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A MidSouth Electric Cooperative. Residential; Business; Resources. Our plan is to connect fiber-optic cable to our entire electric system, including on the poles that are currently within our rights-of-way. Residential When you are reading emails, visiting websites, streaming video or music, this is all "downloading." Case Studies. Click here after cookies are enabled. Download The amount of data that can be sent TO your computer/device in a set amount of time. Plans for every Household. Showcase. To make this communication possible, MidSouth is installing a fiber backbone cable. As technology advances, we continue to evaluate how we can make our distribution system more robust and smarter to provide more reliable electric service to our members. Contacting MidSouth Fiber. Full Name * Email Address * Phone Number. Recent Articles. The MidSouth Fiber project will be completed in phases over a period of time. If you have any further questions please contact us. M-F 8:00AM - 5:00PM 7625 Highway 6 Navasota, Texas 77868 936-825-5100. At MidSouth, we look forward to improving the reliable and efficient system that serves our members. If we could connect all of our members tomorrow we would, but the reality is connecting all of … Projects of this scale require accurate planning and cooperation from nature to be completed quickly. The number of lanes would be equivalent to the size of bandwidth. Log into account. This project started in mid-2018 and is progressing well. This window will close automatically. BUZZ LATEST NEWS FROM SYNERGY FIBER. Internet service providers typically only advertise their download bandwidth as they utilize asymmetrical systems where the download and upload are not the same. Do not close your browser or press the back button. Typical latency on a cable internet connection can be 100 milliseconds (ms) or more. $64.95 for 100 Mbps (plus tax) $79.95 for 500 Mbps (plus tax) $99.95 for 1 Gbps (plus tax) After much anticipation, MidSouth Fiber Internet releases residential pricing. This service—called Fiber to the Home—will become available as the fiber line is expanded and will be optional for members. Please contact us if you have any questions. Monthly pricing for fiber internet is as follows: $64.95 for 100 Mbps, $79.95 for 500 Mbps and $99.95 for 1 Gbps before tax. MidSouth Fiber Internet. Select Market Low latency = less delay. If you are interested in fiber internet service to your home, visit midsouthfiber.com to register. High latency = more delay. Starting at $64.95 per month, residents in rural areas will have access to fast, reliable internet. We look forward to what the future holds for the MidSouth service area. Typical latency on a fiber connection is less than 30ms. GENERAL MANAGER KERRY KELTON. Do not close your browser or press the back button. MidSouth Electric Co-op members receive excellent service because without them, there would be no need for MidSouth Fiber. More lanes (bandwidth) allows more cars (data) to pass through. Once the project is finished, not only will MidSouth employees be able to communicate more efficiently and reliably with every one of our devices, but members will benefit as well. Latency describes how long it takes for the car (data) to first show up onto the highway. Keep in touch. Headquarters 3131 S. State St. Suite 306 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 734.222.6060 [email protected] Careers We will provide notice to you when construction is set to begin in your area. This window will close automatically. To make this communication possible, MidSouth is installing a fiber backbone cable. So you have more time for you. To make this communication possible, MidSouth is installing a fiber backbone cable. Please enable cookies for this site to work properly. M-F 8:00AM - 5:00PM 7625 Highway 6 Navasota, Texas 77868. Services. We are constantly striving to deliver new and unique solutions to our customers. An all-fiber optic infrastructure provides "symmetrical speeds," meaning the download and upload are identical. Without changing the size or orientation of the fiber cable communicating with our electric infrastructure, MidSouth will be able to provide reliable fiber internet service to members’ homes at industry-leading speeds. Whatever you get from Mid-South, you get more than advanced technology, more than reasonable rates, more than a sixty-year tradition of reliability. Stand by, We are processing your payment. Leave IT to us Synergy Innovations. MidSouth Fiber is dedicated to bringing top of the line internet, TV and phone service to our community. Internet access from Mid-South Synergy offers reliable Internet access at the best rates around. We are excited about this project, its progress and its potential to increase economic development in our area through continuing the evolution toward a smart power grid. Upload The amount of data that can be sent FROM your computer/device in a set amount of time.

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