joel chapter 1 commentary

old men--the best judges in question concerning the past ( Deuteronomy 32:7 , Job 32:7 ). (2) The ultimate meaning of "day of the Lord" identifies it with the final and terminal destruction of the entire posterity of Adam and Eve upon the great occasion of the eternal Judgment Day, when the dead shall be raised, the righteous redeemed, and the wicked turned aside forever. . son of Pethuel--to distinguish Joel the prophet from See how we need to live in continual dependence upon God and his providence. Dead links, typos, or HTML errors should be sent tocorr@studylight.orgSuggestions about making this resource more useful should be sent my land--that is, Jehovah's; which never would have been so devastated were I not pleased to inflict punishment ( Joel 2:18 , Isaiah 14:25 , Jeremiah 16:18 , Ezekiel 36:5 , 38:16 ). God wanted his people to see in that natural catastrophe something far more than merely an awesome natural phenomenon; and therefore God moved to reveal through his holy prophet what the genuine significance of such an event really is. . In his famed Olivet discourse, the Lord Jesus clearly referred to the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Jewish temple as his "coming" in judgment upon Israel, a summary judgment which followed as the direct result of their terminal rebellion against God in the rejection and crucifixion of the Messiah. meat offering--Hebrew, mincha; "meat" not in the English sense "flesh," but the unbloody offering made of flour, oil, and frankincense. palm tree--The dates of Palestine were famous. A heavy locust flight actually darkens the sun and brings utter devastation in its wake. But how blessed are the awakening judgments of God, in rousing his people and calling home the heart to Christ, and his salvation! . 1983-1999. It is already fermented, and so intoxicating, unlike the sweet fresh wine, in Joel 1:5 , called also "new wine," though a different Hebrew word. It was a very similar thing which the Ninevites did under the threat of the preaching of Jonah. solemn assembly--literally, a "day of restraint" or cessation from work, so that all might give themselves to supplication ( Joel 2:15 Joel 2:16 , 1 Samuel 7:5 1 Samuel 7:6 , 2 Chronicles 20:3-13 ). It is wrong to refer the judgments and conclusions that are set forth in Joel as merely the judgments and conclusions of the prophet himself. "Seed," literally, "grains." teeth . (Acts 2:16-17). 8:2); yet one of their rabbin very gravely undertakes to show why Samuel is here called Pethuel. ashamed--that is, Ye shall have the shame of disappointment on account of the failure of "the wheat" and "barley . A plague of locusts. 1:10-12. It had an immediate and compelling relevance to the first generation that received it and is no less pertinent and relevant to our own times. 14. O Jehovah, to thee do I cry… In the last analysis, there is none other, except God, to whom the helpless and the hopeless may appeal. All ye inhabitants of the land… The whole prophecy is addressed to all the people, and not merely, to special classes. Copyright © 2020, Bible Study Tools. "The day of the Lord" has two meanings in the prophetic use of the expression: (1) It means any time of severe visitation inflicted upon either nations or upon all mankind by the judgment of God upon human sin and unrighteousness. 13. Such a personification of locusts is in keeping with the Biblical description of ants and conies as folk and people (Proverbs 30:25-27), and it is interpreted here as metaphorical description of the locusts. It is expressed so as to apply also to the destruction of the country by a foreign enemy, and seems to refer to the devastations of the Chaldeans. . Despite the fact of these appeals being directed to three different classes, namely, the drunkards, the agricultural community, and the priests, they should be understood as applicable generally to all the people, and not merely to specific groups. For this enemy is come up upon my land, i.e., the Lord's land.F19. The Hebrew for "husband" is "lord" or "possessor," the husband being considered the master of the wife in the East. 9. "F22 In spite of the reluctance of the people to cut off the supplies necessary to the faithful observances of the sacrifices, however, "there was no food left for man or beastF23 No wonder that the priests mourned, for their very livelihood depended upon the offerings out of which they lived. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. Before leaving this verse, it is of interest that Deere translated the four names as, "shearer, swarmer, lapper, and devourer, describing four of the eighty or ninety species of locusts in the East. PLINY says "they gnaw even the doors of houses.". Hear this… The prophet, having himself heard God's Word is constrained to share it with others. Joel 1:1-20 . of her youth--when the affections are strongest and when sorrow at bereavement is consequently keenest. 9. Persons of eminence also were noted by adding the father's name. First, the priests and national leaders were sinners in exactly the same way as the rest of the nation; and secondly, their example was sorely needed in order to arouse as nearly unanimous response as possible. A spirited introduction calling attention. . With all the marks of sorrow and shame, sin must be confessed and bewailed. garners--granaries; generally underground, and divided into separate receptacles for the different kinds of grain. 1. As to the four different names, they have been supposed to refer to the locust at various stages of its development, but the most thorough studies of that insect do not reveal four different phases in its life cycle. It is just with God to take away the comforts which are abused to luxury and excess; and the more men place their happiness in the gratifications of sense, the more severe temporal afflictions are upon them. Also, there is a reminder here that the chosen people themselves, the nation of Israel, were frequently compared to a beautiful virgin. . This appeal for the priests of God's religion to bestir themselves upon behalf of arousing the nation to repentance, prayer, and fasting indicates that it had been the wickedness of the people which had precipitated the onset of the plague.

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