only fools and horses season 7 episode 5

The brothers finally find a different club and meet two young women, who invite the Trotters back to their place. (1986), "Only Fools and Horses...." From Prussia with Love Feeling guilty about his criminal lifestyle, Del has a rare religious urge and heads to the confession booth of his local Catholic church to speak with Father O'Keith. Lugging the shopping up those 12 flights of stairs is proving too much for Grandad, and the doctor recommends a new council bungalow for the Trotter dynasty. Del and Rodney offer to help, and despite Del Boy's dodgy French, they work out that Anna is from Germany, and she has been chucked out on the street and was considering getting her child adopted. In an attempt to earn an easy £60 a week, Del persuades Boycie and Marlene to entrust him with the care of their Great Dane puppy, Duke, while they are away on holiday. In an effort to get Rodney back with Cassandra Del suggests a trip to Miami, Del already having bought the tickets with Rodney's pension money. Shortly after, Tom the security guard brings a cocky shoplifter, Lennox Gilbey, into the manager's office, where he promptly pulls out a gun and demands money from the safe. Albert, worried for Del's health, tells Elsie to say his Mum has contacted her asking him to go to the doctor. When the watch is sold for auction at Sotheby’s, the highest bid is for £6.2 million. Contact | It would seem the wayward father has some explaining to do. Season 5 subtitles. Del's old school enemy Slater is back in town hell-bent on revenge and brandishing his police badge whilst on the trail of a stolen microwave. At Peckham's local pub, the Nag's Head, Del and Rodney meet Del's friend Trigger (who believes that Rodney's name is Dave), and he sells them 25 briefcases for £200. Del Boy hires Denzil and Trigger to clean out some mysterious yellow gunge that has been dumped in Grandad's allotment, which Del has been lumbered with following the purchase of his flat. Regardless of this, Del still seems keen to go, but when he picks up the phone to confirm the plan to Jumbo, he turns him down – reluctantly admitting that blood is thicker than water. Another successful dodgy deal means Del has over a £1,000 worth of. Del is about to go around to her flat and ask to her stay but blows his chance when he rips the clothes off of a policewoman, believing she is a stripper booked by Uncle Albert in revenge for his birthday party. Trotters Independent Trading is causing mayhem with their faulty RAJAH computers. Their embrace is interrupted by a phone call; Raquel has gone into labour. The brothers nearly give up, but then a road-sweeping lorry passes by and sucks up Arthur's ashes. Del and his friends are horrified to learn that Roy Slater is back in Peckham, having been paroled from Parkhurst 6 months ago following the diamond smuggling caper a few years earlier. They leave Rodney to take Anna to a hotel, but he ends up bringing her back to the flat. The Story Of Only Fools And Horses reunites cast members, rebuilds some of the sets and features rare and previously unseen material. Albert's accident claim finally makes it to court, but to the shock of Del and Rodney, it appears that their Uncle has already sought 15 identical damages claims going back to 1944. Green mackintosh, mobile phone, filofax, aluminium briefcase, but the yellow van remains.

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