marshall dsl40c slash settings

Really its going to come down to the amp / maybe a ds-1 in there to boost / add more dirt. You need to understand what you are hearing is a typical old recording probably done to tape.It's also been processed by a sound designer with lots of old analog equipment.No one can reproduce that sound live in your bedroom. If you're looking for pickups that Slash actually uses, he uses i don't think he was using super distortions was he? The amp was made sometime between mid-’69 and mid-’73, well before the JCM800 came out in 1981—it's from the post-Plexi, "metal panel" era, before Marshall added master volumes. There are a few benefits though that going for the DSL 40 over the DSL 20. Another was to add an extra gain stage:,,, During Slash’s two-decade break from the band, he enjoyed success with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, and Velvet Revolver. I just love slash. It was a modified Marshall Super Tremolo with an extra gain stage. The amp you're playing into is the big tone changer. Armed with a Marshall and his trusty top hat, Slash has been rocking the stage since the 80’s. If anything, it's a bit edgier than Slash, but it works. He also use a tremolo on occasion, and of course a talkbox, in addition to his signature wah tone. Press J to jump to the feed. Those stock epi pick ups SUCK SO HARD!!!! dont bother doing it on the amp and be mindful of the tone pots they help a lot in getting slash's tone for sweet child. Slash often uses his rhythm pickup for lead playing, with the tone knob turned way down. One set of my slash pups is still new in box. The best place to start if you're new is right below in our "Rules" section. theres a reason they make em ahah, on your amp dont full blast the gain, have more treble than mids and medium bass. I experimented for months. And I applaud your choice. Slash is lucky that Axl finally let him back in the band. Blackstar ht series amps are prefect for getting the tone on a budget. With rich functionality including the ability to move between two sounds within each gain channel, players can experiment and release their personality through sound. A lot of people are commenting on your question. I'm pretty sure that, during the recording of AFD, he had sold his gear and recorded it all on an LP knockoff, however he did rent a Marshall stack that he tried to keep by claiming it was stolen. Slash's Appetite for Destruction tone was a borrowed replica of a '59 LP built by ghostbuilder Chris Derrig, equipped with Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro pickups, which are quite different from PAFs. I'm just stopping in to say, I ALSO think slash is the greatest of all time. The lead 2 channel has a midrange boost and is awesome for Slash style solo work. The difference being in the presence control. My personal favorite pedal is called the Fullbore Metal. Since back in the 70's and 80's they were all hand built, so they were all slightly different. I believe it was not a JCM800 but rather a Marshall Super Tremolo (1959T) modified by Tim Caswell. The exact amp that Slash used was so good that he tried to steal it. I wanted to check the bias on my DSL40C and I found it was set at 30mA the one side was running a little bit hotter at about 32mA. Zoom in to see the dial positions (in red characters) and notes: And a shot of the DSL40C post tube swap: Changing pickups is a waste of money as that's, like, 5% of your sound. But for his riff work as above. Fans across the globe were excited to see Slash reunite with Guns N’ Roses in 2016. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Treble at about 10 o'clock (4), the mids at 2 o'clock (7), and the bass at 10 o'clock (4). And it's since been lost, and nobody knows where it is. Even using Slash's actual rig you are not going to sound exactly like him. Actually the guy who is responsible for modding it sells an amp. Slash is really good and has made really good stuff recently. Thank you very much!!! EDIT: And as was said in another post, use the rhythm channel. I love having a variety of pups to change up my tone when ever I feel like it. Also, on a recording, keep in mind that it's been through a lot of processing - EQ'ing, compression, other types of mastering adjustments. The closest you're going to get is a Marshall Silver Jubilee, which was just reissued. Marshall CODE Presets by Artist. By continuing we assume that you're ok for us to store cookies on your device. On a budget: DSL 15C or DSL 40C. On a 4 x12 have the 57 about one inch max from the grill. You can switch the Marshall back to 20 W or still having more channels to choose from. His signature pickups, also built by Seymour Duncan, are actually the same Alnico II Pros except with different cosmetics (and exposed coils). just stock PAFish? That was good but missed the mark in some areas. You probably don't need new pickups. It's true that a big part of his tone is his Marshalls but his are heavily modded. ). Let me know how you go. Discussion in 'The Tone Zone' started by davidcf, May 10, 2013. you don't need new pickups. Marshall dsl40c is widely considered to be one of the best, top-rated, and best-valued guitar amps. The VS265 is never adjusted appreciably from its rehearsal/performance settings shown. The Marshall DSL 20 is a very solid amplifier as well. I believed I should reply here as I own a few Marshalls including the 40c DSL and i have nailed the SLASH tone. Since back in the 70's and 80's they were all hand built, so they were all slightly different. Especially for ACDC type tones too. If you cant afford the slash pups go for a duncan TB4 and a 59 for the neck. This is a forum where guitarists, from novice to experienced, can explore the world of guitar through a variety of media and discussion. The secret to Slash's tone on Appetite for Destruction was a Marshall JCM800 that he rented. The exact amp that Slash used was so good that he tried to steal it. I ll be honest. The treble is much more important for clarity. Thanks for visiting. I have the tb4, 59 set, and the slash set and a ton of other pups. I put a Greenback in the combo internal and that sounds amazeballs. This is also extremely close to the settings he used with Eric Valentine on the solo records. I have gibsons and epi's swap the pups it makes a world of differance. I just thought it was interesting as heck, and sometimes new tube amps have some new innovative stuff going on. now the only thing that is differnt is how much I hate the neck on my epi but now its my traveling guitar for the dorm or those gigs where I dont wana take my gibby's out. I was slash in a gnr tribute band so I know all about this tone search and I had it NAILED. The Marshall DSL 40 has more tonal options. Now these settings are perfect for recording with a shure sm57. I too have been inspired by his tone in that album. You were the only One from all that post anything in here that actually Said something. A look at the gear and dials used to produce the optimal Slash amp settings and tone. Marshall DSL40C Slash Tone? That's not really accurate actually. Either can sound like this song with a wah and some overdrive from an amp or pedal. Some are only decent, while others can sound like that. For bedroom playing or rehearsals you may want to increase the presence a tiny bit, not much. Both amps are loud enough for small gigs or miking through a sound system, and the half-power settings make either ideal for playing at more moderate volume levels at home.

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