joyo british sound vs tech 21

JF-16. 2) I think it's important to support products that are made in America, with highly paid skilled workers. Tech 21 SansAmp Character California. H&K Red Box Classic. JF-17. Then I thought about exactly why Joyo can charge 1/4 of what Tech21 does and...I can't justify the savings, morally speaking. JF-14. JF-30. Tech 21 SansAmp Character Blonde. JF-15. JOYO PEDAL. Noise Gate-JF-32. ORIGINAL. Here's the thing - I have yet to see a compelling reason articulated why the Tech 21 or Joyo Sound pedals cannot (or should not) be used as stompboxes. 1) We've all heard of the deplorable conditions in chinese electronics factories. 30 series. Fender Micro ABY. This is a demo of the Joyo JF-16 British sound. Today, I was about to purchase a Joyo American Sound for my lap steel. California Sound. JF-31. JDI-01. People say "oh, it's be like using one preamp on top of another one...", but they never go on to articulate why that's "bad". EHX Metal Muff. NO. A/B Switch. British Sound. Tech 21 SansAmp Character Liverpool. DI Box. Tech 21 SansAmp Character British. American Sound . It's a Marshall preamp pedal that is based off the Tech21 British. Extreme Metal.

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