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An entire gallery in a single vertical column. NEW: Plupload queue uploader that allows for bulk and zip uploads within the same interface. FIXED: Misc PHP warnings, errors, in gallery plugin, NEW: Slideshow galleries are now centred to their content area, Secured: Ensure that only logged in users can upload images and photos, Fixed: Photo import date is preserved and no longer Jan 1 1970, Fixed: Removed mention of upgrade.php, which no longer exists, Fixed: jQuery Conflict Detection was trying to dequeue irremovable scripts, NEW: Added the ability to detect JQuery conflicts on NGG Admin Pages and auto-resolve. So far, this is the best gallery plugin I’ve used. We’ve been using NextGEN gallery on one site or another for years now. Yes, we’ve put a lot of work into this and, NextGEN Galleries are compatible with phones and tablets, inluding Android and iOS operating systems. ), Fixed: Sorting in the Insert Gallery interface, Fixed: HTML allowed in gallery/album descriptions, Fixed: Requests for galleries within albums that have numeric names are broken, Fixed: Call to a non-member function get() on WP_Query, Fixed: Ability to sort by Image ID in the Insert Gallery interface, Fixed: Isolate the Insert Gallery Window from implicit third-party script inclusion, Fixed: Check for the existance of thumbnails when generating urls, and if missing, generate new ones, Fixed: Compatibility with NextGEN Facebook OpenGraph+ plugin, Fixed: Various XML-RPC issues in WordPress gallery plugin, Fixed: Issue with color not being pre-selected when previewing Watermark, Fixed: E_NOTICE emitted when cleaning up cached image files, Fixed: E_NOTICE emitted when viewing display type settings, Fixed: Typo adjusting pcre.backtrack_limit for shortcodes, Fixed: Content within the tabs of the Insert Gallery interface cut-off, Fixed: Routing problem which would cause conflicts with different display types on the same page, Fixed: Broken Dynamic CSS links on GoDaddy, Fixed: Ability to use HTML in gallery/album descriptions, Fixed: Sub-album requests conflicting with paginated galleries on the same page, Merged: Pull request from andreasE (, NEW: Requests /ngg_tag/[tagname] will create a displayed gallery, NEW: Option added to “Import Gallery” tab to use original images, Fixed: Links are broken on the ngg_tags-sitemap.xml file by WordPress SEO, Fixed: PHP notice: Attempt to assign property of non-object, Fixed: Undefined property warnings when using NextGEN Basic Thumbnails, Fixed: Detect if an applying a transient to a displayed gallery was successful, Fixed: Compatibility issues with BJ-Lazy-Load and Colorbox, Fixed: Pagination conflicts for multiple Imagebrowsers on the same page, Fixed: Ability to display previous exception with debug mode, Fixed: Tagclouds not working in multisite instances, Fixed: Load widgets.css when a widget is being used, Fixed: Installer should remove all instances of the component factory, Fixed: WordPress gallery plugin widget settings interface not intuitive, Fixed: Inability to upload images and photos in some Windows host environments, Fixed: Sorting images/galleries using the Insert Gallery interface, Fixed: Fix detection of HTTPS (pull request by Leonhardt Wille), Fixed: Compilation errors of regular expressions, Fixed: Pro galleries wouldn’t display in environments using PHP 5.3.3 or less, Fixed: Scanning of router slug is now limited to the uri, not the url, Fixed: Show slideshow link isn’t required for thumbnail/imagebrowser integration, Fixed: WordPress media-upload with ‘singlepic’ image size, Fixed: Use target=_blank when the link setting is provided for NextGEN Basic Singlepic, Fixed: Only display rendering errors if WP_DEBUG is enabled, NEW: Restored AJAX pagination for NextGEN Basic ImageBrowser display type, Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress Local SEO by Yoast, Fixed: Inability to upload images if image_slug field was missing in database, Fixed: Integration of NextGEN Basic Thumbnail and NextGEN Basic Slideshow display types, Fixed: Photocrati Resource Manager further adjusted to be third-party friendly, Fixed: Added the ability to find legacy templates in both the child/parent theme directories, Fixed: JavaScript errors in Attach to Post interface, Fixed: Router can handle port numbers in urls, Fixed: Carousel template was linking to NextGEN Basic ImageBrowser view, Fixed: SQL query generated for displayed galleries using tags as source, Fixed: 3rd party compat: raise & never lower pcre.backtrack_limit, NEW: Restored the ability to use imagebrowser display type instead of a lightbox effect, Changed: Displayed galleries are no longer rendered in RSS feeds, Changed: Removed “Plugin Check” widget from WordPress gallery plugin overview page, Fixed: Silence PHP warnings/errors in an output buffer for AJAX actions, Fixed: Compatibility issue with WordPress SEO and broken site maps (and large error_logs), Fixed: Compatibility issue with AJAX Event Calendar (and possibly others), Fixed: Adjusted Photocrati Resource Manager to be third-party friendly, Fixed: Fixed empty result set for displayed galleries selecting ‘All’ tags, Fixed: URL generation for imagebrowser pagination links, Fixed: Ensure that image meta is imported on creation, Fixed: Ensure that transients are removed when an external object cache is used, Fixed: Don’t load pluggable.php. Using this plugin makes your site look pro. So your media keep organized. Changed: All transients created by NextGEN are flushed when the plugin is activated. Öffnen Sie anschließend 'Gallerie hinzufügen/ Bilder'; geben Sie den Serverpfad an, unter dem Sie eben Ihre Fotos kopiert haben. NextGEN Gallery nutzt eine nicht mit dem WordPress Codex konforme Variante der JavaScript Integration und hindert dadurch Borlabs Cache Optimierungsprozesse. *Pro List Album Imagely 2016-2019 Crazy Bird – HTML5 Game . *The WordPress Photography Podcast NEXTGEN SINGLE PICS. NextGEN Gallery offers an easy-to-use Insert Gallery Window, which means you never need to work with shortcodes again when inserting and manageing galleries – if you would prefer not too. Bugfix: Adjusted Javascript for activating social media pages to load on NextGEN Gallery pages only. NextGEN Plus and NextGEN Pro photo plugin features. Define and set to TRUE to hide strict errors, NEW: Added NEXTGEN_GALLERY_IMPORT_ROOT constant. This will fix plugin conflicts, Fixed: In Insert Gallery interface, galleries created in one tab weren’t showing in another, Fixed: Don’t output frame events cookie for XML-RPC requests, Fixed: Reduce performance impact of purging displayed gallery transients, Changed: Reverting to the 2.0.21 codebase, due to major performance issues in 2.0.23 and 2.0.24, WARNING: Broken release. Wir empfehlen, dieses Plugin nicht zu nutzen. Galleries will actually display your images. Most 'gallery' plugins are really 'display' plugins. Accept credit card payments, securely, with Stripe. Available exclusively in the Pro Lightbox. *Pro Film Gallery Major bug creates redundant cron jobs, NEW: WP-Cron job to periodically clean-up displayed gallery transients, NEW: Added “excluded_container_ids” as parameter for ngg_images shortcode, Fixed: Lightbox effect is honoured by all display types, Fixed: Highslide displays images and photos from the correct displayed galleries, Fixed: Ensure that sub-albums display correctly when the word “album” is part of a slug, Fixed: Ensure that sub-albums display correctly when numerical slugs are used, Fixed: Related images heading only added when Related Images functionality is enabled, Fixed: PHP Warning about undefined index when viewing basic albums, Fixed: AJAX handling is third-party compatible, Fixed: Image date is no longer overwritten when an image is modified, Fixed: Fixed issue with displayed galleries using source=’tags’, Fixed: Problem with transient cache not getting flushed properly from Other Options page, Fixed: Use correct gallery/transient ID when ajax pagination is used, Changed: Default image quality set to 100 for generated images and photos, Changed: Removed dependence on simplehtmldom library, Fixed: Related images functionality works as it did in 1.9.x, Fixed: Don’t compress inline JavaScript in post/page content, Fixed: Click-to-advance slideshow behavior for slideshow galleries, Fixed: Security warnings from VaultPress, Fixed: View as Slideshow link works with AJAX pagination, Fixed: Broken links on WordPress gallery plugin Overview page, Fixed: WordPress gallery plugin Backup images option, Fixed: Stylesheet url generated correctly for Windows hosts, Fixed: Compatibility with NextGen Custom Fields plugin, Fixed: Compatibility with Adsense Explosion plugin, Fixed: Suppress wp_footer notices unless WP_DEBUG is set to TRUE, NEW: Added the ability to override thumbnail settings for NextGEN Basic Albums, NEW: Shortcode Manager API, which ensures that shortcodes are outputted as intended, Changed: Re-added the ability to select the original image size for widgets, Fixed: Ensure that stylesheet url returned is correct for Windows hosts, Fixed: Broken links and lightbox effects with AJAX pagination, Fixed: Try to ensure that third party plugins don’t add content to our dynamic JS, Fixed: Improved reliability of iframely.js, Fixed: Ensure that urls are generated correctly in HTTPs environments, Fixed: Datamapper works correctly in environments where temporary tables aren’t supported, Fixed: Fixed an issue with thickbox loading animation when home url differs from site url, NEW: Added “run_ngg_resource_manager” hook to by-pass our resource manager, Changed: Removed “Reset & Uninstall” tab, for now.

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