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Kelis is a multi-platinum, Grammy nominated artist, fasthion icon, entrepreneur, mother, and chef. The same year, she had a top 20 US club hit with a remix of "Young, Fresh 'n' New" remix produced by Timo Maas, who subsequently featured Kelis on his single "Help Me". The album does not contain any previously unreleased songs; Ol' Dirty Bastard's "Got Your Money", N.E.R.D's "Truth or Dare", and Richard X's "Finest Dreams" appear on the album alongside every charted Kelis single to that date, with the exception of "Blindfold Me". [39] Kelis later said of this period, "I was like, 'I will never put out another record again, I hate this business, I hate all these people.' [9] The album spawned three singles: "Jerk Ribs", "Rumble" and "Friday Fish Fry".[10][11][12]. Kelis collaborated with Scottish producer Calvin Harris on the 2011 single "Bounce", the lead single from Harris' third studio album, 18 Months. In 2005, she was featured on the soundtrack to the film Just Like Heaven with a cover version of The Pretenders' "Brass in Pocket" (1979).[34]. [5][6], Kelis released her debut studio album Kaleidoscope with Virgin Records on December 7, 1999. One size fits all. [62] The following month, she released a new song, "Who's Lovin' You", originally sung by The Miracles on the Danger Mouse-produced compilation Resistance Radio: The Man in The High Castle for the show The Man in the High Castle.[63]. 2009, one son)Son: Knight Jones (b. [76], In 2006, Kelis designed her own line of fashion accessories, called Cake. 100% natural, gluten-free, GMO-free, meat and dairy free. A second attempt was made in 2001 with the single Young, Fresh & New, giving even less promising results: due to the lack of response to the single in the States, her second album Wanderland would only be released in Europe and Asia. While still struggling to establish herself as a solo artist, Kelis continued to increase her visibility through guest appearances on other musicians' songs (and in their videos). Inspired by jazz and disco music from the 1970s, the album was a critical and international success. [104][105][106] It carried on the same themes developed in Kaleidoscope, and was criticized for doing so. Kelis Rogers was born and raised in the Frederick Douglass Houses on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. [103] Her second studio album Wanderland resembles musically its predecessor while exploring more modern funk sounds, dabbling heavily into genres such as soul and rap. [95] The Chicago Tribune stated that Kelis made the most of "a voice that lives in the basement". I wanted to find out how to get that feeling. The album earned the singer commercial prominence. [19] The album, which was produced in its entirety by the Neptunes and features collaborations with members of Clipse and No Doubt, was well received by publications such as The Guardian and NME.

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