l'avventura characters

The sequence on the train from Castroreale to Cefalù took two days to shoot instead of the intended three hours. A digitally restored version of the film (optimal image quality: RSDL dual-layer edition) was released on DVD by The Criterion Collection in June 2001. The film is noted for its unusual pacing, which emphasizes visual composition, mood, and character over traditional narrative development. Gegen Ende des Films treffen sie in einem Hotel in Taormina ein, wo gerade ein rauschendes Fest stattfindet. Liebe 1962 | Durch das schlechte Wetter konnte zudem das Versorgungsboot nicht an der Insel anlegen, weshalb das Filmteam oft bei wenig Verpflegung und dürftiger Kleidung in einer Hütte und in Zelten auf der Insel übernachten musste. Die mit der Liebe spielen | Claudia entdeckt die beiden und verlässt aufgelöst das Hotel. The film made Monica Vitti an international star. Während ihrer Suche nach Anna in ganz Sizilien entspinnt sich ein Liebesabenteuer zwischen den beiden, das einer Berg- und Talfahrt gleichkommt. Im deutschen Fernsehen wurde der Film dann ungekürzt gezeigt. No one seems to take Anna's disappearance seriously except Claudia. When Anna yells that she's seen a shark, Sandro comes to her side protectively. As they talk, Sandro takes offense at Claudia's suggestion that Anna's disappearance is somehow due to his neglect. In order to carry personal items and equipment to the island, the crew had to build small rafts out of empty gas canisters and wooden planks; these were towed by a launching tug every morning. [3][4][5][N 1] It has appeared on Sight & Sound's list of the critics' top ten greatest films ever made three times in a row: It was voted second in 1962,[6] fifth in 1972 and seventh in 1982. Alle Hinweise auf ihrer Suche entpuppen sich als falsch. Claudia asks Sandro to go in alone. 1. Jenseits der Wolken | In the morning, Claudia wakes before the others and watches the sunrise. When he discovers that Claudia has arrived from the islands, he meets her at the train station where their mutual attraction is evident, but Claudia urges him not to complicate matters and begs him to leave. Die mit der Liebe spielen | Sandro sits on a bench and says nothing; he too begins to cry. Eros (Episode Il filo pericoloso delle cose), Michelangelo Antonioni im Gespräch mit André S. Labarthe in, synchrondatenbank.de nennt „Rosemarie Kirstein“ als Sprecherin von Monica Vitti für beide Synchronisationen, während synchronkartei.de für Vitti „Marion Degler“ als Sprecherin in der 1. Sandro goes for a walk to the Piazza Municipio, where he notices an ink sketch left by one of the students. Developed from a story by Antonioni with co-writers Elio Bartolini and Tonino Guerra, the film is about the disappearance of a young woman (Lea Massari) during a boating trip in the Mediterranean, and the subsequent search for her by her lover (Gabriele Ferzetti) and her best friend (Monica Vitti). Noticing that Sandro has not yet returned, she goes downstairs to Patrizia's room to inquire about Sandro.

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