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You probably already know that flexibility is important within your golf swing, as it will allow you to make a full turn away from the ball – setting up a powerful downswing. First, when around the green, putt when you can. By Louis Oosthuizen Photos by Jon Super/AP. What it looks like: In a word, textbook. He lost the 2012 Masters when Bubba Watson played a shot for the ages on the first playoff hole, and has a swing so solid it's easy to picture him contending in many more majors. His swing is a virtual study in perfect positions, from posture to plane to hip and shoulder rotation. If it is, spend your practice time learning how to lag the club longer into your downswing, and only move on once you are happy with your progress. Indeed, the South African wasn't exactly a superstar before running away with the Claret Jug at St. Andrews. However, every time I saw a pro hit a wood off of the fairway at St. Andrews, I saw divots flying. At 71 he teaches patients to remove pain from their bodies.and is highly successful. In 2014, he ranked 21st on the PGA TOUR with an average drive of 300.5 yards. The most important areas of flexibility for golf are in the lower back, upper legs, and shoulders. Competence leads to Confidence, and our aim is to help you build that Competence I hope you gain much for your game from these insights from the Master Coaching Academy, Croker Golf System, and my journey in golf since 1961 starting as a caddy at Royal Melbourne. It doesn't matter if you are hitting a wedge or a three wood, hitting down on the ball is how you get the ball in the air and create solid contact. The best Instagram photos from 2014, After IVF shock, mom gives birth to two sets of identical twins, Inside North Korea: Water park, sacred birth site and some minders, Louis Oosthuizen adapted superbly to conditions at St.Andrews to win British Open, South African used a putter around the greens and hit down on his wood shots, His seven-shot victory gave Oosthuizen his first major title. Solid as he is from tee to green, the South African has had his struggles with the putter. Without leg rotation, any power that you are able to create in your swing will be mostly coming from your arms pulling the club down toward the ball – and that is a limited power source at best. Spend plenty of practice time working on your full turn – specifically with the driver – and your swing will be better for the effort. That's how I avoid slumps. In addition to Oosthuizen, pros such as Sergio Garcia and even Rory McIlory also are great demonstrations of how size is not a prerequisite to distance on the course. When you are working with a smaller build than some of the other players on the course, you will need to get everything possible out of the size you do have. The points above can help every player, but they are especially important for those who don't have the advantage of size on their side. “My putting strategy is simple,” Oosthuizen told Golf Digest. If a shaft is too soft, the ball will usually fly high into the air and come down short of your expected distance. I have been doing a daily practice of specific Qi Gong Exercises with the express interest in removing pain from 2 specific areas in my body, Neither of these injuries was golf-related but occurred in the gym when lifting weights in Cross Fit sessions. Lag can be defined as the angle between the left arm and the shaft of the club in the downswing. Fitting sessions at your local golf shop or course are usually pretty affordable, and they can be a huge help in terms of educating you on the technical elements of golf equipment. There is no such thing as a 'perfect' golf club, because every golfer swings a little bit differently. You must use the ground and roll the ball when you can and when you hit a wood off those tight fairways you have to hit down and take a divot. Ask a friend to record your swing on video in order to get a good look at your lag on the way down into the ball. If you are still holding on to your angle, you are in good shape for a powerful swing. The first thing I teach my students is to always take the path of least resistance by maximizing ground time and minimizing airtime. Oosthuizen's classic finish is the elegant exclamation point on this highly efficient swing. You have reached the maximum number of submissions for today. Beyond sheer swing speed, strong hands are a great advantage when you have to play from the rough, where the long grass will be trying to twist your club head left and right as you approach impact. Then I went back to traditional, and now I'm left-hand-low again. Your worst putt will always be better than your worst chip or pitch. Louis Oosthuizen hit a three-wood second shot on the par five 14th hole and right after he hit the ball, a puff of dirt exploded into the air. Think of the shaft as the engine of the golf club. Oosthuizen's backswing is the picture of unity. Needless to say, this is an inefficient way to go about hitting golf shots. Nearly all great swings start with a solid setup, and Oosthuizen's is no exception. Lower body rotation. If you are a golfer who is on the smaller side in terms of your build, use the content above to work on optimizing your swing technique and you just may be able to find more distance with each of the clubs in your bag. 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