name and explain the first step in the rti approach

On the other hand, the quality of the instruction depends on the skills, knowledge, and training of the team personnel who plan each individualized program. Sharon Vaughn, PhD The Iowa Basic (IBTS) standardized achievement measurement is utilized in, probe to conduct this progress monitoring; the rate of growth established for this probe is 1.8. or higher. Ø However, If Tier 2 does not meet Compton’s reading needs and produce positive gains in his reading skill development,  Special Education personnel or a reading specialist may be called on to provide replacement instruction by implementing more intensive specialized services for the struggling reader outside the general education classroom. All rights reserved. I will utilize whole class silent reading time in the afternoon during the last hour of school on Thursday and Fridays of each week for my assessments. Response to Intervention is in the way they introduce and first explain RTI to the regular classroom teachers. Ø In Tier 2 instruction, Compton will receive more focused instruction than what he would receive in what a general education classroom typically provides. Others school and their districts may recommend a comprehensive evaluation. My school does not employ standardized reading assessments in Kindergarten or grade one. In one option, students who still do not make adequate progress in response to Tier 2 instruction can receive more intensive instruction. : Targeted interventions and frequent progress monitoring, : Intensive, individualized interventions and freqent progress monitoring, The criterion for determining which students are experiencing reading difficulties will depend on the measure used. The intervention the group members receive is the same, with time devoted to each skill area (e.g., phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, reading fluency, and comprehension). (Part 2)                                       RTI: Assessment. Identify the students who fall below the established benchmark—15 words read correctly in one minute—on the. Instruction gradually progresses in complexity as students begin to combine sounds in learning a new word family each week and in learning simple word types as for example, CVC patterned words to the more difficult CVCe or CVVC patterned words as the school year progresses. Name and explain the next step in the RTI approach. Ø Reading should be incorporated in all content areas of classroom instruction. This RTI module has made it clear to me that many factors can impact the outcome of progress monitoring assessment when identifying struggling readers. The second major approach is called the standard protocol approach (sometimes referred to as standard treatment protocol) and is supported by a strong research base. This class could employ either the currently used reading text and work with the students at their optimum skill ability. Ø The S Team should employ additional reading interventions within the primary education classroom for each struggling student that would benefit that student dependent upon his/her specific learning needs. Ø The Support Team should employ the services of a trained School Psychologist to do a comprehensive reading assessment on the student. RTI does not allow teachers to simply employ a pre-prescribed collection of interventions, but rather, produces data to support student progress monitoring.

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