lee trevino backswing

Now Lee Trevino is a player who helped kind of shape the golfing scene only a few decades ago, winning multiple majors and multiple times on tour. He normally setup open to his target line so his body was normally pointing off to the left hand side, he picked the club up very much on an outside path so outside the line, going through a very high position at the top, and then dipped in to the ball, dropped the hands, and drove through. Opens, two British Opens and two PGA Championships. Lee’s swing was not especially flat. WEIGHT: 180 lbs He didn’t hit it far, but he did hit his ball straight down the middle, so to speak. “My personality came from serving people,” Trevino said. His hips are turned through impact so that you can see both cheeks from behind. Why Is The Feet Direction So Important In The Golf Swing, Golf Back Swing, Why Do Some People Lift Their Left Heel, Why The Walk Through Golf Swing Encourages Good Rotation. I always loved hitting a low fade to a back-right pin with the wind howling from the right. You have reached the maximum number of submissions for today. He had a very, very unique style of swinging the club. HEIGHT: 5’ 7" The reason that Trevino was so successful for a start his impact position was a fantastic, he drove through the ball, got his hands just ahead of the ball at impact, and hit down firmly and confidently through the ball. It was individual to him and it was unique and many other players have also actually found that with unusual techniques if you think of Furyk, if you think of Freddie Couples all of these players have unique individual techniques which they trust and they’ve grooved. Why Should I Swing My Wedges Three Quarters? In 1990, Trevino became the first Senior to win over $1 million in a single season. It looks pretty standard to me. And that’s what you need to take away, whenever you get out to the course, having a fantastic impact position will obviously help, but once you get out to the course it’s only you and your swing. He has also won five Vardon trophies, and represented his country on six Ryder Cup teams. Lee Trevino is as dialed in as ever on the game of golf. Have a look! Lee Trevino Driver Swing Analysis. Normally hitting a fade of kind of a small amount or a big amount he had a quite a lot of control on how much he moved the ball from left to right in the air. Trevino turned pro in 1960 and won 29 tournaments during his PGA Tour career, including six majors – two U.S. ... Certain golf swing techniques put an incredible strain on your back and twist the whole body. Don’t end up in pain as these famous golfers have. Compare Lee Trevino’s backswing to our senior golfer with good flexibility. What you need to do is just believe in it, you need to trust in it, and you need to find a way to win because that’s what Trevino is famous for. He always found the way to get the most out of his game. DANIEL: He's wound up nicely, with no sign of tension. And that’s what Lee Trevino Golf Swing did, he didn’t care that he wasn’t swing at the same as it was his place; he knew that if he had a good swing on his day he could beat anyone.

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