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In the north, monsoonal influences produce two definite seasons known locally as “the wet” (October to April) and “the dry” (May to September). Some content of the original page may have been edited to make it more suitable for younger readers, unless otherwise noted. Jetstar Regional Services Pte Ltd, BRN: 201229688K. Fast Facts provides a summary of the latest economic statistics for the Northern Territory. Watch the sun set over the Timor Sea and chill out to some upcoming local bands. Victoria and New South Wales like to think they have the monopoly on upcoming music and giant parties. Picture the Melbourne Cup, but run on red dust, and probably with more beer and fewer feathers. Provide feedback on this article in our Northern Territory Forum,, Its white sands, turquoise water and sun-bleached rocks are easily the equal of anything in the Whitsundays, and you won’t have to climb over deckchairs to enjoy them. The capital city is Darwin. Alternatively, two man-made beaches in the Waterfront Precinct –the Wave Lagoon and Recreation Lagoon – offer family friendly swimming all year round. The Territory boasts some spectacular landscapes, and its access all areas. miles (1,349,129 sq. A protected species since 1971, saltwater crocodiles have increased in numbers and it’s estimated that there are currently up to 200,000 “salties” in the Top End. Singaporean Travel Agent License No. The Northern Territory is a territory of Australia. Major developments have been established from the “Centre” of Australia to the “Top End” including the Uluru (Ayers Rock – Mt Olga) Resort, the Darwin and Alice Springs casinos, Plaza Hotels in Darwin and Alice Springs, the Beaufort Hotel in Darwin and the Kakadu “Crocodile Motel” at Jabiru. Although it was responsible for the loss of 71 lives and decimated more than 70 per cent of Darwin when it struck on Christmas Eve 1974, Tracy is actually the “most compact” tropical cyclone on national record, with gale-force winds extending only 48 kilometres from its centre. The capital city is Darwin. The moniker was bestowed by his former shipmate Lieutenant John Stokes, the first European to observe Port Darwin in 1839. The Fauna emblem is the Red Kangaroo. Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia, has a fascinating history and has become a vibrant cultural centre worth exploring for its arts, gorgeous scenery and luxury accommodation. The Fauna emblem is the Red Kangaroo. Units of the Navy, Army and Air Force are stationed there and Darwin is the site for defence communications bases. 23) in the Northern Territory is about a third of the way from Darwin to Alice Springs, and has a couple of strings to its bow. About four- fifths of the Territory (1.09 million km2) lies within the tropics and the 6200 km coastline is generally flat and backed by swamps, mangroves and mudflats, rising to a plateau no higher than 450 m. In central Australia, the Territory is crossed by the east-west ridges of the Macdonnell Ranges, which reach heights of more than 600 m. The well-known monolith, Uluru (Ayers Rock), 348 m high, is near the south-west corner of the Territory. Read more. Kakadu National Park is a World Heritage area. About two-thirds of the Territory receives less than 500 mm a year. Image c/o David Gardiner, Flickr. Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency Registered Travel Agency No. Not only does it have the honour of having the Territory’s oldest pub (an institution we visit on all our itineraries from Darwin to Alice – try the damper, it’s amazing) it also has the most isolated and remote set of traffic lights in the country (of course Daley residents boast that it’s the most remote in the world). The Northern Territory covers nearly one sixth of Australia’s landmass – about one and a half million square kilometres. Oil and gas exploration and production occurs onshore as well as in three areas offshore which continue to dominate energy exploration. Economic AnalysisEconomic GroupDepartment of Treasury and Finance(08) 8999 6801 ask a question, Department of Treasury and Finance Economic BriefsEconomic Outlook PublicationsGuide to statistics, Major trading partners – Financial year results, Major trading partners – Calendar year results. This page was last changed on 13 September 2020, at 21:04. Other large towns in the Territory include Alice Springs, Katherine and Tenant Creek. Image c/o Geraint Rowland, Flickr. The Northern Territory is known for spectacular scenery and an array of stunning natural colours – but there's nothing quite like the Field of Light located in the shadow of Uluru. To the north, the territory looks out to the Timor Sea, the Arafura Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria, including Western New Guinea and other islands of the Indonesian archipelago. Fast Facts provides a summary of the latest economic statistics for the Northern Territory.

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