manistee river livery

We are a great destination for scout groups. Those looking for a lazy float down the river, tube the Hodenpyl Dam to Red Bridge access. While a few approach Class III, none of them were particularly problematic or required a whole lot of skill. We are just south of M-55 on M-37 and just off the Pine River. On Wed, June 23 and again on Thurs, July 1, accompanied first by my wife, Amy and later by my river buddy, Jon, I finally got back. Do NOT depend on Google or Mapquest for local forest service roads. This river can introduce wilderness canoe or kayak camping to those honing their skills, or possibly meet the needs of experienced trekkers looking closer to home. It was our observation that the larger liveries had fleets of vehicles and carts. With over 60 years experience on the South Branch of the Au Sable river in Northern Michigan. They are farm dogs, not used to being chained, so we were particularly thankful to be able to let them run although we did keep a close eye on them. Check with DNR for the latest information. Give us a call at 231-862-3471. There are no conveniences except parallel "hitching-post" canoe racks. On the other hand, it's a fun river and when approached with the right attitude, a terrific outing. We were pleased that firewood may be collected from the forest floor and ropes may be tied to trees for tarps, hanging food packs and such. Grayling is the only sizable town in the immediate area and we chose to do our business at this hub. We offer a 2 hour trip or a 4 hour trip. In fact, once again, Jon and I were the only ones in the entire campground. 1. We had the campground to ourselves. Your car will be waiting, and so will we, have fun. Passage between Driftwood Valley and Bear Track is approximately 2 hours. The entire Manistee River located within Manistee County is what we would consider easy to moderate for the paddler. Meltwaters pouring off the ice sheet began shaping the valley through which the present day Manistee River runs. The river is quite wide and you will frequently pass motorboats and fisherman looking for their trophy catch in these fertile waters. We were frankly intrigued by the various accounts of the 9 Mile 6 Mile stretch. Our livery order taker was surprised that we did not need to re-supply for a 5-day trip with seven people. The grounds are up a long stairs and most sites are back from the river. This is a great river for the beginner paddler, but be sure to wear your life jacket, portions of this river can be quite deep. Always a constant flow, never any portages. GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Manistee River cuts a beautiful path -- a post card around every bend. Make sure you leave early in the morning, this can be a long float, but a fun one. !function(o,t,e,a){o._aoForms=o._aoForms||[],o._aoForms.push(a);var n=function(){var o=t.createElement(e);o.src=("https:"==t.location.protocol? We weren't really sure what to expect next. My wife and I advised the group that there would be no entering the water without foot protection. In contrast, seemingly gentle-spirited, fly-fishing people sparsely dotted the Manistee River. Fortunately virtually every one of the cabins and houses stood empty as we passed on our midweek expeditions. Jon and I pulled up at 9 Mile Bridge to take break. My perception is that outfitting is in large part, an untapped opportunity in this geographic location. This is not a river where you can just idly float with the current. It was easily passable in our canoe although a kayak would have been easier. Nevertheless, we had to stop. Thank you! Target take-out was Baxter Bridge. All in all, a very nice place. Even then, the campgrounds were not filled. Driftwood Valley and Bear Track are both west of Irons; Driftwood is off 10 Mile Rd with Bear Track farther down stream off 11 Mile. Several families would head north for a weekend; set up in one of the National Forest campgrounds and the kids would paddle the river one day, the grow-ups the next. $14 to camp, $4 to park a car at the launch & pull out sites. Our full service canoe livery and campground is located just 10 minutes north of Cadillac, Michigan in beautiful Northern Michigan. The warning posted at the DNR launch site made it clear that this was a very challenging section of river. The Manistee River in Grayling, MI Easy, hassle free trips! Shel-Haven Canoe Rental Amy & I camped, along with our two large dogs, at Driftwood Valley the evening of June 22. Friendly and courteous service is our specialty. Kayaks are also well represented. There were nails hammered into several trees. Many stretches that we paddled appear to be true wilderness, where the only sight, sound and smell are those of nature. We concluded that this was a nice spot for a layover day, giving the inexperienced neo-canoe-campers a rest. by  The pull out is not well marked, so keep a sharp eye out. Campbell’s Canoes is family owned and operated. We never saw another soul on the river, along the shore or in either campground. Oh well, it just added to the fun. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your experience through us is unforgettable. Some cuts were barely wider than a canoe but it was never necessary to portage. Indian burial mounds, village locations, and campsites have been found dating from 8,000 B.C. Last-minute items and souvenirs are available in our uniquely-decorated store. You don’t need experience to canoe the Manistee River, there are no dangerous rapids and it is very family friendly. We added you to our newsletter list! My perception is that if one wants a guided fly-fishing trip, the livery then dallies into elements of outfitting with in-house or hired local experts. Upper Manistee Natural River Map Upper Manistee River Map. We were left with the impression that we taught them about customer service. A challenging river, the 9 Mile to 6 Mile stretch is not for the novice, over all a lot of fun for those with solid boat handling skills and a sense of adventure. Our full service canoe livery and campground is located just 10 minutes north of Cadillac, Michigan in beautiful Northern Michigan. – Hodenpyl Dam – Map (at the end of Hodenpyl Road)– Red Bridge – Map– Tippy Dam – Map (at the end of Dilling Road)– High Bridge – Map– Bear Creek – Map (east of Kettner Road on River Road)– Rainbow Bend – Map (Just off River Road between Milarch and Kettner)– M55 Bridge (no access only for float times)– Manistee’s Douglas Park near Lake Michigan – Map, Fishing and Hunting, Manistee Area, North Coast, River Country, Rivers and Paddling. Numerous campgrounds and access sites are conveniently spaced over the entire length of the river, and make it possible to paddle a two hour float, a ten day trip, or anything in between. There are plenty of sand bars for swimming, and natural spots to get out and relax or fish. – Hodenpyl Dam > Red Bridge :  4.0 hrs– Red Bridge > Tippy Dam : 3.5 hrs– Tippy Dam > High Bridge : 2.0 hrs– High Bridge > Bear Creek : 3.0 hrs– Bear Creek > Rainbow Bend : 1.5 hrs– Rainbow Bend > M55 : 4.0 hrs– M55 > Douglas Park : 1.5 hrs. As a teenager in the 70's, I'd enjoyed a few outings on the Little Manistee. LOCATION (PUT-IN / TAKE-OUT) AND CANOEABLE MILEAGE: Our canoe rental company choice put us in at CR. Other sections parallel unseen roads from which traffic is heard. The kids love it – actually everyone does. My experience is they are wildly inaccurate. Maps could be handy to locate public land that would be suitable for a lunch break or a remote camp (permit required) employing LNT principles. 3. So its ok, enjoy yourself and relax on the river and take as long as you would like to, because we don’t charge extra if you decided to stop at one of the many sandy swimming holes with the kids to cool off, or if you pull off to the side to have a picnic with the family, or you could even be one of the groups who gets distracted in an epic water fight and lose track of time. 2. Not that the river was 100% clearthere were several "squeekers" that required careful maneuvering. For each of these expeditions, you will park at Shel- Haven and we will load you up in one of our vans and drive you up the river to your desired destination. Like many rivers, the higher up the river you go, the swifter the current and tighter the turns. Tried to pull our kayaks in, too. Poison ivy is abundant. Major Access Points on the River System: Download map for details. Chippewa Landing’s friendly service, natural setting, and top quality equipment will always assure a great paddlesport experience. The Manistee River is the most unspoiled natural river in the lower peninsula, and has become the place for superior canoeing, rafting, kayaking, tubing, and great rustic camping along the banks of the Manistee River. If anything however, there were even more cottages and river side "retreats" here than there had been upstreammight as well have been paddling through downtown Cadillac. 11852 W M 72 Hwy The entire Manistee River located within Manistee County is what we would consider easy to moderate for the paddler. The Pleistocene Glaciers that advanced and retreated over this portion of Michigan's Lower Peninsula are responsible for the porous nature of the glacial outwash evident throughout the river valley. All of us at Chippewa Landing can be a great help to get the troop on the Manistee River for a truly rustic camping experience. Many blue birds and herons. guest-paddler, A self-supported trip created by Called Manistee by early Native Americans, the word has many documented translations including “the river at whose mouth are islands”, “river with white trees along the banks”, and “the place between the trees”. M72 BRIDGE - There is a livery business visible across the river. guest-paddler, A self-supported trip created by Groves of intermixed birch, cedar and hardwoods are common. Ironically though, there was a lot more development along the river way out here in the National Forest than is seen along many river in my native SW MI. Our disappointment may very well be because the Manistee River is approximately 8 miles from Grayling and the AuSable River runs through Grayling.

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