three days grace lyrics

Three Days Grace original lyrics. “Just Like You” is the second track and second single to Three Days Grace’s debut eponymous album. Started out as the band one album in 1995 before dissolving and reforming as Three Days Grace in 1997. Lyrics Artists: T Three Days Grace. The song is most likely from the perspective of someone talking to their ex-lover, or a parent. Alternative Rock (Modern Rock) band from Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario (Canada). The band has since drawn a large audience in North America and Europe. The song details a young person singing to … The third single from One X and arguably Three Days Grace’s most well known song. The Abyss Lyrics: I can feel the energy / The changes in my chemistry / The atmosphere, the way I breathe / My automatic action is / To close my eyes and wander in / … About Three Days Grace. “Burn” is the opening track to Three Days Grace’s debut eponymous album.

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