nichrome wire resistance experiment

Roof Rainwater Drainage System, Created by teachers, our study guides highlight the really important stuff you need to know. Rugby Kit, A: – Is the cross-sectional area of the wire in metres square and can be determined using the equation A = d 2 where “d” is the diameter of the wire. Precaution was taken to make sure there were no fire hazards due to short-circuit. Do not touch the Nichrome wire while the experiment is undergo as it may burn skin. Since the cross-sectional area of the wire can be found by knowing its diameter. Cobb Bbq Cobblestones, 8 aApparatuso Voltmeter o Ammeter ... number of times I do the experiment which would provide a more accurate ... ... voltage) 1 x Voltmeter 1 x Ammeter 5 x wires (with crocodile clips) wire of varied length and thickness First, set up the experiment ... many electrons getting through, as there is twice the current, the resistance must have halved. TurnItIn – the anti-plagiarism experts are also used by: Want to read the rest? Ensure that the power pack does not exceed 2 volts in case the wires overheat. After performing this experiment, after many wires had burnt, I decided that the best reading would be 4 volts. Resistance- Resistance is a force which opposes the flow of an electric current around a circuit so that energy is required to push the charged particles around the circuit. The material of the wire. I am going to use a ruler to measure the Nichrome wire and ensure that it is the correct length. Learn more. Iowa State Cyclones Jacket, A0. Tu 46 Hacked, 3 ? or 3018. Take one of the pieces of constantan wire . Martin Pakula Wife, Walk Away Renee Lyrics And Chords, Get Full Access Now 7. This will later ensure accuracy and precision. It is measured in ohms (R). Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2018 Photos, V A + 6 V - Nichrome wire Procedure 1. Therefore the resistivity of nichrome can be calculated. Resistance is a force that opposes the flow of an electric current around a circuit so that energy is required to push the charged particles around the circuit. Measure the distance between the marks using the metre stick. Switch the circuit off and allow for the nichrome wire or light bulb to cool, Increase the power supply setting by one and record the result from the ammeter and voltmeter, Continue to increase the power supply in steps of one until power supply is at its highest, Do this until four tables have been collected Patrick Doan2. Now 1 will make sure the power pack is off and insert the first wire at point x on the circuit diagram. GCSE Physics Coursework - Resistance of a Wire Coursework Resistance of a WireTaskTo investigate how the resistance of a wire is affected by the length of the wire. This is because the graph clearly showed a line which was directly proportional (as I predicted as well) and there were no anomalies to be found in any of the results. This means that am ... All Papers Are For Research And Reference Purposes Only. Sand Dollar Meaning Non Religious, Measure the diameter of the nichrome wire at five different points along its length between the marks. Get Full Access Now Low voltage power supply, rheostat, voltmeter, ammeter, length of nichrome wire. An electric current is a flow of negative electrons, and in our case the electric current flowing through the Nichrome wire, is measured in amperes (I). The voltage is the electric potential difference (PD) between two points (the voltage is the PD between these two points) and is measured in volts (V). Resistance is measured in ohms. Investigating resistance of resistors in series - What effect, if any, does the length ... Join over 1.2 million students every month, Unlimited access from just £6.99 per month. Jackie Chan House, James Cook Media Review, I am also going to try and ensure that the current is within 0.01Amps of the desired current. A0. When electrons travel through wires or other external circuits, they travel in a zigzag pattern that results in a collision between the electrons and the ions in the conductor, and this is known as resistance. The readings on the ammeter and the voltmeter went up as the power input went up. The End (the Doors Cover), Conductors which obey Ohm’s Law are called Ohmic conductors. Resistance is a force that opposes the flow of an electric current around a circuit so that energy is required to push the charged particles around the circuit. I started the experiment by taping a meter ruler between the terminal blocks P, Q so that I could measure 100 cm of nichrome wire. 0 Bibliography Butler, Mark 2000, Macmillan Physics 1: Preliminary Course, Macmillan Education Australia Pty Ltd, South YarraChapple, Michael 2003, Schaum’s A-Z Physics, McGraw-Hill, New York, U. S. A Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Standard, 2005, CD ROM, Microsoft Corporation, U. S. A 9. 0 Conclusion In recreating an experiment for Ohm’s Law, it is proved that as temperature increases so does the resistance. Procedure. Procedure. However, collisions occur with the electrons and the positively charged ions in the lattice and so the wire has shown resistance against the current as the movements of the electrons are being obstructed. After performing a preliminary experiment using a piece of wire and connecting the circuit together, I will see the power supply that is best suited for the experiment. Title of investigation Material: I think that the type of material of the wire will affect the amount of free electrons, which are able to flow through that wire. Magnetic Chalkboard Paint Uk, Length is measured accurately by measuring to the nearest centimeter (cm). Tungsten is such a good conductor that its resistance depends on its temperature. the average. Turn off power supply, remove crocodile clips and replace on same length and repeat the previous steps three times. Is Nichrome Wire an Ohmic Resistor Conductor Experiment, Assessing The Findings And Data Analysis Business, Characteristics of Ohmic and non-Ohmic Conductors, Medium Between Wire Removal And Cg Compositing English Language. Material Length/ cm Voltage/Volts Current/Amperes Resistance/? Tim Floyd, From the relation R = L /A which corresponds to the st. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. The nichrome wire is the other resistor used in this experiment. Dawgs By Nature, If there are more or larger atoms then there will be more collisions. What determines the resistance of a metallic (wire) conductor? Campos obrigatórios marcados com *. Calculate . Also if the atoms in the material are closely packed then the electrons will have more frequent collisions and the resistance will increase. Patrick Doan68. Resistance: is a force that resists the flow of the current in a wire. P. 6 a/P. 0 Aim12. When the power input went up the nichrome started to heat up. What are current, voltage and resistance? A0. I recorded 3 sets of voltage readings and decided to take an average voltage reading for each length to ensure a greater accuracy in the obtained results and in the plotted graph. Preliminary Conclusion From my preliminary experiment I found that the material with the highest resistance range is Nichrome in a thickness of 32 SWG. A. 4 Switch off the power pack and insert next wire. 00 B0. Would you like to get a custom essay? However we cannot safely say that however, we do not have enough evidence to say whether length is directly proportional to length as this is just one experiment, so we need to do other experiments to confirm this theory. 67 Nichrome Wire – Test 3 Power InputVoltage (V)Current (mA)Resistance (? Physics Practical ReportExperiment: Ohmic Resistance and Ohm’s Law Patrick Doan Mr Sadowsky 11 PHYS 7112/9/08Table of contents1. Although the crocodile clips made it easier for me to measure the length of the wire however I found it very difficult to keep the wires in these clips since it kept slipping out so the wire wouldnt get connected successfully to the circuit. This assures that the user’s line of sight is to the scale and therefore is perpendicular to the mirror. 9 V and so the digital voltmeter with a range of 0-5 V was the most ideal one to use. 77 Light Bulb – Test 1 Power InputVoltage (V)Current (mA)Resistance (? ) The resistance of a wire causes difficulty for the flow of the electrical current of a wire to move and is typically measured in Ohms (Ω). I chose not to investigate the shape of the metal because it isn’t a continuous range. The equation for resistance is resistance = voltage / current and as the current stays the same in the circuit and the voltage increases, the resistance increases. 5. I then plotted a graph of the length of the wire against average resistance and used it to calculate the resistivity of nichrome as mentioned in my plan where the average resistance can be calculated using the relation R = V. I Variables in the experiment: – In this experiment I varied the length of the wire each time using a range of lengths from 30-100 cm. These are the results obtained from the experiment. The resistance of nichrome is more as compared to manganin. Nichrome is also a very good resistor. Possible variables to be investigated. The wire must not overheat easily. <>. Another error that could have occurred is using the alligator clips as a switch.Turning the circuit on and off with the switch could have produced variable results. Ohio Gymnastics State Meet 2020, Electricity is conducted through a conductor, in this case wire, by means of free electrons. I chose not to investigate the temperature because although it is a continuous range it is very difficult to maintain a temperature, as you couldn’t use a water bath because of safety aspects. In this experiment I will be using a metal nichrome wire to show the resistance when the length and width is changed. Don't have an account yet? the micrometer screw gauge. Create one now! The current is the flow of free electrons through the circuit, and the voltage is the driving force that pushes the current around the circuit. © 2003 - 2015 Marked by Teachers. Initially, use only one cell as a source of energy in the circuit and pen down the readings of current (I), as displayed on the ammeter, and potential difference (V), as displayed on the voltmeter, across XY. ... Work Changing only the length of the wire Length Voltage (V) Current (A) Resistance ( ... Wire (constantan) o Voltmeter o Ammeter o Meter sticks Circuit diagram: Analysing: As the length ... in my experiment is the length of the wire. An equation linking current, voltage and resistance can be shown as; Resistance (R) = Voltage (V)/Current (I), ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. This is because there are more positive ions in the metal so there is more chance that the electrons will collide with one of the ions therefore there is more resistance. I repeated this procedure using different lengths ranging from 30-100 cm and adjusting the variable resistor until 0. 2 A throughout the whole experiment. Chugach Mountains, L: – Is the length of the nichrome wire used in metres. Stuttgart Vs Hamburg H2h, Resistance = Voltage / Current ... will take five readings from the Voltmeter and Ammeter. Original prediction: I expect to see an increase in resistance with an increase in voltage as I increase the length of the wire, and similarly a decrease in resistance with a decrease in voltage as the length of wire decreases. Ferro Concepts Sock, Don't have an account yet? Exeter Chiefs Season Ticket Prices 2020/21, Firestone Grand Prix Of St Petersburg Saturday Honda Grand Prix St Petersburg March 14, The Eight Chinese Drama Ep 1 Eng Sub Dramacool, Rifampicin Dose For Recurrent Folliculitis, The Lives Of Others Full Movie Watch Online, What Percent Of The Military Is Female 2018. Cobb Tuning Locations, Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals.

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