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An overview of Florida’s MTSS implementation. Get practical tips and strategies for educators, counselors, and parents delivered right to your inbox. Specialists can meet with teachers during this common planning time to offer support and insight related to their area of expertise. The Kansas Multi-Tier System of Support. This phase of the grant focuses on improving school climate statewide. This CDE document provides answers to questions regarding the 2015-16 Request for Applications. Common Core State Standards and Diverse Urban Students: Using Multi-Tiered Systems of Support 0000172309 00000 n Research Brief: Multi-tier System of Support (MTSS) It is essential for educators to emphasize, model, and practice the idea that “different” doesn’t mean “wrong” and that our unique qualities can be our strengths. 0000000016 00000 n OCDE News Release July 1, 2016 Visit the OCDE’s MTSS SUMS web page All comments will be approved before posting, and are subject to our comment and privacy policies. Purposeful Progress Monitoring. MTSS and special education and also defines the need for special educators to be involved in the MTSS planning process. Screening is a quick assessment of a student’s understanding, and it gauges knowledge and abilities. 0000005259 00000 n The OCDE has developed an online training series to help LEAs in building an MTSS framework. MTSS offers the potential to create systematic change through intentional integration of services and supports to quickly identify and meet the needs of all students. RtI² is an approach that focuses on individual students who are struggling academically and pulls together resources from the LEA, school, and community to promote students’ success before they fall behind. © 2019 by Free Spirit Publishing. [accordions][accordion title="MTSS Videos"] SWIFT MTSS Trilogy Videos: MTSS - Universal Support MTSS - Additional Support MTSS - Intensified Support Dr. Rebecca Zumeta Edmonds discusses the differences between MTSS and RTI Dr. Clayton Cook MTSS Videos What is MTSS? 0000043138 00000 n The view expressed in this post represent the opinion of the author and not necessarily Free Spirit Publishing. The OCDE has provided subgrants to LEAs to engage them in a process to assess their strengths, coordinate supports to their Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAP) and align their MTSS efforts with the eight state priorities. It involves family and community engagement, administrative leadership, integrated education frameworks, and inclusive policy and practice. 0000043431 00000 n MTSS Professional Learning Institute (PLI) In 2016, an additional $20,000,000, appropriated by Senate Bill 828, Chapter 29, Statutes 2016, augmented the original grant award. WIN time allows all school personnel to get involved to reduce the adult-to-student ratio and give students who need intervention more quality time with the teachers or specialists who are highly qualified in the areas in which students need intervention. 0000188464 00000 n The SWIFT staff supports the SUMS grant by providing technical assistance and professional learning opportunities to participating LEAs. California’s MTSS focuses on aligning initiatives and resources within an educational organization to address the needs of all students. 0000005146 00000 n This brief provides information about universal, supplemental, and intensified support within an MTSS framework. An instructional handout that includes the Domains and Features of an MTSS Framework. xref 0000189283 00000 n MTSS, Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtI²), and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) are often spoken of synonymously, and for those new to MTSS, it can be difficult to determine what people mean when these terms are used interchangeably. All rights reserved. 0000014867 00000 n 0000017359 00000 n Kelli has experience as a special education teacher and reading specialist in the Rockford (MI) Public Schools. DL Curriculum and Instructional Guidance Project. Establishing this philosophy in your inclusive classroom helps build a safe community, one where students are active in their learning and accepting of each other. RTI focuses on academic systems of support, while PBIS promotes positive behavior and social and emotional growth. The CDE conducted a competitive grant process and awarded the funds to the OCDE for their SUMS proposal. The goal of MTSS is to intervene early so students can catch up with their peers. 0000012009 00000 n 0000014165 00000 n 0000016108 00000 n (Video; 3:27), created by the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE), for an overview of MTSS. California MTSS Framework (PDF). A Council of the Great City Schools White Paper. These articles and policy briefs focus on MTSS and include examples of other state efforts. It can help answer the question, Which of my students need extra assistance or further evaluation in a given area? Involving Parents in Tier 1 and Tier Intervention Strategies School-wide Reinforcement Systems Colorado MTSS 0000005537 00000 n The OCDE also has a Questions and Inquiries web page trailer 0000004557 00000 n By implementing a system of support that helps students thrive, you are showing them you value their different levels of academic readiness and social, emotional, and behavioral needs. Researchers agree professional learning is critical for educators to implement the critical components of MTSS; however, professional learning approaches vary in their designs and targeted outcomes. It supports instruction by benchmarking where students are at a specific point in the school year and supports the creation of initial intervention groups (along with the use of additional data). 0000113957 00000 n ... framework for older children and in different subject areas has been more challenging because there are fewer research … 0000171930 00000 n A multitiered system of supports (MTSS) represents a widely adopted public health approach to education in the USA. RTI Action Network Video, Access for All: Universal Design for Learning in a Multi-tiered System of Support World All school personnel should be able to voice their needs that are related to their success and struggles within MTSS. 0000009069 00000 n 0000016622 00000 n For the third and most recent funding phase of the SUMS grant, the OCDE and the BCOE will partner with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Center for the Transformation of Schools 0000006117 00000 n Core instruction doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all instruction, and differentiation that takes place at Tier I can minimize the number of students who need Tier II and III interventions. 0000172388 00000 n 0000010350 00000 n 0000008381 00000 n Advisory members also discussed the role of the advisory in 2018-19, and the district’s 2018-19 MTSS pilot process. MTSS, including RTI and PBIS, discuss comprehensive school counseling programs and the overlap of the two frameworks, and culminate with a case study illustrating the role of school counselors as interveners, facilitators, and supporters integrating MTSS and comprehensive school counseling programs in a middle school. 0000168097 00000 n The OCDE’s fiscal reporting for each year includes an expenditure narrative, a budget narrative, and a budget detail report. 0000043877 00000 n These reports are available on the CDE’s Multi-Tiered System of Support web page under the Statewide Initiative tab or directly through the following links: Frequently Asked Questions

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