liberty hdx 350 troubleshooting

GunVault SVB 500 Best Biometric Handgun Safe. On the possibility that somebody might still find this article, I need to correct an editorial decision made by Ammoland. Now, with its vulnerabilities addressed, this line of safes is far more secure than many on the market. I usually get a spike during the holidays and again in early summer. Here is a VIDEO showing the two solutions above. Liberty, like most companies making handgun safes, has been using what is known as a 7-pin tubular lock. UPDATE: Since this article was posted, one of the companies mentioned in the article has taken down its site and replaced it with a new one. It has high-tech looking shapes embossed on the lid. Put the old in the box the new came in, shipped back with return ups label and was done . Often the only “innovation” in these products is the design of a keypad or the contours of a box. If you use the biometrics on a handgun safe for a few months, which hopefully gives you better than 75% accuracy, you shouldn’t be surprised at the occasional run of misreads. Right click or control click on file name to download files to disk. OWNER'S MANUAL FOR HDX-BIOMETRIC VAULTS WITH 5-YEAR WARRANTY. Ardwolf, Fortress, Ivation, Ollieroo, and Stanley all sell versions of the safe, which uses a swipe-style capacitive scanner for biometric recognition. I would recommend the AMSEC PS1210HD, or the smaller version of this safe. Somebody in China realized that a light-weight container, requiring no more than 4.4 lbs of steel and a cheap capacitive scanner, could make bank if it had decorative contours in the lid—in other words if it looked cool. Have you looked into verifi safes? Right click or control click on file name to download files to disk. This is because the lock is the generic Lexus lock. MADE IN THE USA, the HDX-350 includes the finest in security features and convenience and comes with Liberty's dependable 5-YEAR replacement ! Unfortunately, I had the safe compromised within 5 minutes of getting it out of the box. In my discussion of Liberty Safe’s products, Ammoland changed some of my wording to read, “As with Vaultek Safe, Liberty didn’t patch up the problems. However, I’m glad you asked. Biometric handgun gun safes typically have one of two kinds of fingerprint readers, an image reader or a capacitive scanner. If you really, really think you’re facing the risk that someone might try forcing his way into your home, consider installing door barricade hardware and high-security deadbolts. If you get two to three years of reliable performance from the biometric components installed on a handgun safe, you got your money’s worth. No comparison, thanks for sharing, again great job! The piece looked at defectively designed handgun safes, and was first posted online at ASJ on July 21, 2015, under the title “It’s Too Easy To Crack Your Gun Safe.”, This site exposes the design defects and security vulnerabilities of popular handgun safes. The products are hybrid safes, the results of a mix-and-match approach to recycling designs, which creates unintended security flaws in each new hybrid handgun safe. In my opinion, optical readers are reliable. The latching mechanisms installed in these safes—the HDX-150, HDX-250, and HDX-350 Smart Vaults—are the strongest I’ve come across. The static capacitive scanners on the market today are also entirely accurate, though the swipe-style scanner can be moody. USA – -( As the guy who runs, I am constantky asked for advice on the best biometric gun safes more than anything else. Of Liberty’s Home Defender Series, the most popular safes are the 9G Products biometric safes, which use the swipe-style capacitive scanner. And I’m afraid I also have the distinction of being the one who broke the Home Defender Series, roughly a year after they were launched. ANOTHER UPDATE: The keyed lock installed on most Vaultek safes can be opened quickly with an automobile entry tool. Plus, now you can program up to 30 fingerprints with the HDX-350 home gun vault safe, double the number of other models. Without going into details that might bore some readers, most of these tubular locks are easily picked with tools that require no training to use and which are available to anyone online. On Amazon, Amarey’s handgun safe is listed as currently unavailable. The good news is that Ken Stacy, Managing Director of Liberty’s 9G Products Division, is addressing the issue as I write this. Vaultek has incorporated static capacitive scanners into the devices, and the scanners are fast enough to recognize a fingerprint that’s moving. The capacitive scanner might be either a static scanner that you place your finger on top of or a swipe reader that you can swipe in one direction or two directions. I’ve been searching for a reliable gun safe that’s secure. I need to know what safes people are curious about! If you flip a coin for a few minutes, which gives you a 50% chance of heads or tails, you shouldn’t be surprised at the occasional run of all heads or all tails. Generic Ardwolf / Fortress / Ivation / Ollieroo / Stanley Clone. Liberty Gun Safes and Centurion Safe Series by Liberty Safe Company. It would appear the Amarey handgun safe fiasco has run its course. Visit: But I need to qualify my remarks. Whomever was sending the replies to customers stopped replying. The impression that the latching mechanism is off-limits is an illusion. The security vulnerabilities I uncovered have been addressed. Multiple manufacturers now produce this safe, and Ivation and Stanley are selling it. The HDX-350 fingerprint gun safe includes Liberty's most advanced 6th Generation BIOMETRIC system which includes a multi-directional finger swipe allowing convenient access no matter where you install it. Since that time, Vaultek has also met with a Bluetooth hack. As for the biometric safe in question, it’s fitted with a little cross lock that can be opened with tools anyone can buy on Amazon. I have no other complaints about Liberty’s 9G Products. I don’t always follow comments. This won’t be a comprehensive review of every biometric handgun safe on the market, just a review of my examination findings on ones I have previousley challanged, which I hope will be useful. If there is a lesson to be learned here, it is that manufacturers can get complacent. The image reader requires you to place a finger on a tiny glass window that is lighted from beneath when it’s reading your print. If you are a safe manufacturer or fireamrs safe importer and what a honest, unbiased review of your gun safe please contact me at the website below. These electronic components are all made in China, and though the technology is improving the parts are low-end, consumer-grade electronics. What I find odd about these corporations is that, although they have the resources to hire the best industrial designers money can buy, they import generic safes. Called tech support and explained the problem, answered a few questions, A replacement under warranty was shipped out , got it in about 4-5 days . DOWNLOAD A-HDX-150-Owners-Manual.pdf Date: 10/6/2015 Stanley Black & Decker, an even more significant presence on Amazon, owns many of the tool brands you’re familiar with, including Bostitch, Craftsman, DeWalt, Irwin Tools, Lenox, Porter Cable, Mac Tools, etc. If I had a say in California’s Firearms Safety Device standards—or the standards in any other state—I would prohibit remote access in a firearms safety device. Dehumidifier Will Not Plug into the New Outlet Kit The ... Plug it in and if it works problem solved. Between companies peddling recycled designs and importers that don’t know what they’re buying, this safe keeps getting into circulation. And what the safes may lack in the style department, they make up for with ease of use, strength, and actual security. I have reservations about providing a gun safe with the option of remote access. Here is one of the videos I’ve posted highlighting the issue: Vaultek Safe, VT10i: Picked Open In 3 Seconds from Handgun Safe Research on Vimeo. However, they fired back with something bigger and better, the HDX-350 Smart Vault.” Both Vaultek Safe and Liberty Safe did, in fact, patch up the problems I found in their products, contrary to the way this wording reads. DOWNLOAD A-HDX-150-Owners-Manual.pdf Date: 10/6/2015: Sorry about the delayed response. Skip to content. However, they fired back with something bigger and better, the HDX-350 Smart Vault. Had a liberty HDX 350 for a while with no problems then one day it wouldn't close and latch . Terrific review, I have been literally captivated, thank you so much for details, but edgar is right: has great contents such as video reviews on gun safe … but your style is definitely better! But no, I haven’t looked at one of the Verifi safes yet. Generic Ivation / Stanley / Viking Biometric Gun Safe Clone. OWNER'S MANUAL FOR HDX-BIOMETRIC VAULTS WITH 5-YEAR WARRANTY. All capacitive scanners can be temperamental if your fingers have cuts, dirt, or moisture on them. GunVault should have recognized the need to hire someone to vet their remaining product line for security problems. That’s the only thing deflecting attention away from how flimsy this device is. I looked at the Fortress biometric version, the B-P2EA. The last two biometric gun safes, while not perfect, get a thumbs up from me and are the two brands that one can kind of agree make the Best Biometric Gun Safe list. I began while writing a piece of investigative journalism titled “Safe Cracking Is Too Easy,” published in the September 2015, issue of American Shooting Journal. You can also expect these components to be easily damaged; they don’t meet anything like military-grade standards. Viking hired a Chinese manufacturer to design a safe with an optical fingerprint reader, then released the safe in 2014. In addition, Vaultek safes are welded together inside, so the owner has no way of replacing the lock. If that doesn't work, contact Liberty's customer service department at 800-247-5625. Amarey now sells automated vacuum cleaners, no handgun safes. That means you can expect quality-control problems with a certain number of safes, though I don’t have an exact percentage to offer. I have the dubious distinction of being the first physical security tester to break Vaultek’s handgun safes when they were released in September of 2016. I compromised the GunVault’s GVB 1000 in February of 2016, and the video nearly went viral. Keep this in mind before deciding to buy one of these. This is an excellent article. I examined this gun safe in November of 2017 and posted a video covering its features. More people have contacted me with questions about GunVault’s SpeedVault Biometric than any other handgun safe. And which is better? Safe security expert, Dave Goetzinger, reviews the best biometric gun safe options and finds only two make the list of passable firearms storage and security options. On the video, I swipe one of the scanners with a rotating finger, and the scanner still accepts it. To my thinking, a gun safe should require the gun owner to be in direct contact with the safe when opening it. Ivation and Stanley join with other companies in selling yet another generic Chinese-made device, a top-opening handgun safe that comes in a keypad version and keypad-plus-biometric version. Now I make a point of showing manufacturers when they are using locks for which specific tools have been developed to open them. Though roughly ten years old now and still using the same swipe-style capacitive scanner, the SVB 500 is probably the most popular handgun safe GunVault makes. But they aren’t compact and don’t lend themselves to being installed on small devices, like portable gun cases. Electronic version of our current Liberty Safe Quick Start Guide for your convenience. AMSEC makes two versions, both with mechanical locks. OPEN IT WITH JUST ONE FINGER: The HDX-350 home gun vault includes Liberty's most advanced 6th Generation BIOMETRIC system which includes a multi-directional finger swipe allowing convenient access no matter where you install it. Are the fingerprint scanners on the Liberty safes better than other companies you tested? Competition in the best biometric gun safe market is fierce, with Chinese manufacturers throwing together quick-and-dirty products in the hope of making a buck off of U.S. importers.

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