuspecting audiences more often than not believe the English version to be a loose translation of the Hawaiian, and this is rarely the case. S You’ll be playing easy Hawaiian songs on the ukulele before you know it. In short, since the music form was never Hawaiian in the first place and since the English-language lyric is not a retelling of the original Hawaiian language lyric, after the adaptation the song is essentially no longer a Hawaiian song.

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