moist falafel recipe

I can have almond flour, chickpea.. I’m just not seasoned enough in the kitchen to know what substitutions would work. Super simple to make, I had a ton of perpetual spinach (similar to chard) in the garden so it was great to be able to use some of this up. Thanks Kaeli! Seriously, these are amazing! I love making the 5-minute microwave hummus to go with it at the same time, since I usually make some tahini to go in this recipe. Hi there, You need to have this on hand if you enjoy delicious flours from healthful ingredients (I use in indian cooking such as pakoras). So good! Am wondering which one is the typo. Do they really taste good baked? The outsides were nice and crispy but still the inside was mushy and didn’t taste cooked at all. Your recipes haven’t failed me yet! I want to make sure :). Aw, thanks so much for the lovely review, Raquel! It was lovely. I gave birth to three teens who would be happy to eat falafel all. Need help? And, used an air fryer. With just a bit of oil in the pan, these turned out tasting a bit too raw greens-ish for me to call them falafel. I’ve cooked this recipe in several different kitchens and all oven tops and skillets seem to cook differently! I think it needs more spices. They are so much less mushy after they’ve been in the fridge and then reheated! xo. Once well incorporated, transfer to a mixing bowl and stir in oat flour 1 Tbsp at a time until the mixture is thick enough to handle – about 3-4 Tbsp (as original recipe is written). I made up one big batch last week and I’ve been having one or two here and there as a quick snack or easy lunch. Thank you. Excellent nonetheless. If using dried chickpeas would 2C suffice? I’ve made them with peas and spinach and butternut squash but never with greens – making this next week for my packed lunch! I made these last week & let me just comment on how painfully correct the name of this falafel is. Swirl to coat pan. I used only 1 clove of garlic since thats all I had on hand. I am going to try making these with coconut flour tonight for dinner. I don’t know how on earth this transformation happened, but I have your recipes to thank for much of it. I keep seeing all these amazing falafel recipes lately, and then being sad because our lack of food processor makes grinding all those chickpeas a serious challenge. So glad you enjoyed them, Marita! I’m a very experienced vegetarian home cook who nonetheless had never used collards in this way and was ASTOUNDED at its nutty, rich flavor! I have some prepared chickpeas so maybe this will be made tomorrow or Thursday night :). Thanks for the recipe!!! I am so surprised at how healthy and simple they are, yet how packed with flavor they are. Sorry for all the questions, haha. when i flip them in the pan, they tend to fall apart if i don’t handle them as fragile. Good luck! Anyway, I’ve tried multiple falafel recipes in the past and they’ve all been so horrible, so I was a bit nervous when making these. I promised to stalk you and here I am… Laying in bed, stuffed full of falafel and hummus (and black bean brownie – had to make a new batch because I gave them all away!) I just have to say I’m middle Eastern and was really skeptical about this recipe. I used olive oil and peanut butter instead of tahini because that’s what I had, and I made a little sauce using mayonnaise, lemon, parsley, and black pepper. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. At the end of the recipe it says that she added things after to make them taste better, but perhaps that could be added into the main recipe? Do you think that the kale also added more moisture? Hi Azza, We haven’t tried baking these so we don’t have precise timing recommendations. I used canned chickpeas, but if you’re using dry make sure to cook them first! These sound so amazing! And is it a tightly packed cup? Stop when thery are about the size of bulgar wheat or quinoa. My husband and I loved this quick weeknight dinner! Thanks! How do you get protein? We use spinach, carrots and zucchini in our felafels usually, just salt a little to get the veggies to give up their water. :) It worked out perfect. Can you tell me what I can substitute the tahinin with? I’m not sure I want to fry them! My new go-to falafel recipe. They were still good enough to eat. I fried them first and then baked them to make them crispier.

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