liberty 1776 safe review

The interior of the safe is complimented by motion activated LED lights, adjustable shelving to fit any of your needs, and a deluxe door panel for added storage of pistols or valuable items. The interior of the safe is upholstered to protect the finish on firearms and other valuables. The safe measures 60” x 42” x 25” and weighs 814 lbs. There is room by it for a second identically sized safe so I can store more, and with my latest Palmetto state armory KS-47 I think it’s time. I have spent several hours watching youtube video’s on how easy it is to open up a standard gun safe…it’s laughable. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If I buy something heavier, I’m going to have to pay a specialist with a stair crawler to get it out of the basement. The all steel construction does not contain any plastic, making for a solid body throughout. I’m using three Stack-On assemble yourself steel gun cabinets. Plenty of safes from major makers (Liberty Gun Safe 1776 Series 23 Model Number 1776-23, the Browning Sporter SP15-167418A, and the Kodiak KSB5928EX-SO meet the capacity and side-thickness minimums above and won’t break the bank. I use a safe because I don’t want someone to steal my guns. Mostly paperwork and electronics now, but I keep a backup handgun with mags in there. A $13 dremmel from harbor freight will cut right through the side in a few minutes. The safe door is secured using 1 ½” live locking bolts, preventing any sort of door prying attempts. For guns that will be in the safe for extended periods, clean them as you normally would and apply a long-term solution to protect them. The Stack-On Elite 90 carries on the strong reputation of the Stack-On name with the adjustability and size of a custom safe that should cost hundreds more than it does. Which isn’t much, since many RSC use drywall for fire insulation. Pros would just cut it open. I’ve got a fireproof/waterproof safe. I built a raised concrete platform with cinder blocks along the wall in an inside corner of the basement. It is not as fireproof as some other models, with a fire rating of 30 minutes at 1400 degrees, but it does offer some protection in the event of a fire. Ughhh. Along with your safe, you’ll get some peace of mind along with your new gun storage. (Handgun safes should get the same treatment.). Mainly concerned about keeping them out of the hands of the kids and home break ins where they just take anything not tied down. And you can improve from there. The more time your buying. I would like to get a real safe and this looks like the best way to do it. Hopefully, you don’t store your acetylene torch in the same place as your safe. Do some more searching for local safe makers. Good for you! I also want to escape IL, so I’ll probably hold off for awhile. TTAG has a few articles on the basics here, here, and here, or search the site for “how to clean your guns” to get a full lineup. It is capable of holding up to 90 guns if needed. Multiple small boxes also makes moving a lot easier. Many shooters favor a mechanical lock because, like the argument over red dots and iron sights, they don’t want a lock powered by batteries that can fail. Liberty Gun Safes are among the best in the industry. Don’t let that concern you; this is a solid safe with tons of protection. Uses a digital code or a hidden key. I have never had a safe. Here’s a tip not many know about… If you have a garage door opener, thieves can work a wire over the top of the door and snag the manual over-ride; usually a rope with a handle.. Take that off to prevent them from gaining access in seconds. Steel door to enter with keypad deadbolt. You want as many locking points as feasible behind the door jamb to keep the door face from simply being ripped off. In just over two decades, they have grown to become the No. Makes the safe buying decision pretty easy… Don’t spend $2500 to protect $1800 worth of guns. I don’t have the room or a place for a nice 600 lb metal box like that. Some delivery is curbside and some is to wherever you want. That’s probably about the most you can do as an average renter, besides making sure no one knows you have guns by being very discreet coming and going. Even with all the shelves in place it is possible to store 62 guns inside the safe. The safe is kept secured by 4” military style locking bars. They will fail……. Well I guess my guns might be gone some day. You don’t want it to be easy to open, so look at how it is constructed in the crucial areas of locking bolts, hinges, and the lock type. The case of the lock is also drill-resistant. the doors open in a direction that makes prying very difficult if not impossible to get any leverage. Once helped get into a very expensive safe after a building fire. Given enough time. A door organizer is included for additional storage. This safe will withstand fire for one hour up to 1750 degrees. Question for everyone: Don’t remember what the name was. When assembled, secure it to a stud or other structural support with lag screws. Took maybe 4 hours from demo to texture. The Heavy Duty 39 from Steelwater combines excellent fire protection, ample storage, and a convertible interior to allow you to set it up in whatever way you see fit. More firearms. Our new quick access SecuRam TopLit electronic lock comes standard and offers 1 million different combinations. I used to sell safes at Big Box and they cycle every 6 to 8 weeks or so. I’ve owned a Liberty touchpad-open gun safe in burgundy-and-brass for 20 years now, and it has sat in the corner of my office, quietly doing its job without complaint all that time. Pick a 10 letter word or combination of words Since my internet banter wasn’t sufficient allow me to clarify my statement. Not what they want. If I did I would. That means cable locks or a safe. I’ve since switched to SecureIt’s rack-and-base system. The Mesa MBF7236 is a high quality Burglary-Fire safe that will protect your firearms, electronics, and other important valuables. 30 years ago it was a $6000 safe. I so envy you all. Along with a 16′ table and chairs to seat 22 people, which I’ll never have another house large enough to fit. And i would stay away from any electronic locks. If I just wanted to keep my kids out, a locked wooden cabinet or chest would suffice. Those threats can be defeated by stripping the paint job off the outside of the safe and welding some 16 gauge stainless steel to the outside of the steel box. You can find several choices at Brownells, but I like the Break-Free Gun Collector’s Preservation Kit and Boeshield’s T-9 Waterproof Lube. Have an alarm system use it!!!! Re internal organization, I’ve had good luck with Rifle Rods *if* the muzzle isn’t too far from the shelf above; otherwise the rods can bend considerably. I think it’s important to have any safe out of sight if possible. I erred by not buying enough capacity initially. I agree. She said it looks like junk piled up and I said it’s called camouflage. Once you get above the 60x30x26 (or so), 950 to 1100 lbs safe, you’re really going to need help to move it. Steel door. It boasts 21.1 cubic feet of interior space and can store up to 42 rifles. The door is locked using a SecuRam electronic lock that is triple hardplated for protection. Effectively, they function as a very-difficult-to-remove 100-gun safe. There is a huge difference between a real ‘Safe’ and a RSC. The Steelwater 39 is a great safe for those needing options when it comes to storage, and does a great job of storing a mix of long guns, handguns, ammo, and other valuables thanks to its fully adjustable interior. Thefts and fires that damage firearms do happen, but both issues are sporadic. In fact, some states, such as California, mandate criminal penalties for criminal storage of a firearm. I am a locksmith. Of course, all of the “approved” cable locks are easily removed with a modest sized bolt cutter. That is a pretty big bite. Or, if the safe is light enough, the thieves can even use a hand truck to move it out of the building. Another thing to note is “fire proof” safes have gypsum etc for fire rating and this gives off the moisture that damages your guns. It’s better just on a shelf in a cool dry place. Craiglist is an excellent way to get a used TL rated or high fire rated safe for next to nothing. I’ve had to change the batteries a few times over the years, which I admit is a PITA because the fragile wires under the keypad pulled loose from the connections, but I go several years between vexations caused by the battery updates. Not theft. Beyond keeping your kids and their friends away from your guns any seasoned criminal would pop a standard safe open in minutes. No need for safe movers, taking down walls/frames, etc. Now, how about the door? The fire seal in the door is heat activated and will expand up to 7 times its normal size, sealing the internals of the safe against smoke and flames. The interior can be adjusted to meet the user’s needs, and its extra tall height of 72” allows for even the longest of rifles and shotguns to easily be stored inside without any issue. The body of the safe is constructed from 12 gauge steel. I have insurance for fire/flooding. Someone who wants what’s in it has a tough task of tearing it from the floor and getting it down the stairs. The Elite 90 measures 50.5” x 31” x 72” and weighs 1088 lbs, this is a massive safe that will need a permanent location inside your home. An emergency key system is concealed in the unit in the event of a failure. One in the front for the two Mossbergs and the two AR’s. No real extra capacity in the safe, but it’s more cleanly organized … and no issues re barrel-to-shelf clearance, just move the rack holder to where it’s needed. If you have the type of collection that needs a safe of this size, it is time to make the investment and buy a quality model that will protect your valuables for a lifetime. The weakest part of any safe is the box itself. I too wish I had purchased a bigger safe than I initially purchased. Yes, I have a bunch of firearms in it, but there’s also all our important car and home documents, some cash, other personal documents, some ammo for the firearms in the safe, and assorted other goodies. The safe is secured by at electronic lock with a lockout feature to protect against tampering. A buddy of mine put a knockdown in a closet and framed it in. It cost about the same and it will take twice as long to chop them open.

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