mississippi power 245

The Power Company could act only through its officers, agents and servants. 14, 41 So.2d 41; Hays v. Lyon, 192 Miss. Catawba County reported more than 19,000 customer outages and Mecklenburg County, which... An artistic collaboration has allowed Pearl River Community College’s Wildcat Kids Club to inspire little Wildcats to stay creative with a new Wildcat Coloring Book. Statute providing that corporations having right to condemn may, in exercising that right, have survey made but shall be liable for damage to the lands and waters of owner did not entitle condemnee to statutory penalties for wrongful cutting of trees in course of the survey by prospective condemnor, a power company, in absence of mention of such penalties in statute permitting the survey. (1954). The question of good faith and the reasonableness of and necessity for the clearing and cutting were submitted to the jury, under proper instruction of the court. Pp. Upon the complaints of three cable operators alleging that the yearly per-pole attachment rentals charged them by appellee Florida Power Corporation -- $7.15, $6.24, and $5.50, respectively -- were unreasonable, the FCC's Common Carrier Bureau issued orders reforming each of the pole attachment agreements to provide for yearly rents of $1.79 per pole. 71, 133 So. Light Co., 172 F.2d 643; Secs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mississippi Power storm team members and contract crews will continue to practice social distancing and wear masks when... Zeta has killed at least six people after bringing high winds, heavy rain and up to 10 feet of storm surge in some areas. MARSHALL, J., delivered the opinion for a unanimous Court. Floyd was an All-American at Eastern Kentucky University. — Louisiana Gov. He switched to doing serious roles that gave him an opportunity to hone his skills. . Justia makes no guarantees or warranties that the annotations are accurate or reflect the current state of law, and no annotation is intended to be, nor should it be construed as, legal advice. Analysts from Morgan Stanley found in a January report that utilities could save customers money and increase earnings for investors by accelerating coal retirements and replacing the plants with renewable energy. About 55,400 of those customers are in central Alabama, the hardest hit areas in the state. We characterized our holding in Loretto as "very narrow." Mississippi Power, along with all utilities across the country, knew as late as April 2015 that federal regulations would require them to either close certain coal plants or to spend on new investments to address improperly stored coal ash. The Court erred in excluding certain evidence of the plaintiff, and in admitting certain evidence for the defendant. 260, 76 So.2d 212; Lusby v. Kansas City, M. B.R. During her extensive career as a politician, Kamala Harris has always tried to adopt measures that encourage social progressivism. Kamala Harris is one of those few politicians whose mission is to reform the entire system from within rather than by crusading from the outside. 576, 4 So.2d 345, 6 So.2d 468; Storm v. Green, 51 Miss. The damages for which the prospective condemnor is made liable under Code Section 2776 are damages to "the lands and waters" of the owner. § 224 (the Pole Attachments Act) effects an unconstitutional taking of property without just compensation. 311, 107 A.2d 653, the Court held that a constitutional prohibition against the taking of private property means taking property from the owner and actually applying it to the use of the public, and the authorized temporary occupancy or momentary entry on land for the purpose of inspection is not a taking under an eminent domain statute and may be done without compensation. Ibid. In order to avoid liability for the statutory penalty in a case of this kind the defendant is not required to prove freedom from negligence, but only that the trespass was not willful, or did not result from wantonness or recklessness." [1], In Lowndes County, MS 245 starts at its intersection with US 45 Alt., and it begins traveling northwestwards. 10. We found that our prior decisions interpreting the Takings Clause, along with the purposes of the Clause itself, compelled the conclusion that "a permanent physical occupation authorized by government is a taking without regard to the public interests that it may serve." Agent is not liable for torts committed by his principal personally, and if act would not render principal liable if done by principal, agent performing the act is not liable under ordinary circumstances. As a child he used to stammer but he overcame this problem by memorizing and reciting long passages in front of the mirror. The court first concluded that the Act effected a taking of property because it authorized a permanent physical occupation of property under our decision in Loretto v. Teleprompter Manhattan CATV Corp., 458 U. S. 419 (1982). There was no error in the court's refusal to grant that instruction for the reason that the plaintiff in his declaration did not sue for compensatory damages or the actual value of the trees cut, but only for statutory damages or penalties as itemized under Code Section 1075.

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