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Start earning points by joining us today. Mr Nice Seedbank has consistently maintained a visible presence on various helpdesks, directly interacting, testing, and researching with the growers of its products. Beaucoup de variétés de Mr Nice ont été commercialisé par d’autres banques sans en être forcément avertit. Cela a été fait avec le pair éprouvée ... Très critique en effet! Mr. Nice dispose d'une importante collection de graines, parmi lesquelles: Walkabout, Early Skunk (Early Pearl X Skunk), Critical Mass, Super Silver Haze, Early Queen, Dreamtime, Black Widow et G13 Haze. Javascript doit être activé dans votre navigateur pour que vous puissiez utiliser les fonctionnalités de ce site internet. Vous pouvez acheter toutes les variétés créées par Mr Nice Seedbank sur Seedsman maintenant. Many Dutch seed companies lost plants, mother rooms, and seed crops, but in Switzerland, Mr Nice seed production blossomed. Great and robust cross between an ancient Afghani and the notorious Skunk #1. Created as a tribute to the good old days of finest-quality hashish from Afghanistan, Mr. Nice brings us a fabulous mix of old-school genetics with their Nordle. Grande sélection, petits prix! All cannabis strains bred by Mr Nice Seed Bank actually incorporate the talents and the huge wealth of experience of their breeders, resulting in a large amount of international awards. This packaging solution allows cannabis seeds to be safely shipped around the world. Ortega by Mr. Nice is a straight-up old school indica. La banque de graines de M. Nice est également un ardent défenseur de la marijuana à des fins médicales. Elle a gagné plus de prix que vous avez eu de rencards ;)Cette graine d [...] 15 graines 35.00€ Ortega - Mr Nice By joining forces with another legend, Howard Marks, they combined their expertise to form a company that was predestined for success. It contains xx seeds and it is not resealable in order to guarantee seeds’ origin. You have reached max quantity of products from. * Seeds are sold as souvenirs. Sorry for any delays or inconvenience. Ils ne soucient guère du nombre de graines vendues ou de leur popularité. At Zamnesia, we offer a selection of seeds from Mr Nice, each one special and powerful in its own right. He established Mr Nice Seedbank, with its forty parent plants, to make strains and seeds available to all levels of growers in order to help them spread the genetic diversity of cannabis. Seedsman offer a number of payment choices including anonymous options such as Bitcoin, Bank/Wire Transfers and Credit/Debit Card payments. Indoors: 750 - 850 gr/m2; Outdoors: up to 1000 gr/plant, En Intérieur: 500 g/m2 / En Extérieur: minimum 500 g/plante, En Intérieur: 600 g/m2 / En Extérieur: minimum 600 g/plante. Le JavaScript semble être désactivé sur votre navigateur. Mr Nice Seeds is officially owned by the infamous Shantibaba but the original Mr Nice (Howard Marks) & the weed king himself (Neville Schoenmaker) are still actively involved in this elite operation. Mr Nice wanted to fulfil their project without breaking any country's laws. Cette combinaison a déjà apporté pousse spécial pour beaucoup. Indoor: 450 - 550 g/m2 / Outdoor: 550+ g/plant. Mr Nice Seed Bank is one of the most respected seed banks in the world. Pour les semences de M. Nice Indica, de M. Nice Sativa et de M. Nice super strength seeds, ainsi que les variétés de semences de cannabis Mr Nice à haut rendement et pour l’extérieur, Seed City vous garantit les prix les plus bas du marché! Seedsman strongly believes that our loyal customers deserve to be rewarded for trusting us as their cannabis seeds supplier. Cette graine est essentiellement composé de 12.5% mouffette, 25% NL5, et 12.5% Haze A. Respect the laws of your country ! A robust cross between an ancient Afghani and the notorious Skunk #1 gave birth to an excellent version of an old breed. Mr Nice Seedbank - Breeders Mr Nice Seedbank is run by the renowned breeder Shantibaba and offers the best genetics around; Critical Mass, Super Silver Haze, Medicine Man all in their original unadulterated forms. Popular Searches: Sour Diesel | White Widow | High THC. This strain has a potential huge resin production which requires from 8 to 10 weeks of flowering indoors. 1 FREE PACK OF SEEDS WITH ORDERS OVER £45, 2 FREE PACKS OF SEEDS WITH ORDERS OVER £150, The Mr Nice Seed Bank is owned by Shantibaba and incorporates the talents of another equally experienced breeder collaborated with Howard Marks A.K.A Mr Nice (RIP). You can buy all of the strains created by Mr Nice Seedbank at Seedsman now. Information de Mr Nice Seeds La Banque de Graines Mr Nice Seed est une des banques de graines les plus respectées au monde. Il a un certain attrait pour les producteurs dans les climats froids ... Ceci est probablement l'une des plus grandes stars grand public des médias de cannabis, en raison de la mythologie plutôt colorée qui entoure les histoires de son origine. Une grande partie des variétés commerciales que nous trouvons aujourd’hui dans tous les catalogues des différentes banques de graines vient principalement du meilleur génétiste cannabique du monde : Shantibaba ! Legendary crossing of an Early Pearl, Early Girl and a top quality Super Skunk. Seedsman propose plusieurs options de paiement, y compris les options de paiement anonymes telles que le Bitcoin, le transfert/virement bancaire et les paiements par carte de crédit/débit. Bred de parallèles complexes pour combiner attribuer du matériel génétique des lignées mâle prouvées de pedigree exceptionnel depuis les 70s. Sa résine est collante .... La combinaison d'un Afghan pur combiné à la Haze mâle ne peut créer quelque chose de fantastique .... L'usine définitive pour les personnes intéressées à l'extérieur / serres. Au cours de la 1960 et au début de 1970, le meilleur haschich dans le monde a été acheté en maisons de thé en Afghanistan. This strain might require an experienced grower to express all its genetic potential. You'll achieve the best results in bio and hydro set-ups. In 1999, Dutch law changed and no longer permitted the production of seeds. ! Sensi Seeds a créé cette variété dans le but d’améliorer la G13, et le résultat, Mr Nice, a été mis sur le marché en 1999. Tous les droits sont réservés. Zamnesia offers you some excellent strains from the Mr. Nice Seed Bank which will all make you smile. Thanks to the actual owner Scott Blakey, the spirit and the smiles of his friend Mr. Nice still live today in both the old school and the new descendant strains. Outdoors you can harvest 500-600g of heavy flowers per plant. Most infamous strain that has won a numerous amount of awards since 1994. Breeders Neville and Shantibaba put together a family of 25% Skunk with 25% Northern lights, and 50% Haze. Expect 500-750g/m² after 7-9 weeks. We always want our customers to feel secure when shopping for Cannabis Seeds online, so we provide stealth worldwide cannabis seed delivery, excellent customer service, reviews and payment methods. However, selling seeds imported from another country remained legal. Due to the Indica dominance it does not stretch much but achieves very good yield for a small plant. Vous avez oublié votre nom d'utilisateur?

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