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You need to be persistent and have patience, when applying for mining jobs. o The work can be work can be very laborious and monotonous, especially if you are inexperienced or underqualified. Miners use their individual skill sets to extract natural resources from the earth’s surface. To save you from mining through all of the information available online, we’ve compiled a guide to the best courses available to you at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as a range of short courses. They can let you know who to call and what you need to do. Searching for a career in business and not sure where to start? I have worked for two different construction companies as well and I got those through friends. Emphasise your personal strengths and achievements in your resume and target your cover letter to the job description listed. Some product issuers may provide products or offer services through multiple brands, associated companies or different labelling arrangements. Please read our website terms of use and privacy policy for more information about our services and our approach to privacy. Here's what you need to know about taking an online first aid course. If you have a trade you may also find it easier to find a job on the mines than someone who doesn’t have a trade. Once you’ve proved yourself to be a reliable worker, your wages should increase. However, mining is no longer a case of going out into the desert with a pick axe and a canary. As more of Australia opens up, Dr Paul Harrison looks at the impact of so much uncertainty – and why it's an important part of our response to coronavirus. The benefit of online study is that you can customise it to fit your circumstance and lifestyle, it can, however, also take a long time and studying alone does present its challenges. o Most mining companies will run police checks, as well as drug and alcohol tests. We’re committed to our readers and editorial independence. o You can also get a second working holiday visa through mining. Acceptance by insurance companies is based on things like occupation, health and lifestyle. There are mines all over Australia, so find out which ones are near your current location and visit them. You probably already know this, but when it comes to natural resources, Australia is geologically blessed and consistently ranks as one of the world’s most productive mining nations. has access to track details from the product issuers listed on our sites. Backed by over 50 years of open cut mining experience, Mining Skills Australia has grown to develop programs of study and a team of experienced coaching and mentoring professionals that will be able to cater for the growing needs of your business. Mining can be physically draining and demanding work as well as potentially hazardous, so a willingness to work in these conditions is essential. Find out exactly which courses you could become qualified in with This qualification is available as an Australian Apprenticeship or Traineeship in the state and territories coloured in blue on the map. Please note that the information published on our site should not be construed as personal advice and does not consider your personal needs and circumstances. Here are some of the best ways to go about getting a mining job in Australia: If you have a qualification in engineering, geology or construction you should find it a lot easier than most people to find work on a mining site. While it’s possible to get a mining job in Australia (even in downturns) a lot depends on your experience, qualifications and "tickets". Products marked as 'Promoted' or 'Advertisement' are prominently displayed either as a result of a commercial advertising arrangement or to highlight a particular product, provider or feature. It may not be the best idea to travel to the other side of Australia, just to get to a popular mining town. Because there can be such a high turnover, you may not start earning big money straight away, although your wages won’t be small either. She is passionate about helping people find the best deal for their needs. Why should I study mining? They are often based in remote areas and their work environments can be very physically demanding. If you are looking for a short course, or something for professional development then be sure to look into the courses listed below: The tuition will vary on all of the courses. Shirley Liu is Finder's global program manager. A good degree of physical fitness is necessary, as is a solid understanding of workplace health and safety and the ability to constantly assess safety concerns. o If you are inexperienced and unqualified you need to be fit and ready for physical labour. Mining Training Courses Australia Standard 11 The GI Coal Surface course (sometimes referred to as ‘GIQ’ or ‘Standard 11’) is suitable for any person working in the Queensland Coal and Metalliferous mining industry, or looking to work in the Queensland Coal and … is one of Australia's leading comparison websites. Graduate diploma in extractive metallurgy at the Open University. These days if you have any kind of engineering, mechanical, or electrical degree, or if you are a geologist, you can pretty much just walk in to a mining job, no problem. If you know you want to work in mining, but also want to get an undergraduate degree and study online, then perhaps you should look at our other course guides that cover fields like science or engineering. These and other Site Skills Training courses will equip individuals with the skills, knowledge and confidence to carry out their work in the mining industry in occupations including but not limited to: Dogmen, Riggers or Scaffolders Fitters and Welders Site Supervisors Logistics Coordinators Plant and Machinery Operators Health and Safety Officers. Get the eBook now. When I got the job working for an engineering company it was posted in through the company’s HR department. There are a range of careers and specialisations you can pursue within the mining industry, with the right experience and qualifications, © Career FAQs 2020 | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use. Miners need to be free from the influence of alcohol and drugs and be able to work in dark and tight spaces. Depending on your specialisation in the mining industry, you may be required to hold a relevant licence or accreditation. A driller’s assistant works under the supervision and guidance of a senior driller. A course relevant to your career goals will help you get a head start in the mining industry. If you’re serious about getting a mining job then try everything until you have exhausted all avenues. These include: Iminco, Open2Study and Open Universities. o The majority of mining sites are very remote with nowhere to go. That’s a total of $12,304. o Most on-site camps will have great facilities i.e. The daily duties of a miner will vary depending on their experience, skills, the specialisation they have pursued and the type of mineral or ore they are mining for. Courses are multidisciplinary and overlap with disciplines like Geology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, and Risk Management. It would be even better if you could get in contact with expats from your own country who are working on mining sites. How to become a miner in Australia: careers in mining, How to become a registered nurse in Australia: careers in nursing, The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Department of Environment and Primary Industries Victoria, The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia Inc, South Australia Chamber of Mines and Energy Inc, Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries NT, website Engineers Australia Canberra Division, environmental science degree online australia, Noting potential health and safety hazards. Your application for credit products is subject to the Provider's terms and conditions as well as their application and lending criteria. Put your training to good use and get the best professional head start in your mining career. If you're unsure about anything, seek professional advice before you apply for any product or commit to any plan. Finder co-founder Frank Restuccia on the next steps we need to take. To give an idea of what it’s really like to work in the mining industry in Australia, we interviewed three miners. You are about to post a question on Subscribe to the Finder newsletter for the latest money tips and tricks, I am 46 yrs from india I am interested in doing mining unskilled labour job which course will suit me. For example, a popular job for women on mining sites is driving a dump truck because research has shown that women are easier on the multi-million dollar equipment yet still get the job done. Their duties include rig moving, assessing drilling fluid, completing repairs and general machine maintenance. Every now and then mining sites need to shut down for upgrades, maintenance or repairs and they usually hire people temporarily to work during shut downs. I have worked for a few different mining companies and I got each job through a different way. The mining industry in Australia is becoming increasingly gender neutral. It’s also a great way to get your foot in the door and gain valuable on-site experience. Please refer to our, A better score could get you a better deal , Track your credit score for free in the Finder app, is a financial comparison and information service, not a bank or Get our free "Tips from Backpackers Living and Working in Australia" PDF, - Genuine Experiences of Backpackers in Australia. Level 10, 99 York St, Shutdowns are exactly what the name suggests. Shirley has a Master of Commerce and a Bachelor of Media, Journalism and Communications from the University of New South Wales. Providing or obtaining an estimated insurance quote through us does not guarantee you can get the insurance. Be prepared to help in any situation. They carry out a range of duties at a mining job site. Associated degree in engineering at Open University. o Most on-site accommodation will have a TV, internet access and a phone. The mining industry can be very difficult to get into, especially if you have no previous experience or qualifications. Get on the right track to finding work in the mining industry and establish whether or not mining work is for you. By providing you with the ability to apply for a credit card or loan, we are not guaranteeing that your application will be approved. It’s a diverse field that requires a range of skills. A mine is a very large workplace requiring many people who specialise in a range of fields. Everything you need to know about landing a job that requires the service of alcohol. Don’t think that just because you’re female that the mining companies and recruiters won’t consider you. She was previously the publisher for banking and investments and has also written comparisons for energy, money transfers, Uber Eats and many other topics. When selecting a course to take online the most important thing is that you find a course that will hold your interest and that will point you in the direction that you want your career to go. Employment Prospects. Build your skills and learn about the natural resource industry’s procedures and processes. We don’t However, we aim to provide information to enable consumers to understand these issues. You can learn more about how we make money here. A mine shift supervisor works both above and below ground, performing thorough safety routine checks. If you’re serious about getting a mining job then try everything until you have exhausted all avenues. However, you should be aware that while we are an independently owned service, our comparison service does not include all providers or all products available in the market. You may have probably heard the stories about a friend of a friend who is earning over $100,000 a year on a mine somewhere in Western Australia or Queensland, and wondered how you could get a mining job too. Contact recruitment agencies and/or labour-hire companies: For a recruitment agency to consider you, you will need to have a skill, trade or qualification.

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