is jerome the joker

Trope | I don't know. Not concerned about money, attention, even power, he just wants to turn Gotham into his own madhouse. Jerome: You don't know what you're talking about. Cicero: Yes. Main Jerome: [pause] She never said. Zachary got out of it by writing down the address that he was looking for. He ultimately left, although not before leaving a video message to Gotham telling them to be "free like [the Maniax]" instead of being cogs in a machine, and vowing ominously that Gotham "ain't seen nothing yet.". Jerome: She's not here, why? Cicero: Good evening, Jerome. I think he's your father. Reginald Payne | Regaining consciousness alongside the other inmates, Jerome was formally introduced to Theo Galavan and his sister, Tabitha, with Theo offering the six inmates the chance to become a team of brilliant outlaws that would make Gotham City tremble. Bruce: Selina... Though they worked together to kill the officers with GCPD and were a part of the same team, Jerome shot him dead for stealing his line and mocked his corpse later on. If I wasn't your father... would I would have helped you as I have after what you did? [laughs and makes a rimshot noise] Looks like the bitch got me with the zinger in the end. When Jerome responded "Why indeed? Jerome also had a definable relationship with most members of the Maniax. He's aware he looks like Harry Potter and Clark Kent. Fish Mooney | Regarding his parentage, Jerome absolutely hated his mother and father. With Tabitha's help, he tied Paul to a chair and told him of how his mother's lovers abused him and that Paul had comforted him, marginally. He screamed in Jerome's face and throw the shard to the side and left, leaving Jerome to lay there. Jerome: Uh, that's funny, 'cause-- [gunshot] Whoa, that was a close one! She's perfect, not a very good cook. Gordon later had Lila's snake lead the group to her dead body, with Jerome faking despair at seeing his deceased mother. Coupled with his paled skin, this gives him an uncanny resemblance to the Joker. He was later experimented on by Hugo Strange, although his corpse was stolen by Dwight Pollard for his own personal goal of reviving him, being sympathetic to his cause of mindless anarchy. Valeska softly grabbed Oswald's shoulders and spoke right into Penguin's ear. Jerome is killed a second time, shortly after a second Proto-Joker debuts – his identical twin brother Jeremiah Valeska. "[43] The Observer found Jerome's appearances in Season 2 to be a major improvement over his debut episode and found him to be a fun character, but also noted a lack of originality in Monaghan's performance compared to the earlier film and television adaptations of the Joker. Thereon, both villains bursted out into insane laughter and Jerome said "Ah, you get it. [11] Oswald Cobblepot revealed to his gang that even though Jerome is dead, people are still scared of him. BloodlustCriminal intuitionPersuasionManipulationExplosives usageCharismaHigh-level intellectGunmanshipKnife proficiencyIntimidationStrategic planningActing skillsPhotographic memoryGreat tolerance/masochistic love of physical pain Jerome learned a cult worshipping him was responsible for his return, something that amused him. Despite this, she didn't seem to care when Theo stabbed him. This was the original character to build on the mythology of the Batman supervillain Joker. However, Jerome also showed a reflective side to himself during this time, as he admitted that no one ever helped him, though he was quick to taunt Bruce for helping him and letting him almost get killed by the man he had saved him from. "Leave a mark on Gotham by terrorizing the city (both succeeded).Kill Bruce Wayne (failed).Escape from Arkham Asylum again (succeeded).Take over Gotham City and drive it mad.Form an alliance with Oswald Cobblepot (both failed).Murder his twin brother Jeremiah Valeska (formerly).Drive his brother Jeremiah insane and have him continue his legacy (succeeded). Whereas Jerome is depicted as an anarchist and mentally unstable cult leader, Jeremiah is depicted as more calm and calculating, although he does slowly lose his mind over the course of his arc. Jerome bleeds to death and dies, but no before forming a smile on his face. Jerome, however, claims that Jeremiah lied about the abuse he suffered to poison the people Jerome loved against him. '", "I feel like Cameron's character, in all the iterations of the characters that he played Jerome, Jeremiah, and the new character that he plays, if he's not The Joker, then he's someone who does provide the origin story for the person who you're going to see later on. “So, we tried to walk the line between invention and faithfulness,” Heller said. Jerome: A spree? Mario Calvi | “We always try to pay respect and honor to the best of the mythology, and we will never veer so far away from those kind of canonical moments that people feel we are telling some other story. [1] When the circus traveled to Kansas City at the time of his 9th birthday, his mother along with a man both boozed, boned, & beat him up. Also important to that insight is episode 17, titled “The Red Hood.” Comic book fans recognize the title as an important part of the Joker’s history, but Heller warned fans "Gotham" doesn’t follow the comic book mythology perfectly. The word \"Joker\" can be made using the letters of Jerome's full name. [10] While Jerome was only meant to have a one-off appearance, the crew was so pleased with Monaghan's performance that they chose to explore the character further. Realizing the voice came from the other side of a small grating near the ground, Cobblepot kneeled down to watch through the barred window that connected the two cells. Tetch was eventually captured by the GCPD and his mouth covered with a mask that prevented him from putting others under his spell. In Season 4, while in Arkham Asylum, he throws a Joker playing card at, He also dresses up as a law enforcement officer similar to Heath Ledger's, His message to Gotham City about how they are all "prisoners" due to their sanity also mirrors a soliloquy made by the Joker about how insanity is the "emergency exit" in, During his return in Season 3, Jerome's disfigured face took influence from the acclaimed comics arc, Inspiration appears to be taken from Mark Hamill's, Jerome's surname, Valeska, sounds similar to ". Mass murderTerrorismKidnappingTortureConspiracyVandalismNigh-familicideSabotageMutilationsBrainwashingSnuff filmingAttempted arsonAttempted fratricidePossible animal cruelty [17] Jeremiah is just as insane as his brother, but channels it in a calm and quieter manner. After Jerome doused a school bus with gasoline to set it on fire, Jerome grabbed onto the side of a tanker truck and joyfully laughed. Even in death, he haunts Gotham with the amount of chaos he spread. Grace van Dahl | Dwight Pollard | ", whereon Cobblepot nodded in agreement. Family [8], Jerome and the escaped prisoners threw people off (bearing letters for his group) a roof into a crowded street as a way of spreading fear. I could work with that and make it better. Jerome then challenged this remark by referring to Bruce by name and questioning the degree of privilege that was afforded to him. Oddly enough, his parents and Jerome himself were all killed by some form of weapon outfitted with a blade. [44] According to Screen Rant, Monaghan's recycling elements from earlier Joker actors was fun to watch, adding "Gotham may do well to simply establish that Jerome is Joker, since at this point the character is likely among fans' favorite new additions to the show. He felt that the Joker would not be someone who invented himself out of nothing, and that his origin should be more interesting than an ordinary man falling into a vat of chemicals (a recurring explanation in the comics). During a children's gala Jerome intervenes and kills the deputy mayor. Jerome then started adjusting the mayor's tie and said "So serious. This is also familiar to the, Before Commissioner Essen dies, she remarks about how everyone will forget about him when he dies and no-one will remember him, this could be a reference to the.

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